Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Passion Of Sales......

I have always excelled in sales. Since I was a young kid, and partnered with my childhood friend, Ken Smith to form a residential window cleaning business......sales and marketing are fun and exciting challenges. (Ken has gone on to be a highly motivated and successful entreprenuer, he founded and operated a fly fishing guide service in Aspen Colorado)....

We both knew and understood the importance of our business was our service offering, (cleaning windows) but, we also knew and comprehended that, when a prospect called us and asked us to give them a quote on the windows in their homes, WE RARELY (if ever) lost a job.

The reason for this (not losing a opportunity in its initial stages, quote) was because we had fun, brought good energy, but we also had, "passion for window cleaning."

Sounds crazy?

Have you ever cleaned a storm window, that has not been cleaned in 10 years, on a 105 degree day?

20 windows per house, 2 storms per window, 3 houses per day.

We had fun, we got tons of referrals (because we asked) but looking back on our success and profit, in those summers of our youth - I can attribute our financial gain to one ingredient.


We took our jobs seriously. We took the time to explain our "magic cleaning potion" that rid windows of the weather burns that most glass gets burned with when on the exterior side.
(The potion was not magical, it was a high level of ammonia mixed with water)

Our special skweegees.

Our state of the art equipment, (not) but overall none of this sold Ken and I.

It was a combination of HOW we discussed these features and benefits with our prospects....and customers.


Fast forward to now.


20 years later.

I have used the same positive energy and passion, to build for myself a good life, but the one consistent theme during my post-working, window cleaning life was.........

"I have always brought my sales passion to SOMEONE ELSES company, and not my own business."

Until now.

Passion is a two way street. It can be beneficial, but it can also (and has) proven to be a destructive force in certain situations.

You see, with the passion I've described, I possess a strong EMOTIONAL trait. I sell with emotion.

I have managed people on emotion.

It does not work. Its conterproductive, and works in the short term, but as a business scales, the emotion and passion MUST be replaced with, operational efficiency, and organization.

Early on, I've surrounded myself with skilled operational people. My criteria for hiring my early employees has been to look for skills and personality traits, that I'm lacking in.

I read people well, and I can help communicate effectively. But, make no mistake - a world class company will be built by me on, FAR. MORE than instinct and emotion.

I'm focused on combining my Passion for my new venture, with hiring and empowering people who have skills and tools which I lack.

My passion has made me aware of my shortcomings in regards to business....

I will continue to use positive emotion, and passion to build, recruit, and sell - the company I've created.

Instead of window cleaning, its targeting technology.

I've replaced storm windows with "linux code."

I love it, and I'm PASSIONATE about it.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Momentum in a Bottle......

When starting a new business, I have found one of the most crucial elements, to early success, is "momentum."

There is no one next to you to push you a bit.

There is no one, as VESTED and enthused as you are in this new idea, that is about to be unleashed on the world.

Only you.

It is lonely.

But the loneliness of one's ideas, is only matched by the same feelings of, DREAMS AND EXPECTATIONS OF SUCCESS.

Success is uniquely defined.

(I plan on sharing what I view as success, as I've personally defined it for myself, in this new business)

But, my point is, without SELF MOMENTUM, very little else can be accomplished.

As an example......

I pitched less than 8 friends on this idea that I have been focused on building. The person that provided me early momentum, (and I can't thank him enough EY) was the first of my angel investors to believe in me, and say.

"You have my commitment to help you fund your first round, because I believe in you."

Or the new hire, who leaves a steady, safe and comfortable job, TO JOIN MY STARTUP....

These things provide me momentum.

They come from, the outside......but I'm adjusting and adapting at turning them into my personal motivation.....or momentum.

The momentum and positive energy of, BELIEF.

Its worth more than any amount of money. Worth more than gold.

Momentum is the key ingredient that helps a new company, and assists a good concept, evolve into a VALUE DRIVEN ORGANIZATON.....

I have many goals, and one is to make sure our work culture is all about, good momentum.

My investors, and my employees are the source of positive energy, which I have defined here as, momentum.

I cannot thank them enough.

Make sure your organization has it. If it does not, help them get it (or recapture it)

If it is a lost cause (regaining momentum) think about your place of work......make it better.

You owe it to your company.

But honestly, you owe it to yourself a lot more.

Momentum in a Bottle.......comes from many places around us all.

Recognize them, and find more people to drive your personal, MOMENTUM.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Evolution of this Blog......

It's time to review, chart and execute the plan for, "You Aint Gonna Learn What You Don't Wanna Know."

First off, I want to thank those of you who have been reading my opinions, viewing my music.....and checking out the links that I deem important. Thank you as well, for glancing at my photography, as I especially love to post pictures that I find to be appealing.......

But now, I have the urge to chart the course for where I'd like this blog to venture.

It may be a bit different....

It may not be.....

What I do now know, is that I feel as though (right or wrong) I sold myself a bit short, as it relates to this blog that I have built.

I have relied too much on a topic that has fueled anger, and driven too much negative energy......

"The MiddleEast, and Israel's place in a troubled region, side by side with a turbulent religion, bent on world domination, and destruction of those not in compliance with Islamic Law."

The quote above, I view as a "well" to dip into intellectually. The well is deep, complex, and it is NEVER DIFFICULT to pull up a bucket full of thoughts, regarding Islam's conflict with the entire world, or Israel's struggle to live in a rough and tough neighborhood, called the Mid-East.

It is too easy.

I've cheated you.

More importantly, I've really, "sold myself short" when it comes to why I created this blog.

Thus......the EXECUTION of where I want to take, "You Aint Gonna Learn What You Don't Wanna Know."

I have started a internet technology business focused on leveraging relationships inside of, "social networks."

The name of the company is, Lotame.

Our interface is here:

The name Lotame is derived from the 1st three letters of the above URL.

I am going through the process of hiring, raising money, and working through legal nuances of funding and structuring a business properly.

It is new, fun, tiring and challenging.

I have no idea if it will be nearly as successful as the previous start-up that I worked at,, but I am going to give it every ounce of energy in my being, to accomplish a primary goal.

"Create value for both clients, and shareholders, and hire the best people who want to work hard, play hard, and have fun."

I want this blog to evolve into my experiences of being a "first time entreprenuer" and anonomous experiences encountered during this process, of building Lotame into a world class technology company.

Emphasis on ANONIMITY. No names will be attached....but I would like a forum to share "non-confidential" interactions.

There is plenty to write about thus far....egos, challenges, relationships, missed expectations, celebration and dissapointment.......

This is part of the course I'd like to chart moving forward.....

You will still see the occasional post on Israel. If Israel is the reason you visit this blog, please shoot me a email. I send out a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly email) with updates, links and stories on Israel that I feel are important.

Israel and her challenges will still be posted on this blog, BUT FAR LESS IN FREQUENCY......

Starting a business, stories I experienced, challenges - wins and losses will be the force of my blog post and "keyboard driven energy", moving forward.

Music, tid-bits, and photos will be on the docket as well.

I appreciate your reading my blog. The traffic here has steadily grown, and I'm beyond thankful.........

"You Aint Gonna Learn What You Don't Want To Know....."

Its true, and right here it is evolving into Stage Two, of blogging evolution.

Stay tuned to new flavors, new ingredients.....pulled up from, MY CREATIVE WELL OF THOUGHTS AND IDEAS.

I owe it to me, and to you.

Did I ever tell you that I miss, Jerry Garcia?

I do.

Thanks, and rock on.

(Posted from a white chair near the beach in Cape Cod, while pondering life and all its crazy twists and turns)


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Thursday, August 24, 2006

July 4, 1989 Rich Stadium, Buffalo NY

Great Night....Great few weeks in the summer of 89', that included a run of Dead shows across the east coast - and into the Indiana and Wisconsin. It ended with a trip to Alpine Valley, WI. in a VW bus. I attended this run of shows happily with Steve L., and my friend who is getting married ... ZOLE. Many heart congrats to Andy F. for getting hitched.....

Here is the encore from a GREAT NIGHT IN BUFFALO. (click on the arrow to begin...turn it up)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Grateful Dead: Knickerbocker Arena, Albany NY 3/24/90 set 1

Grateful Dead: Knickerbocker Arena, Albany NY 3/24/90 set 1

You can sit back and listen to this great show from 1990 in Albany, NY...(a good run that I attended..)

Turn it up, and leave in the background while on your computer, for some GREAT listening music. (click arrow below and enjoy)...

Grateful Dead: Knickerbocker Arena, Albany NY 3/24/90 set 1

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How To Negotiate With Terrorists.....

Hat Tip: ATLAS

How To Negotiate With Terrorists
This brief blog entry takes you through a series of negotiations over time between peacemakers and terrorists:

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of a line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker introduces himself. The terrorist kills him.

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of the line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker asks, "why did you kill my friend?" The terrorist kills him and rapes his wife.

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of the line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker says, "Stop that!" The terrorist kills him, rapes his daughter and kills his wife.

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of the line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker says, "I'll pay you $1000 if you stop attacking us." The terrorist agrees to the deal, takes the $1000, and kills him.

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of the line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker appeals to the United Nations. The United Nations says the peacemaker is at fault. The terrorist kills him.

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of the line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker now has a gun, and threatens to use it. Other peacemakers start chanting the old 60's whine, "Can't we all just get along?" The peacemaker hesitates. The terrorist kills him.

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of the line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker tries to convince his peacemaker friends that the terrorists aren't going to respond to negotiations, but they insist that if he kills the terrorist it'll just make the other terrorists mad. The peacemaker reluctantly agrees to try negotiating again. The terrorist kills him., his entire family, and his neighbor's family.

A heated debate now ensues between the peacemakers who want to be nice to the terrorists and the peacemakers who believe that there can never be peace until the terrorists are all dead. While they are debating, the terrorists kill 15 more peacemakers.

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of the line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker asks himself, "Which is more important: being liked by everyone, or protecting my family?" The terrorist pulls a knife to kill the peacemaker, but the peacemaker pulls a gun and kills the terrorist first. The United Nations condemns the peacemaker's use of unproportional force. Many of his peacemaker friends turn against him.

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of the line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker apologizes for what his friend did to the other terrorist. The terrorist kills him, his entire family and his neighbors, and threatens to destroy the city as soon as they develop a bigger weapon.

A peacemaker refuses to meet at the line because every time a peacemaker goes to the line the terrorist kills him. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line and fires rockets into the peacemaker's town. The United Nations condemns the way the peacemaker provoked the terrorist by refusing to come to the line and meet with him.

Generations pass and not much changes until one day when the son of a peacemaker decides that the old strategy simply won't work. He walks up to the left side of the line a little early. As the terrorist approaches the right side of the line the peacemaker shoots him. Another terrorist approaches to replace the first, and the peacemaker shoots him too. This scene plays out several more times. Then a terrorist approaches carrying a white flag, but he also has weapons. The peacemaker shoots him. A terrorist next approaches with a ceasefire resolution from the U.N. The peacemaker shoots him also. A large group of terrorists approach and the peacemaker shoots them all and drops a nuclear bomb on the city they came from. The peacemaker continues killing the terrorists until the terrorists are all dead.

There is finally peace on earth and the United Nations takes the credit.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Jerry Garcia Interview......

Purely Classic.

Click on the arrow, smile, and turn up the volume.

1-26-93 Ramble On Rose - Oakland, CA.

Friday Pictures.....
Last Day of Camp for Camryn and Dylan.
August Images....(click to enlarge)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jerry Garcia's favorite Guitarist.......

Steve Kimock.

One of my favorite ALL-Time musicians.

Click on arrow below, turn up the sound -- and listen.
This is from 4-3-99, Great American Music Hall.
The band is KVHW. Enjoy.

Syria is forming it's OWN Terror fighting force...
In order to fight Israel, and wage war for the Golan Heights...
This can be directly attributed to the failure of PM. Ehud Olmert.
He has made the IDF look weak, which they are NOT.
But he has brought more war, more deaths, and less safety to the people of Israel and Jews worldwide.
This is just the beginning....

Syria to form its own Hizbullah

Baath party official: Lebanon war proves 'resistance' against Israel works
Aaron Klein, WND

On the heels of what it views as a Hizbullah victory against the Jewish state, Syria is forming its own Hizbullah-like guerilla organization to fight Israel in hopes of "liberating" the Golan Heights, an official from Syrian President Bashar Assad's Ba'ath party told WorldNetDaily yesterday.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Syria learned from Hizbullah's military campaign against Israel the past month that "fighting" is more effective than peace negotiations with regard to gaining territory.

He said Syria's new guerilla force would be trained by Hizbullah leaders.

"Syria is very serious about establishing this new guerilla force," the official said.

Hizbullah claims its goal is to liberate the Shebaa Farms, a small, 200-square-kilometer bloc situated between Syria, Lebanon and Israel. The Farms is the last post held by Israel after its withdrawal in 2000 from positions it took along the Lebanese border.

Most western analysts agree Hizbullah uses the pretext of the Shebaa Farms to maintain its weapons to start conflicts with the Jewish state. Hizbullah is sponsored by Syria and Iran.

The ceasefire resolution accepted by Israel earlier this week calls for negotiations leading to Israel's relinquishing of the Shebaa Farms.
Big time Bummer.....

How do you think the 3 Israeli Soldiers feel?

Ehud Goldwasser
Eldad Regev
Gilad Shalit

They have been forgotten.

Not included in the UN resolution.

When the last Israeli soldier leaves South Lebanon, WITHOUT their comrades, and without answers to their conditions......

I'm sick.

Hezbullah is NOT giving up their weapons.
The UN is silent.

From DEBKA :

"The Hizballah are moving back into their still undamaged bunkers and fortified civilian dwellings opposite the Israeli border. Therefore, while thousands of displaced people in Israel and Lebanon head back to their ravaged homes, DEBKAfile’s military sources report trepidation about the durability of the ceasefire which Israel declared Monday morning. Everyone is talking about the inevitability of a second round.

Lebanese government concession allows Hizballah to stay armed in the south,provided weapons are hidden. This under-the-table deal violates two clauses of 1701 which require Hizballah to be removed and disarmed. DEBKAfile adds: Hizballah also agrees to let the Lebanese army and UN force be deployed in the south as “our guests.”"

This is sickening.

Kofi Annan and the UN, are the political wing of Hezbullah and Iran.

Led by the Friggin' French.

This bodes really well (not) for Israel's security, and future.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Feb 1987, A Vision of Things to Transpire.....

A famous man, wrote the few lines below.
(without Google, can you tell me who wrote it?)

Please leave your guess as to the author in the comments below.
Keep in mind, the below was written, Feb 12, 1987
"If we ever hope to rid the world of the political AIDS of our time, terrorism, the rule must be clear: One does not deal with terrorists; one does not bargain with terrorists; one kills terrorists.

And if that rules is too much for the United States to stomach, let it resign itself not only to the constant threat of kidnapping of Americans in the Third World, but worse, bombs in U.S. department stores, and other public places.

One of the great problems with Americans is that - being a decent people - they assume that everyone else is equally decent. They assume that everyone else is equally decent.

They assume that, all humans being equal, all cultures are therefore similar in concepts and values. But that is simply not so. And the Middle East is just not the Middle West.

The Middle East and the Moslem-Arab world possess their own unique cultures and values that in so many cases are at variance with those of the West. Human rights - especially those of non-Moslems or non- Arabs - simply do not have the same absolute value that they do in the West.

Above all, it is not decency or goodness of gentleness that impresses the Middle East, but strength. Because of this, the U.S. is looked on as a paper tiger - with all the accompanying contempt. President Reagan's constant flexing of muscle, with absolutely no reaction to the murder of U.S. Marines and the kidnapping of U.S. citizens, has created for him an image of one who speaks loudly and carries a small twig.

That is the heart of the problem. The answer? Never, ever deal with terrorists. Hunt them down and, more important, mercilessly punish those states and groups that fund, arm, support, or simply allow their territories to be used by the terrorists with impunity.

It is abundantly clear that Syria wished to, terrorists would be deprived of huge areas of haven in Lebanon. But why should Syria want to? Or Iran? They're happily enjoying Western agony without suffering one bit. And that is the key: Make them suffer.

Terror in Syrian and Iranian cities will soon enough convince those two unworthy states that it is unhealthy to support terrorism. And if towns and villages that support terrorists in Lebanon are mercilessly dealt with, they, too, will soon enough turn on them."

Monday, August 14, 2006

Could Not Have Said it Better.....


".... Hezzbollah won? Hezzbollah won what? They can’t even make toilet paper. Israel is creating some of the most advanced technology and medicine to help all of mankind, has more Nobel laureates per capita than any other nation on earth, tech and medical companies, universities, publications, et al. And what does the Muslim world have? It has Mein Kampf, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and…The Koran. That’s it. That’s all they f---ing have. And two out of those three, they didn’t even write."

Banagor is RIGHT ON. (click here, for the best read of your day)

The article is well written, excellent, and will be a tough read for liberals, and "peace-loving" peoples.

Basic point?

Read it, it is called,
"Osama Bin Laden is right."

See if you agree.
Distressing Post....

From Yoni the Blogger....this one rips at me. Because, he is so friggin right.

"Terror And War

Terror and War.

This is the future for Israel and the west.

It will take Israel under the weak leadership that is currently represented by all the members of the Knesset 10 years to get out of this mess. Under strong leadership it will take a war like World War 2, to cut the time frame to 6 months to remove the stain of this war.

Hizballah is shooting fire works in Beirut, to celebrate the victory.

Fatah and Hamas are talking about joining forces to fight the Zionist.

Assad of Syria has stated on Syria media that the road to return the Golan Heights to Syria is through war and not by a peace process.

So the future is Terror and War and not just for Israel and the Jewish people world wide.

No the west has signaled to Hizballah and its sponsor Iran just how weak the west is."

He is SOOOOO RIGHT. History tells you we all are all trouble.
Watch the video in the post directly below this one.
Oh man.
Hezbullah - Coming Soon To Your Hometown

This remind you of anything?
Leave comment below if anything seems familiar in this
1min and 24 sec video.

Chilling and scary -- yet of course, I'm afraid we don't listen. (click on arrow below and turn up your sound)

Cream at Madison Square Garden.....A Once in a Lifetime..

The opener was "I'm So Glad...." I was.

This was my 1st time seeing them live, for obvious reasons. The first night was so damn good, I went back the next night.

I've put the song opener of the concert up below, as well as my review, that I wrote the Day after the show - (to a music list I'm on)... you can click on arrow to start the tune, you will be SUPER GLAD you did.....(see my review below the vid)
Enjoy! - this is the RAH opener, but it will do.

My review of the show begins below:

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 11:27:21 -0400
Reply-To: Andy Monfried <[log in to unmask]>
Sender: Kimock <[log in to unmask]>
From: Andy Monfried <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Cream Review MSG
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII"

I really am speechless and don't know where to start this note.

Last night I saw Cream, and I was completely utterly, blown off my axis.
Only 2 musicians have moved my being more than 90 degrees the first time
I saw them. The two musicians are Jerry Garcia, and Steve Kimock.

At the risk of sounding blasphemous --- I MUST add Cream to this list
of "moving my being."

I was stunned last night at the crispness of the sound. And, if I can
paint a picture for those reading this on email....I'd like to for a
second....sit back, and imagine - your favorite guitar player taking a
step back, and letting the music come to him. The reason I love Steve
and Jerry G is because they allow the music to flow into them...and it
transcends the basic fabric of music into a all consuming soul touching
entity, that feeds us, and keeps us coming back for more......a
insatiable desire to have our being and our energy touched in a magical

I was touched last night. Let me start out by saying that Eric Clapton
in this environment with these fellas is by the far the best Eric you
will EVER hear. Why you ask? First, he gets to jam on EVERY tune, I
mean step back, and go into these nice long improve jams that we all
love. This was amazing, and better than any other setting I have seen
him in --- either with his band - or other "bluesy configurations."
Pure E Bliss.

Jack Bruce - holy crap - the guy can play bass -he is crisp clean and he
is fun to watch. He reminds me of a Bob Dylan with a Bass.

Ginger Baker: This for me was the complete stunner. He is 66 years
old, and let me tell you - the guy can outplay anyone anywhere ----- I
danced like a banshee for 8 minutes during his drum solo. His drum Solo
was better than anything I have ever heard Mickey and Bill do in all my
years.......I can't explain it - maybe because he appreciates these gigs
the most?

Couple of learning"s from this:

* When Cream played in 67-68 live - they had the AMPS laid out
across the stage, stacks and rows of AMPS and with the volume this
caused a lot of distortion, and feedback, and it was not as
the live tapes from that period are muddy and loud. It was not until
1970 (and Cream had already broken up) that the Rolling Stones
revolutionized the concert sound by HANGING the amps. Last night
performance with hanging amplifiers - made Eric Clapton sound BETTER
clean and not distorted in any way.
* These 3 guys just plain appreciate this more than other not playing together for 35 years, and NOT being on tour -
they can relish and bake in glory...there is no gruel, and
planning.....or bus and airplane rides. Bottom line, I think they truly
played last night as though they were thanking the audience - and
enjoying each other's company.
* This was the best 2 hours of music I have ever witnessed in my
life. I'm torn by saying this but it is true. I could not sleep last
night - because my "soul was touched".

I now know why there referred to EC as *** back in the day...

My favorite song of the night was, "TALES OF BRAVE ULYSSES" -- and if
folks want I'll post a review of tonight and tomorrow - as I am hitting
all 3 nights...

Thanks for reading, sorry so long.

Setlist below --- 10-24-05 MSG


History and Sad Lessons.....

I feel overwhelmed by a wide range of emotions.

Since I was a young child, at the age of 7 - I have read the paper nearly every day...and managed to really try to understand, complex world situations.

What I really enjoy, is how these events that I'm reading about - "relate to history - and what took place generations ago."

Events repeat themselves, because human nature is essentially the same as it was 500, or 1500 years ago.

We are animals playing out the same routine, generation after generation.

We think we are more educated, more peaceful, and more understanding -- but clearly, we are not.

We are more educated, and more connected -- but we are NOT smarter, than any preceding generation.

Our medicines today may be better, our life span may be longer -- but this is not a indication of intelligence.....

I think intelligence lies in more than education and learning.

My belief on judging intelligence has evolved....


Human beings are violent group.

Certain humans are more violent than others. We have THOUSANDS OF YEARS of history to learn from, (on how to deal VIOLENT strains of human) - yet we ignore the ways to deal with the worst human elements of the earth........


We have gone backwards.....

We have learned nothing from the thousands of years of violent history that the world has gone through, and sadly, we are condemned to repeat many of the WORST situations that mankind has faced, and dealt with ---- and yet...

We take precious little of it (the past) and apply it today, to understand the best ways to confront and deal with problems.

I see it clearly TODAY in how deal with the, AGGRESSIVE ENEMIES OF THE WORLD.

Here is a picture that was taken by me, in Paris.
It represents what the people of Europe (and France) want to do, when the world has major problems.
They want to, sit at a cafe, talk, drink soda (or coffee) in the sun, and debate.....pontificate, smoke ..... and BLAME THE UNITED STATES AND THE JEWS FOR THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS. Thye did this as Hitler built up his war machine from 1930 to 1938....and sat in these very cafe's.....

Here is a few of the problems from Paris and London...both of these clips are less than 30 seconds -- and give Europe and good glimpse a what they will be facing:

Paris Anti-Israel Protest Video August 13, 2006 (click on arrow to begin)

London Anti Israel Protest Video "We are all Hezbullah" (click on arrow)

A few tid-bits for Europe:
Europe - drink your coffee.

Europeans - Smoke your cigarettes.

Europeans - Blame George Bush for all your problems.

Europeans - Throw Israel (and the Jews) to the proverbial "wolves."

Why do I say this?

Because HISTORY dictates that precious little will be done to confront problems --- UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE....

Quick History Lesson.

Do you want to know how Europe has dealt with Muslim aggression in the past?

HERE......they called it, THE CRUSADES.

"The crusades had profound but localized effects upon the Islamic world, where the equivalents of "Franks" and "Crusaders" remained expressions of disdain. Muslims traditionally celebrate Saladin, the Kurdish warrior, as a hero against the Crusaders. In the 21st century, some in the Arab world, such as the Arab independence movement and Pan-Islamism movement, continue to call Western involvement in the Middle East a "crusade." The Crusades were regarded by the Islamic world as cruel and savage onslaughts by European Christians."

There is a BAD wind blowin'.......and Israel is "smellin the stench."

The bad wind today, is that a democracy (Israel) was forced to make a deal with terrorists. (Hezbullah)

History has shown us, that this does not bode well for the world.

6 million Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust by the Nazi's as the world (and the good people of Europe turned a blind eye to mass murder).....Neville Chamberlain shook Hitler's Hand in Munich, and declared - "Peace in Our time.."

But, the most telling statistic is the 60 million "civilians" that died worldwide -- during the same period of time that the Holocaust was being executed.....

Evil, moves beyond it's "original target" - which starts with Jews, but ends with WIDE GROUPS OF PEOPLE. Maybe you?

We are on a collision course with History.

It is another sad lesson that will be on the pages of your grandchilds history book.

It will not matter, because no one will apply the key attributes of learning how HISTORY has dealt with problems SUCCESSFULLY.

It will all be repeated again, and the cycle WILL RESTART -- instead of intelligently APPLYING HISTORY -- AND FORMULA'S THAT WORK.......AND HAVE WORKED TO MINIMIZE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION OF PEOPLE.

History and Sad Lessons......More of the same......

Friday, August 11, 2006

One of the great Videos of all time....

Was filmed in the same neighborhood of NYC where I worked for many years.....(The Village)

I find this to be the ONE OF THE BEST ways to make a video.

Low Budget
Little Direction
Free Flow Style

I find the lyrics appropriate - as Israel is "Waiting on a Friend..."

Cease-Fire (Arab Style)

A Cease-fire is unacceptable, at this point in order for Israel to survive.

Iran and Syria (fronted by Hezbullah) should not be dictating "terms for a cease-fire.."

Olmert has finally woken up, read the POLLS IN ISRAEL, and realized that he is putting the future of Jews worldwide at risk.

Israel must emerge victorious.

A HUDNA is what the Arabs, (Iran & the UN want)

""What is being touted as a 'cease-fire' is something called a 'hudna.' A hudna [also known as a hudibiyya or khudaibiya] is a tactical cease-fire that allows the Arabs to rebuild their terrorist infrastructure in order to be more effective when the "cease-fire" is called off." -- "Cease-fire?" by Shira A. Drissman"


Plain and simple. The President of Iran is on a winning streak, he is killing our troops in Iraq (with the Mahdi Army).
He is financing Hamas.
He is financing and has been arming Hezbullah.
He is close to (or has) acquired nuclear weaponry.

The United States is succumbing to pressure from WHO?

The resolution does not reference past UN efforts that FAILED.

Resolutions 1559 and 1680.

Here is why Israel cannot agree to a HUDNA.
Here is what the current resolution before the UN Security Council, that ISRAEL MUST NEVER AGREE To - despite world condemnation..

1 - No reference to return of Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Israel's territory.
2 - No "teeth" behind disarming Hezbullah
3 - No Chapter 7 clause (which allows UN forces to FIGHT & disarm, it allows for
just a continuation of the same, the resolution only contains chapter 6 which is what THE ARABS AND THE FRENCH CHANGED from Israel's insistence last week that it be Chapter 7 -- - which has allowed Hezbullah to amass weaponry on Israel's
northern border for the past 6 + years while UNIFL watched, and did nothing, and actually supported - and did not impede, report, or deter.
4 - Inclusion of Shebaa Farms into the equation. This would be disastrous worldwide
(not just for Israel) - that terrorist can inflict damage - then dictate the

I'm mad.
I'm angry.

Rationality, and what is right and wrong seem to be turned upside down?

Am I wrong?

Hot Tip from Yoni:

Hot Info From A Phone Call
"According to one of my sources Israel is going to reject the diplomatic efforts spearheaded by America at the UN.

The resolution that America in the end has agreed to will do nothing to protect Israel

As a result of this according to my source in the next few hours Olmert will give the order to restart the war and the IDF will march north to the Litani River and maybe beyond."

Yoni is a GREAT RESOURCE: - I hope his tip is correct.

Olmert cannot remain in the prime minister's office

Last update - 13:39 11/08/2006
By Ari Shavit

Ehud Olmert may decide to accept the French proposal for a cease-fire and unconditional surrender to Hezbollah. That is his privilege. Olmert is a prime minister whom journalists invented, journalists protected, and whose rule journalists preserved. Now the journalists are saying run away. That's legitimate. Unwise, but legitimate.

However, one thing should be clear: If Olmert runs away now from the war he initiated, he will not be able to remain prime minister for even one more day. Chutzpah has its limits. You cannot lead an entire nation to war promising victory, produce humiliating defeat and remain in power. You cannot bury 120 Israelis in cemeteries, keep a million Israelis in shelters for a month, wear down deterrent power, bring the next war very close, and then say - oops, I made a mistake. That was not the intention. Pass me a cigar, please.

There is no mistake Ehud Olmert did not make this past month. He went to war hastily, without properly gauging the outcome. He blindly followed the military without asking the necessary questions. He mistakenly gambled on air operations, was strangely late with the ground operation, and failed to implement the army's original plan, much more daring and sophisticated than that which was implemented. And after arrogantly and hastily bursting into war, Olmert managed it hesitantly, unfocused and limp. He neglected the home front and abandoned the residents of the north. He also failed shamefully on the diplomatic front.

Still, if Olmert had come to his senses as Golda Meir did during the Yom Kippur War, if he had become a leader, established a war cabinet and called the nation to a supreme effort that would change the face of the battle, a penetrating discussion of his failures could be postponed. But in blinking first over the past 24 hours, he has become an incorrigible political personality. Therefore, the day Nasrallah comes out of his bunker and declares victory to the whole world, Olmert must not be in the prime minister's office. Post-war battered and bleeding Israel needs a new start and a new leader. It needs a real prime minister.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jerry Garcia, 11 Years Ago Today....

August 9th, 1995.

Jerry Garcia died.

His life changed many souls. Including mine.

2 choice cuts below: One from Saturday Night Live in April of 1980.

The top video, is from 7-12-76,The Orpheum Theater in San Francsico.

The song is called, "Dancin in the Streets" (which many of you know) -- but is the JAM for the song. This is JERRY laying down his smooth trademark. This is the SOUNDCHECK prior to concert....

(click on the arrow below to start)

Miss you Jerry.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Please IDF, CONVINCE PM OLMERT that Israel's Future is NOW!

6 points to consider:

1) Hezbullah's Command and Control Center is located in Syria. Directly over the border of Lebanon/Syria in a town called Anjar, Syria. Iranian Revolutionary Guards, along with the Syrian Army, are dictating the war to Hezbullah Terrorists. IDF and Israeli Intelligence know this. Along with, most of the Western World.

2) Syria is using "donkey trains" equipped with rockets to stay off of the roads, and transport as well as ARM Hezbullah, with munitions, and equipment. Basically, Syria has continued the supply lines to Hezbullah.

3) This is a joke:
"( Speaking to members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee in the Defense Ministry on Monday, Defense Minister Amir Peretz stated the current military situation “is a war, not a military operation.”

The senior minister added that if diplomatic efforts fail, the IDF will be given approval to advance far into Lebanon and take necessary measures to halt rocket attacks."

This is a joke. Diplomatic solutions with a TERRORIST GROUP? "IF" Diplomatic solutions FAIL?

Fail with whom?

The President of Iran?

What can be negotiated?

That they will let you live as a Jew in Israel?

Will they recognize your right to LIFE?

Cmon', DESTROY this entire landscape....WAGE A WAR TO PUNISH AND DETER.
Peretz and Olmert are beginning to lose their grip on reality. Soemone needs to provide leadership in Israel. It has not been the Prime Minister who has been courageous and inspired, as of August 7th, 2006. This is profoundly sad.

4) Information from Captured Hezbullah Terrorist can be found HERE.
Basically, let me sum it up for you. The entire fighting force of Hezbullah was trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard In Tehran.
"Here is the latest info obtained from Mahmoud Ali Suleiman who was captured in the last days by the IDF in Lebanon.

Suleiman was part of the Hizballah terrorist squad that cross the border and attacked the IDF jeeps that was the start of all this about a month ago.

According to Suleiman their were 100 terrorists involved in this attack. It was not a handful of terrorists, it was a large force of terrorists including a group that was armed with anti tank rockets that were to take out any tanks that might have come to the rescue."

Response by Israel?


5) Chemical Weapons: Intelligence has learned that Hezbullah has equipped rockets and missles with Chemical Weapons and will use them if, "their backs are up against the wall."

To Mr. Olmert, "let the IDF put their backs, not up against a wall, but firmly..... UNDER THE GROUND. 6 feet underground. Not up against a wall."

6) The IDF Generals, and military Brass are FURIOUS at Prime Minister Olmert and his cabinet. Politics have impeded victory. This is a DISASTER. A disaster tha twill prove more costly than any of us can imagine.

I have tried NOT to condemn Prime Minister Olmert.

But, it is getting harder by the day.

Yoni is the MAN. The inspiration for this piece came from one man. YONI.

Israel and JEWS across the world are depending on Israel, NOT TO capitulate, and start to, WAGE A WAR OF SURVIVAL.

If Israel does not do start to, LET THE IDF LOOSE......and crush Hezbullah and Syria, then the future for all Non-Muslims, worldwide is bleak.

See, you are a dhimmi.

If Hezbullah feels victorious, and wins this round against Israel (winning means that they survive, and are able to fight another day) -- the energy and passion to, "KILL JEWS AND CHRISTIANS", across the globe,just got a shot of adrenaline -- and added vigor.

Time for Olmert to step up, and ACT LIKE A BRAVE SOLDIER, ON BEHALF OF THE....... FREE WORLD.

Want To Understand how to WIN this War with Hezbullah?

People say, "What is the answer?"

"How can this conflict be resolved?"


I will tell the IDF, The Government of Israel - and all future civilized Western Democracies - that are faced with the problem of "terror organizations" on their borders, and beyond. The threat of terrorists who today are equipped and utilizing rockets and missles - will be using chemical weapons, and nuclear bombs tomorrow.

If you are so naive to think this is NOT the future of Islam vs. The West, then you should stop reading....and head on over to HERE.

First, we must understand the goal of the enemy: (in this case, Hezbullah)

The goal of the enemy is TO WIN. And, here is their formula. Remember, this is the Islamic Terrorists Perspective. (Hat tip: Allison Kaplan Sommers.)

1. If I kill you, I win.

2. If you kill me, I am a martyr. I win big.

3. There are no innocents in the land of my enemy. If I kill infants, the elderly, pregnant women, even on purpose, I win.

4. When my enemy kills innocent civilians in error, even his own allies condemn him for brutality. I win.

That is the enemy Israel is facing. Israel's "supposed allies" worldwide, are firmly entrenched in "moral equivalence." Creating a equal playing field, between terrorists and democracies is a losing platform for Israel. It will guarantee that Israel bleeds to death -- which is unacceptable, but alas - more than acceptable for European, "friends."

If you are Israel, "How do you win?"

Here is the SECRET.

It may sound harsh, and tough, and may even make you cringe.

But, it WORKS. It has proven to effectively control and silence TERROR.

It is time to deploy the same tactics that both Syria and Jordan have used in the past to control their own Islamic Terror Groups.....

Here is the link: "Formula for Success for Israel."

The formula works pretty well.
Syria has not had a major issue with Islamic Extremism since 1982.
Jordan has not had a MAJOR probem (outside of a few flare up's) since their, Black September in 1972.
The formula works.

Read it. Learn it.

It's either Arab Terrorists and their Hosts -- or it's innocent Israeli's in Israel.

You make the choice.

The formula works. IT CREATES SAFETY, AND STABILITY. (ask the Assad family, or the Hashemite King and his son, in Amman Jordan)

And, it ensures that Israel recaptures it's DETERRENCE factor, as well as that it WINS THIS CRUCIAL WAR.

Oh yeah, it also saves all of, WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

2006 marks the beginning of a "new form of World Warfare."

Sounds gruesome.....but it WILL WORK. And, save lives....EVERYWHERE.

Even where YOU ARE right now.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Michael Levin.

Words cannot express the "loss and hurt" his family must feel.

"Levin, 21, was one of three soldiers killed Tuesday in clashes with Hizbullah in the southern Lebanese village of Aita al-Shaab. An immigrant from the United States, he had been living in Israel for the last three years."

"Levin died instantly when an antitank shell struck a building he was searching, Schnitzer said. His death came two weeks after he prematurely ended a three-week visit with his family in Holland, Bucks County, eager to rejoin his comrades in battle."

I write this with a VERY heavy heart.

His BIO in the Philadelphia Inquirer is HERE.

Jerusalem Post did a piece - with comments from around the world, at the bottom of the article - which can be found HERE.

Michael Levin was from the suburbs of Philadelphia. He followed his heart to his true calling. DEFENDING THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

A 22 year old who loved Israel.

I send my condolences to his family and friends.

I also say - THANK YOU - to Michael Levin, in both words and emotions that I cannot express adequately. His life, and stature to me is much more than simple words. His sacrifice and HEROISM, is larger than life. He was a SPECIAL, and RARE human being.

I never knew him.

Michael Levin. A True Hero.

Am Yisrael' Chai.

Thanks to my friend, Jared Polin for making me aware of this. Jared was a friend of Michael Levin's from High School. The photo above was taken by Jared in High School.
In case you have not been watching.....

It is 1930 all over again.

Media Sources (as in the 1930's) have not been adequately reporting, as well as presenting facts, and happenings around the world accurately - WHEN IT COMES TO VIOLENCE AGAINST JEWISH COMMUNITIES WORLDWIDE.

You see, just the way that the HOLOCAUST started, few (to zero) media outlets deemed it (Jewish safety) important enough to report.

Here goes:

From last night in Australia. (click here for the story)

"Israeli man stabbed to death
August 06, 2006
AN Israeli has been stabbed to death by a gang of men who jumped out of a car and cornered him outside a general store in Sydney's east."

Last week:

"Naveed Haq didn’t just kill Pat Waechtler by accident. He hunted her down and murdered her.(click here for the story)

Prosecutors allege that Haq shot Pamela Waechter in the chest and then followed the wounded woman as she fled up some stairs. At the top, Haq allegedly reached over the railing and shot her again, killing her.

He knew what he was doing.

When a gunman opened fire on women at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle last Friday, he announced the shootings were intended to make a statement.

It was terrorism. It wasn’t a hate crime. It was meant to terrorize Jews the world over."

Hat tip: Yourish

Last week in ROME, here.

"Jewish shops across Rome were vandalized and defaced with swastikas in an apparent neo-fascist attack linked to fighting in the Middle East, officials said Wednesday.

Owners of about 20 shops in the center and outskirts of the Italian capital reached their workplace Tuesday morning to find door locks filled with glue, shutters nailed closed and swastikas defacing nearby walls, said Riccardo Pacifici, a spokesman for Rome's Jewish Community."

The Normal Stuff, attacking a synagogue.

"Never Again" means something to me.

It has deeper meaning, than just 2 words parced together.

It means we (Jews) will not allow others to control our destiny.

We will not wait for someone to DEFEND US.

We will not wait for someone to BOMB THE TRAIN TRACKS - leading to a death camp.
""It's certain that the British collators [of the pictures] knew of the existence of the concentration camps at that time," the tabloid newspaper wrote. "Why therefore were the extermination camps not destroyed after the reconnaissance planes of the Britons and Americans photographed them in such detail? At the very least, the railway tracks on which the Jews were transported into the extermination camp?"

Hezzbulah is the NEW NAZI's.

This is a War of Good vs. Evil.

Frankly, I'm alarmed that "rational people" do not see it that way.

"Rational People" continue to ask for a CEASE FIRE - and want Israel to STOP defending it's need to SURVIVE.

Amateur Hour is indeed over, and Carolyn Glick does a great job explaining it.
She writes:
"The undeniable fact is that the nature of the war that Israel is now fighting in Lebanon is not local. It is not about territory. It is about jihad. Hizbullah is not simply a terrorist organization. It is the Iranian army. According to press reports, over the past six years, some three thousand Hizbullah fighters underwent military training in Iran. Iran and Syria are not simply Hizbullah's patrons. They are active participants in this war against the West in which Israel is a frontline state. Yet due to Olmert's weak and incompetent leadership and Rice's opportunistic laziness, both the US and Israel are pretending it is possible to see the war as a simple, isolated event. As a result, they are advancing purported solutions, like ceasefires, multinational forces and empty declarations of victory that only increase the dangers."

I would like to see The Prime Minister of Israel make pronoucements like the one that the President of Iran made this week.

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday the answer to the conflict in Lebanon was the "elimination of the Zionist regime," slamming Israel's "war against humanity." "The real cure for the conflict is elimination of the Zionist regime, but there should be first an immediate cease-fire," the ISNA agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying from Putrajaya, Malaysia."

Time to Call out your enemies.

Olmert Get your crazy Game face on.

Time to act the way Israel's enemies do.


Rationality in the face of insanity will not work.

Terrorism is not be be bargained with. It is to be eliminated.

Start talking crazy Mr. Olmert, and let the IDF WIN.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Emergency Update

"I just have been informed that a rocket has hit 28 miles north of Tel Aviv; this is the most southern missile strike that has occurred.

Israel must hit Syria now, not wait until Tel Aviv is hit.

If Tel Aviv is hit then Israel must hit Damascus and Teheran.

From Yoni.

This is what must be done.

It must be done for survival.

The present.
The past.
The future.


Put on your "proverbial seatbelts" because a World War has been declared on the entire Western way of life, and value system.

Whether you support Israel or not, let me be clear to YOU.

They hate YOU - and have declared war upon all Non-Muslims.

This is NOT ABOUT Israel only.

It is about deciding when to confront EVIL.

The time is NOW.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Night Scarlet Begonias.....

Wanna smile?

Wanna feel good for 5 minutes?

(click the arrow below & turn up your volume)

1989 style......THE GRATEFUL DEAD.

Friday Ceasefire Thought to Ponder......

Here's what former Hezbollah leader Hassan Massawi said about Israel and negotiations: "We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you."

On October 22, 2002, Hezbollah's present leader Hassan Nasrallah, said: "If they (the Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide."
This is the true heart of the problem. The Palestinian issue cannot be resolved because a significant part of the Arab and Muslim world still do not accept Israel's right to exist. They will not accept the two-state solution beloved of analysts because they do not accept the existence of one of those two states, Israel. This is just not a matter of politics to them; it is a matter of religion. It is non-negotiable.

Hat tip: Israellycool.

Al Jazeera Guest.....

If you would like to see a woman, stand up and have her voice heard.....
The woman was a guest on Al Jazeera, discussing Islam and the West.

Click HERE. (turn up the volume, takes a few seconds to start)
I have never posted a speech on this blog.

This one is a MUST read.
It is one for the ages.

Speech by Ehud Olmert July 31, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, leaders of the world. I, the
Prime Minister of Israel, am speaking to you from
Jerusalem in the face of the terrible pictures from
Kfar Kana. Any human heart, wherever it is, must
sicken and recoil at the sight of such pictures. There
are no words of comfort that can mitigate the enormity
of this tragedy. Still, I am looking you straight in
the eye and telling you that the State of Israel will
continue its military campaign in Lebanon.

The Israel Defense Forces will continue to attack
targets from which missiles and Katyusha rockets are
fired at hospitals, old age homes and kindergartens in
Israel. I have instructed the security forces and the
IDF to continue to hunt for the Katyusha stockpiles
and launch sites from which these savages are
bombarding the State of Israel.

We will not hesitate, we will not apologize and we
will not back off. If they continue to launch missiles
into Israel from Kfar Kana, we will continue to bomb
Kfar Kana. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Here, there and everywhere. The children of Kfar Kana
could now be sleeping peacefully in their homes,
unmolested, had the agents of the devil not taken over
their land and turned the lives of our children into

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time you understood: the
Jewish state will no longer be trampled upon. We will
no longer allow anyone to exploit population centers
in order to bomb our citizens. No one will be able to
hide anymore behind women and children in order to
kill our women and children. This anarchy is over. You
can condemn us, you can boycott us, you can stop
visiting us and, if necessary, we will stop visiting

A voice for six million citizens

Today I am serving as the voice of six million
bombarded Israeli citizens who serve as the voice of
six million murdered Jews who were melted down to dust
and ashes by savages in Europe. In both cases, those
responsible for these evil acts were, and are,
barbarians devoid of all humanity, who set themselves
one simple goal: to wipe the Jewish race off the face
of the earth, as Adolph Hitler said, or to wipe the
State of Israel off the map, as Mahmoud Ahmedinjad

And you - just as you did not take those words
seriously then, you are ignoring them again now. And
that, ladies and gentlemen, leaders of the world, will
not happen again. Never again will we wait for bombs
that never came to hit the gas chambers. Never again
will we wait for salvation that never arrives. Now we
have our own air force. The Jewish people are now
capable of standing up to those who seek their
destruction - those people will no longer be able to
hide behind women and children. They will no longer be
able to evade their responsibility.

Every place from which a Katyusha is fired into the
State of Israel will be a legitimate target for us to
attack. This must be stated clearly and publicly, once
and for all. You are welcome to judge us, to ostracize
us, to boycott us and to vilify us. But to kill us?
Absolutely not.

Four months ago I was elected by hundreds of thousands
of citizens to the office of Prime Minister of the
government of Israel, on the basis of my plan for
unilaterally withdrawing from 90 percent of the areas
of Judea and Samaria, the birth place and cradle of
the Jewish people; to end most of the occupation and
to enable the Palestinian people to turn over a new
leaf and to calm things down until conditions are ripe
for attaining a permanent settlement between us.

The Prime Minister who preceded me, Ariel Sharon, made
a full withdrawal from the Gaza Strip back to the
international border, and gave the Palestinians there
a chance to build a new reality for themselves. The
Prime Minister who preceded him, Ehud Barak, ended the
lengthy Israeli presence in Lebanon and pulled the IDF
back to the international border, leaving the land of
the cedars to flourish, develop and establish its
democracy and its economy.

What did the State of Israel get in exchange for all
of this? Did we win even one minute of quiet? Was our
hand, outstretched in peace, met with a handshake of
encouragement? Ehud Barak's peace initiative at
Camp David let loose on us a wave of suicide bombers
who smashed and blew to pieces over 1,000 citizens,
men, women and children. I don't remember you being so
enraged then. Maybe that happened because we did not
allow TV close-ups of the dismembered body parts of
the Israeli youngsters at the Dolphinarium? Or of the
shattered lives of the people butchered while
celebrating the Passover seder at the Park Hotel in
Netanya? What can you do - that's the way we are. We
don't wave body parts at the camera. We grieve

We do not dance on the roofs at the sight of the
bodies of our enemy's children - we express genuine
sorrow and regret. That is the monstrous behavior of
our enemies. Now they have risen up against us.
Tomorrow they will rise up against you. You are
already familiar with the murderous taste of this
terror. And you will taste more.

And Ariel Sharon's withdrawal from Gaza. What did it
get us? A barrage of Kassem missiles fired at peaceful
settlements and the kidnapping of soldiers. Then too,
I don't recall you reacting with such alarm. And for
six years, the withdrawal from Lebanon has drawn the
vituperation and crimes of a dangerous, extremist
Iranian agent, who took over an entire country in the
name of religious fanaticism and is trying to take
Israel hostage on his way to Jerusalem - and from
there to Paris and London.

An enormous terrorist infrastructure has been
established by Iran on our border, threatening our
citizens, growing stronger before our very eyes,
awaiting the moment when the land of the Ayatollahs
becomes a nuclear power in order to bring us to our
knees. And make no mistake - we won't go down alone.
You, the leaders of the free and enlightened world,
will go down along with us.

So today, here and now, I am putting an end to this
parade of hypocrisy. I don't recall such a wave of
reaction in the face of the 100 citizens killed every
single day in Iraq. Sunnis kill Shiites who kill
Sunnis, and all of them kill Americans - and the world
remains silent. And I am hard pressed to recall a
similar reaction when the Russians destroyed entire
villages and burned down large cities in order to
repress the revolt in Chechnya. And when NATO bombed
Kosovo for almost three months and crushed the
civilian population - then you also kept silent. What
is it about us, the Jews, the minority, the
persecuted, that arouses this cosmic sense of justice
in you? What do we have that all the others don't?

In a loud clear voice, looking you straight in the
eye, I stand before you openly and I will not
apologize. I will not capitulate. I will not whine.
This is a battle for our freedom. For our humanity.
For the right to lead normal lives within our
recognized, legitimate borders. It is also your
battle. I pray and I believe that now you will
understand that. Because if you don't, you may regret
it later, when it's too late.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Grateful Dead 06 17 91 East Rutherford, NJ

Eyes of the World.....

I feel like "Eyes" is appropriate for the way I'm feeling the last 3 + weeks.

You see, my wife said to me yesterday..

"Why don't you put on a baseball game or something."

I almost fell down.

I am a baseball fanatic. A avid METS fan. I have the baseball package on TV, and get many out of market games....


But, after reading and watching about Israel and a WAR OF SURVIVAL, day after day -- it starts to take a toll.

Well, I did what any normal DEADHEAD would do when confused.

Listen to the music play.

Robert Hunter penned this:

"Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world,
The heart has its beaches, its homeland and thoughts of its own.
Wake now, discover that you are the song that the mornin brings,
But the heart has its seasons, its evenins and songs of its own."

Turn up the volume, sit back and watch Jerry Garcia tell us that WE ARE THE EYES OF THE WORLD. (click on the link or box below)

A great song with great guitar and commentary....(click here)

Grateful Dead
Giants Stadium
East Rutherford, NJ
June 17, 1991

The United Nations is a complete joke.....

Based on a statement today by the, UN Deputy Secretary...

He wants the United States to stop calling Hezbullah a "terrorist organization."

Read it HERE.

Great post - and one more reason why the internet is so important. (and blogging specifically)

This wont make the NY TIMES - and it will not be on the pages of the Washington Post.

But YOU, can see for yourself the future of the UN.

And, its not pretty.
Nature of the enemy....

Not widely reported. From Yoni the blogger - a great resource.

Hizballah's Treasure
I just found out a fact that I had not known. If we remember back to the start of this war Hizballah came across the border and attacked an Israeli patrol of two Hummers killing 8 soldiers kidnapping two.

The next day Israel put a tank across the border which hit a huge anti tank IED, which killed the four man crew. Israel was not able to rescue all bodies of the crew, due to heavy fighting and the bodies being trapped in the ruble of the tank.

After Israel was forced out of the area, Hizballah surrounded the tank. Hizballah terrorist then cut off parts from the bodies i.e. arms, legs, heads to hold these body parts to exert pressure on Israel in addition to holding the two soldiers.

The west must understand the nature of the enemy in order for a victory to be achieved.


Understanding your enemy.

Critical, and important to survival.

Read YONI.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Images of Paris & Amsterdam......last week.
(click on any picture to enlarge)

Comment from Belgium.....

In a previous post that I wrote while in Amsterdam, a comment was posted by a reader in Belgium. His name is Ryan.

This post will be a opportunity to answer his questions, regarding two very valid points that he made.....

I encourage you in the very least to read Ryan's viewpoint which is linked to below. My attempt will be to answer him, and offer a differing opinion.

My post can be found HERE:

His response is HERE:

The comment was great. Let me firstly, thank RYAN (who has a blog which is HERE.) for taking the time to leave some of his thoughts on this blog.

As Fred Wilson frequently says about blogging -- "it is a conversation, NOT a diary."

There are 2 parts of Ryans comment that I want to address:

1) The intentions of the USA, and his views about America
2) Muslims - and "degrading" a religion

Ryan writes - from his comment:

"But what I don't believe is the overwhelming good intention of the USA. I do not believe that USA is a country that only believes in doing good in the world. USA - like any other country - looks after number one. USA is not an ultruistic country.

I don't believe that America is any better than Europe at 'doing good' - whatever that may mean. To think that America - and it is easy for me to say this of course, because I am not an American - is the saviour and liberator of the free world, is flawed. I would no more trust the leaders of the States than I would that of my own country."

Let's address the intentions of the USA.

I agree with much of Ryan's point. The American Government is looking after its own interest, and should....


Prior to 1990, there was a "alternative" to America's power. Countries had a choice, (like European nations) to determine if they wanted to agree with the USSR, or the US.

There was a "balance" and point/counterpoint to nearly EVERY GLOBAL ISSUE. Human rights, Nuclear Weapons, Communism, Wars, Aggression, Middle-East......

Often times, countries voted based on "patronage", or, being a "client state" to either the US, or USSR.

That balance is gone.

Now, instead of having 2 superpowers with conflicting goals, you only have ONE 800 hundred pound gorilla.

That is the United States.

My conclusion is simply based on the following:

History is the ultimate judge. And, based on recent history (last 100 years) - Europeans, NOW HAVE THE BENEFIT to judge, offer opinions, and EVEN HATE the USA.

I love that. I love that Europeans, from the French to the Dutch, to the Swedes - have the FREEDOM TO DESPISE, argue, and offer differences - and alternative views, to the United States interests.


You see our "interests" were in saving Europe. And, the basic fact that Europe has the freedom, and ability to be independent of the US and USSR, speaks volumes, and IS A TESTAMENT TO MY FAMILY MEMBERS (UNCLES AND FATHER IN LAW) WHO SERVED IN WORLD WAR TWO -- to defend the interest of the US - but mostly to, SAVE EUROPE from the Nazi's.

Here is a question I posed to many Europeans in the last few days:

"If you had to make a split second decision to determine your countries "place in the world, and allies" for the next 100 years --- would you rather have your countries future placed alongside Germany & France? Or, would you stand with the United States?"

Not ONE PERSON in Holland answered, "Germany or France."

I asked more than 10 people that very question.

People in FRANCE when asked, did not say they wanted to be aligned with Germany over the United spite of the supposed, "anti American slant."

They said, begrudingly, "The United States."

My point is that, in today's "lense of life" it is easy to judge, what we think is right.....but more often than not -- history will be the judge.

To my European friends, our country has made many mistakes in our past. No one is perfect. But, more often than not - HISTORY has made the determination, (over the past 200 years, and especially where Europe is concerned) that we (America) have earned the respect, to have had "statistical significance" -- to prove to our friends (allies) across the ocean -- that our views and interests have been correct and righteouess, more than wrong, and self serving.

Clearly, Germany has been on the wrong side of history's gavel. (WW 1 & WW 2)

I believe France is as well, concerning their behavior towards their supposed allies. France has consistently thwarted American interests around the world.....

From 3000 miles away - the United States has been more right for Europe, than wrong.

Remember this critical point.

In the most important times.

When it counts the most.


The United States has answered the call, and, REPRESENTED EUROPE'S INTEREST IN SURVIVING THE NAZI REGIME, which required great sacrifice to the United States.

Who is Europe there for? Does any European country have the SAME WILLINGNESS, to sacrfice for their allies - in good times and bad?

Does France stand with Israel? (as an example)


Europe has a problem identifying and confronting evil.
By putting off problems, and ignoring enemies -- they seek to "appease" their aggressors, in their quest for peace, and tranqulity.

Hitler should have been engaged early on in his quest to dominate Europe. He should not have been "appeased"....

He should have been destroyed, and fought in European Armies.

Which leads me into # 2 -- Muslim's.

Coming soon to this blog.

Is my assessment off base?


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A bit fuzzy -- but, appropriate.
Hot Friday night in Paris.
Thanks to Dave....(click to enlarge & more to follow)