Thursday, June 29, 2006

Great Quote...

Yossi Klein Halevi in the New Republic:

"Nothing unites Israelis in outrage more than the seizure of hostages. On July 4, Israel will mark the 30th anniversary of the Entebbe operation that freed over a hundred Israeli hostages, and little has changed since then in the national ethos of rescue. The last Zionist ideal still shared by most Israelis is the determination to fight back. An Israeli soldier held hostage is a taunt against the Zionist promise of self-defense, an unbearable reminder of Jewish helplessness.

"Our obsession with hostages is a tactical weakness but a strategic strength. It allows terrorists a stunning psychological advantage: With a single random kidnapping, they hold an entire society emotionally hostage. Strategically, though, hostage-taking only strengthens Israeli resolve."
Gloves off.....about time

Hats off to Ehud Olmert.

I hope he continues to put the heat on Hamas, and ANYONE associated with them.

Yesterday, the arrests of Hamas Legislators in the West Bank, is a start.

Another Strong Message to Bashar Assad, "President" of Syria.

"In a clear warning to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Israeli airplanes flew over his seaside home near the Mediterranean port city of Latakia in northwestern Syria, military officials confirmed, citing the "direct link" between his government and Hamas. Israeli television reports said four planes were involved in the low-altitude flight, and that Assad was there at the time."

That was a calling card.

Israeli F-16 flew over his house. It was a signal to let him know that he could have been a casualty of war. Anytime Israel wants, Israel can take him out.

From another site, about the Assad flyover....

"Our intelligence sources disclose that, straight after the Israeli buzzing early Wednesday, Assad returned to Damascus and soon after, met Jordanian prime minister Maaruf Bahait (former ambassador to Israel), who had come over to discuss the Palestinian reconciliation document and the crisis in Gaza. According to our sources, Assad kept on complaining agitatedly about the Israeli over flights"


Now, lets keep up the pressure. Ratchet up the STRESS level for the entire population of that their OWN PEOPLE, and citizens of the Palestinian territories force changes on their society.

The people must understand, that TERROR is not a bargaining chip.

Hamas has brought this situation to the people of Gaza.

Mr. Olmert, keep up the pressure. This is the first encouraging sign I have seen from the government (in terms of standing up to terrorists) - and it gives me hope for a resolution.

For those that want DIPLOMACY, wake up. This is what Israel has attempted to do for 15 years. You can't negotiate with people that don't accept your, "right to live." You can't strike a deal with terrorists who threaten to fire missles and kidnap citizens if they are not given what they desire.

Only defeat and shame, for ANYONE, who supports and harbors terrorists will bring about an end to this conflict. Hear that Hamas? Hear that Assad?

That's the sound of F-16 that just knocked your fine "china" off the table. Mr. Assad, that's the faint sound of the Israeli Military letting you know that you could be 6 feet under -- and it's only because of Mr. Olmert's, "diplomatic graces" that you are alive.....

I am praying for Gilad Shalit.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Little Business Plug....

What I've been focused on, and I intend to build it into a world class organization.

My new venture is HERE.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I've officially become -- that DAD, to my kids.

The Dad, that always takes pictures

The Dad, that loves his kids so much, embarrassing them is secondary - to my need to "capture the moment for posterity."

The Dad, that tells his kids they will appreciate the pictures one day.

What happened to me?

Am I destined for early bird dinners in Boca?

2nd Day of Camp.....getting on the bus.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I hope HE MEANS IT.....

Ehud Olmert, the prime minister of Israel, said there would be "no negotiations, no bargaining, no agreements".

He warned the kidnappers and the political leaders who ordered the operation: "Let it be clear. We will reach everyone, no matter where they are and they know it. There will not be immunity for anyone."

Unfortunately, I fear he does not mean what he says. (that Hamas Terrorists will pay a price)

The same party (in Israel, Kadima) that believes in giving terrorists LAND, in the hopes it will "placate" and ease them, and bring them into a twisted, losing option.

Olmert endorsed the land giveback. Olmert has put plans on the table to give a large portion of Samaria/West Bank to HAMAS.

And, he supports the 20X LARGER giveback, of the West Bank -- than he did of GAZA....(and is Southern Israel any safer?) to the SAME GROUP of terrorists..that hold Gilad Shalit.

You kidding?

Giving valuable land and GIFTS to a risky, foolish proposition - that ensures further loss.

The viewpoint of dealing with terrorists, whether it be land, money, hostages, or a "voice.." is a world view I oppose.

"That world view involves a denial of a basic, fundamental truth: When you empower terrorists, terrorists are empowered. "

Coming Home from the 1st day of Camp.....

Up the driveway, exhausted....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why This Continues To Bother Me....???


Repeated mistakes, and mis-steps that cost lives, over long periods of time are at some point, unacceptable to digest, and fathom.

The toll on the human psyche, is to TURN OFF - and stop caring.
I feel as though I'm approaching that abyss. I feel as though the leaders of Israel, CARE MORE ABOUT TERRORIST'S DESIRES, AND MORE ABOUT WHAT WILL APPEASE THEM - AND LESS ABOUT THE SAFETY AND WELL-BEING OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS. Another writer agrees with me.....

Last evening, Palestinian Terrorists (not militants) attacked a Border Patrol Outpost, on the ISRAELI SIDE OF THE BORDER.

The attack details from the Jerusalem Post is HERE.

Any human being, who has a SHRED of humanity, or understanding of what motivates these people, (terrorists) - would NOT for one minute, consider dealing with them on any level.


They fire missles from dense urban centers, (and not in a open field) - hoping that Israel will fire back - and KILL INNOCENT PALESTINIANS. Alan Dershowitz explains it VERY well, and he is correct in his overview.

Now, a Israeli soldier has been kidnapped by Hamas.

In 1994, I followed a story literally - hour to hour for 5 days...

The Israeli soldiers name was Nachshon Waxman.

He was taken by HAMAS, and brutally tortured -- (I will not go into GREAT Detail) - but let's just say -- they pulled his teeth out with pliers, while questioning him.

He was murdered, but not before a painful, and horrific ending.

In yesterday's attack -- there was a Israeli soldier kidnapped.

"Cpl. Gilad Shalit sustained stomach and chest wounds, but was walking; Hamas calls on factions to protect his life and treat him well."

My prayers are with Gilad.

I cannot imagine what he (Gilad) is going through right now...the horror, the pain --the confrontation, and treatment by the WORST HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH -- Hamas terrorists.

But yet, Gilad represents the people of Israel.


This is what leads me to say:

"Defeat and kill terrorism. Stop playing diplomatic politics, and END terror -- by crushing people, and societies in which terrorism is allowed to flourish, and be represented. If the societies that harbor these people, DO NOT take responsibility for their own peoples actions (Palestinian Authority) - -then a neighbor being threatened (Israel) must take responsbility."

There is no peace.

There will be no peace, until there is a victor.

To date, terrorism in the middle-east yields BIG dividends.

The Palestinians have been given --- "Land, Acceptance, and a Chance" over the past 15 years, a gift from making promises they never had any intention to uphold...

BECAUSE OF FALSE PEACE, AND ACTUAL TERRORISM from the Palestinians --- they have found that this formula actually brings Israeli concessions....CONTINUALLY

Now, the time has come, to NOT blame the Palestinians for their actions (terrorism) -- but BLAME ISRAELI LEADERS, for not dealing with what is happening. They (Israel officials) are not dealing with the actions of their enemies -- but rather, they are contemplating -- GIVING MORE LAND TO THE TERRORISTS, FOR THEM TO LAUNCH MISSLES -- AND DO FURTHER HARM TO ISRAEL. (Maybe, giving more land will cause the Arab terrorists to sing kumbaya, drop their desires to kill Jews, and they will drop their manifesto of exhuming the mid-east of all non-Islamic people....and this dream will come true...)


Time to come to put a HARD stop on this ridiculous path for Israel - and focus efforts on one thing......

BRINGING SHAME AND EMBARASSMENT TO THE PEOPLE OF GAZA........through deep, and violent military action.

It works.

Ask Germany or Japan. Only a CRUSHING DEFEAT (by US forces in World War 2) -- can yield a future, and hope, for the Palestinian society.

My prayers go out to Gilad Shalit.....for he is now a metaphorical face for the STATE, and condition of Israel.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Anyone who uses......

A few of my "Favorite Terms" worth 2 minutes of my time, (and maybe your's) to read a compelling piece....

Words like:

* optimization
* aggregate data
* QC and Process Improvement
* Politics
* The use and power of data.

Would you think a sports owner would write these words about the organization that his team plays in? (The NBA)

It's Mark Cuban.....and he is DEAD-ON.

You see, people who have worked for the NBA (in the past) or with the league in some capacity, all say the same thing (about working for the NBA).....THAT THE NBA CAN'T EVOLVE, OR EMBRACE CHANGE BECAUSE OF POLITICS -- and anyone who dares challenge the "cushy" status quo, (with new ideas) is fired, or run out of the organization.

Mark, is the only one that can say it - because he BOUGHT into it, he does not work, FOR THE NBA. Mark, does not owe his career, or success to the National Basketball Association.

You can call him a crybaby, rich guy, whatever you want....

In my book, he is solid, as well as smart - and he consistently challenges the STATUS QUO.

From Mark's keyboard.....(Click here)

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Natural Forces, Coming to a Portal Near You.....

Any one think this is NOT gonna happen? A Microsoft/Yahoo Marriage?

I've written about this before, and for my money, it's as natural as ---
Green Eggs and Ham.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

My new Hero....

Pink Floyd penned the verse,

"All that you touch
and, all that you see
is all that your life,
will ever be..."

I do not know Matt Harding.

But, he is MY NEW HERO.

Turn up your volume, take a second - sit back and smile.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fenway Park Images.....
These are a few "shots" - from my perspective, behind home plate.
Many thanks to my dear friend, JD - for his kindness, hospitality - and GREAT SEATS. (click on any picture for a BETTER up close pic)

Fenway Park is a MUST for baseball fans. Here are some of my pre-game and game shots....

Hats off to The Heat....

I was wrong. The Miami Heat were on a mission. I'm happy for Shaq and Mr. Wade.....

Most of all, I'm thrilled and psyched for Pat Riley. He is a class act, and a GREAT coach.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Classic Cuban.....

I've been a HUGE fan of Mark Cuban, since he built a internet company in 1994 - and in 5 years sold it for $6 Billion Dollars.

Any human being, that figures out a way to earn SIX billion dollars, in Five years is a genius in my book.

His ownership of the Dallas Mavericks, who are currently in the NBA Finals --- is almost as entertaining as the game itself. (they are facing the Miami Heat)

You see, Mark Cuban is a fellow blogger.

His site is HERE.

He last post, titled "CURSING" is great....

It is (his writing) dripping with emotion, substance and energy -- he feels as though Game 5 was STOLEN from his team.

Here is the opponent's local newspaper, Miami Herald's perspective.

Mark Cuban is my hero. He has taken his money, and focused his energy on 2 business lines that occupy his time and resources.

1 - sports
2 - entertainment

He is NOT working, because he loves what he does.

As of this writing, Dallas is down 3 games to 2.

The will win 2 in a row at home, to win the NBA Championship.

I say this, because I'm confident that Mark Cuban , (the motivator) knows precisely what buttons to push to get his team, "over the hump."

Six Billion in 5 YEARS?
The NBA championship is a few days away......from the Dallas Mavericks.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Yahoo Front Page Today...

If you visit Yahoo Front Page Today, you will see a well-placed 300 X 250 advertisement (above the news on the right) -- by Wyeth.

It's how the pharamaceutical industry can use the web.

Yahoo's front page is here....

But, Wyeth's Landing Page is here.....

Another great use of Internet Advertising, in such a way that the user can get information privately - and be educated, and the company can quickly gauge the effectiveness of the media.

The Automoble Industry is outspending many other "verticals", as it relates to the amount of money and resources, they dedicate to online media. Car Makers see the data, and the value of spending alot of money to reach consumers, (and communicate directly) in front of their computers. LIKE YOU.

Pharma looks to be gaining ground in the arms race to "learn"....

And, who could blame them?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

3 Stadiums This Week.....

My travel plans this week, have me in 3 Major League Cities. I plan on posting pictures from each game, and here is one from last night.

Shea Stadium.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Your Most Important Team Member.......

Is your WEBMASTER, according to Bob Lefsetz.

And, I agree.

Click HERE to read why.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Science Behind Online Advertising

Advertisers and Publishers must make "judgements" when confronted with the following mathematical problem...

"In order to maximize efficiency, and drive the best result -- which particular ad creative should be displayed at the right moment, to maximize my return on investment?"

The advertisers and publishers must also remember that ad size, marketing message, and time of day - as well as history and behavior of the web surfer -- are also critical attributes that go into the equation.

There are many elements and factors required to determing the best ad to display online. At its easiest, it is dizzying to try to factor every variable into this decision. But advertisers and publishers can breath easier today because these decisions can be boiled down to determining the most effective variable(s) to choose. Behavioral Targeting should be at the top of the list.

Recently a former co-worker of mine, Eric Eller, was interviewed by Mediapost for an article focused on Behavioral Targeting (BT). Eric is the Product Manager for BT at the largest online network,, and I think agree -- once you've read the following -- he is really a well thought-out, smart guy.

Below he discusses 3 different ways to target behaviorally:

Eller notes, "We've found in our practice there are three modes of behavioral targeting that lend themselves to scale. Retargeting, which we've found really beneficial especially to direct response, is one. [Then there's] post-keyword search, where keyword based query patterns are used to target more appropriate follow-up display ads. And, most recently, audience based targeting, in which we cluster types of consumers together by identifying similarities in online search, web surfing and buying patterns."

Just to reiterate, the three he focuses on are:
1. Retargeting
2. Post Search
3. Audience Based Targeting

Eller goes on to explain, "Retargeting is based on the understanding that users who visit an advertiser's Web site, but don't stay long enough to fill out a registration form or make a purchase, are, or should be, great future prospects. Identifying these users for retargeting and then subsequently serving ads to them across other sites has a demonstrable effect on bringing them back. One test we did on retargeted ads versus non-targeted ads showed a nearly 200 percent increase in click-through and 167 percent increase in conversion."

"We generally look to both retargeting and post-keyword search for more direct
response campaigns. For more branding-oriented campaigns, [there's] customer-based targeting, which allows advertisers to target by online behavioral patterns, grouped together by similarities to other groups of online visitors. For instance, we can identify people who've been intensely researching cars online over a certain time period. One test study we did involved a campaign for Volkswagen of America, which was launching a Jetta A4 model. We compared results obtained doing traditional demographic targeting of likely Volkswagen customers versus targeting of car buyers by previous online shopping behavior. The behaviorally targeted campaign scored 27 percent higher in information requests and a third higher in conversion rates."

This article is about the use of data. It's about the most efficient use of information: the use of cookie data.

Eric has described 3 ways to look at BT. He also is creating ways that leverage the use of data to benefit, consumers, publishers, and advertisers. The strategy called "Behavorial Targeting" -- is big and getting bigger.

When you're surfing online, see if you notice more relevant banners as the web continues to mature.

If Eric Eller has anything to do with it, I bet you will.
What Happens to Land.....

Given back to the Palestinians?

Should the smallest country in the Mid-East, continue to cede territory in the name of a so called, "peace process?"

This is being done from Gaza, and Israel relinquished this Real Estate, almost a year ago - in the hopes that the southern border could be "quiet.."


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Morning Paper....

Just another "Day in the life..."

A stranger on the corner......its my PIC of the DAY. (taken in Bergen County NJ)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Great post on a new venture.

I have a tremedous amount of respect for Rob Deichert.

Rob and I worked together at
His blog is linked on my blogroll (on the right)

He stayed on with the company after was acquired by America Online.
His intelligence, hard work, and determination, have led him to work with AOL to drive more value.....and get back to #1.

4 "Deichert Rules" -- that are a good roadmap for any business.
Expectation, Execution, and People.

Well said ROB...(post here)
Lack Of PR.

Public Relations. This is one of the WEAKEST aspects of Israel's foreign policy.

Last week, Israel was accused of killing SEVEN innocent Palestinians. The claim was that Israel had shelled the beach, killing a family while having a picnic.

This was the STORY ON JUNE 10th.

This is the REAL STORY ON JUNE 13th.

Do you think the French, or the UN -- will have a statement about the "Palestinians use of land mines?"

Land mines, (laid by the Palestinians) in a effort to keep Israeli commando's OFF THE GAZA BEACH -- KILLED THE INNOCENT family.

Hamas laid the land mines.
Hamas called off their truce.
Hamas is sending rockets (Katyusha's) into Southern Israel

Hamas is a terrorist group of murderers
Hamas leads the country

Israel must EXHIBIT NO RESTRAINT against Hamas.
This is a START.

Time for the PR machine to start working...

Oh, I forgot -- "Public Relations" is NOT as important, as continously VILLYFYING Israel - and postioning the Jewish State -- as the aggressor.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

The CrossRoads of Life...Family Style.

This past weekend, was a whirlwind of events, emotions, and family time.

I come from a large family.

Literally, we have hundreds of 2nd cousins, whom I've barely met.

Some I know (cousins) better than others. But, sadly with a family this size, the time spent together (minimal) is disproportionate to it's size.

My Grandfather had 9 brothers and a sister.

My Grandmother had 4 sisters and 5 brothers.

This makes for HUNDREDS of Second cousins. (if not thousands)

On Saturday, my Grandmother's side of the family, had a family picnic at Johnson Park, in New Brunswick NJ. It was a GREAT EVENT, with family coming together from around NJ, and throughout the eastern US. As with any family, the older generation passes on, and are replaced by all the children, and grandchildren -- and great- grandchildren.

But, my Great Aunt's and Uncles - who were NOT there, because they had died -- WERE REALLY THERE more than ever, in spirit. To see my Uncle Harry's, GREAT GRANDCHILDREN was a blessing.

To see, my Uncle Eddie's GREAT grandchildren was heartwarming.
(I am only naming 2 but, there are many many more)

You see, I SEE MY UNCLE's faces in these young children. I see their kindness in the 4 year old GREAT GRANDCHILD of my Uncle.

I see GOOD, KIND, ENERGY -- that would make Uncle Alex proud of his GREAT grandchildren.

My GREAT UNCLES and GREAT AUNTS, all worked so hard to provide a life for their children to excel in the United States. They were first generation Americans, who labored -- and taught the kids how to, respect and love -- and be yourself.

We have teachers, bankers, technologist, pharmaceutical all stars, doctors, fashion designers, beer guys, bikers -- and YES - internet guys (like me) -- from this plethora of DNA.......

Together too infrequently, but GROVE 1, at the park, is alright by me.

It was a GREAT -- FAMILY DAY. Saturday in the Park......Eddie,Helen,Alex,Julius were smiling up in heaven.

The very next day, we had a funeral.

My grandfather's brother Charles Mironov. passed away.

He was one of 10 children....and a younger brother to my Grandfather, Bernie.

"Uncle Charlie" - as he was known to me, had a bellowing, hearty laugh (HE always found his own jokes and one-liners to be funniest of all) -- and always a smile, and a question for one of his nephews,(me)..

"Andrew, what's the good word?"

"Andrew, you working hard, or hardly working?"

Followed by his smile, and a buttered hard roll, in the kitchen of the family farm.


Standing at the cemetary, watching his families emotion, I was overcome by feelings of hope -- and saw the, "wheel of life at work."

I was watching Uncle Charlie's GREAT GRANDCHILDREN, and grandchildren -- playing in the grass, and teeming with good energy -- they had HIS SPIRIT.

The Mironov Brothers are a "Hall of Fame" Group. Their accomplishments are too many to name, but let me tell you -- more than anything they did in building a HUGE business, (they were successful dairy operators) -- they were the definition of GOOD PARENTS.

They passed the most crucial gene known to man, to their offspring. The ability to be a good, loving, caring parent.

What could be more important?


Driving home - I cried and listened to music. The Song, Franklins Tower was on my stereo.
Courtesy of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter:

"God help the child who rings that bell
It may have one good ring left, you can't tell
One watch by night, one watch by day
If you get confused just listen to the music play"

It hit me.

My older family is passing on. It was what I KNEW. It was MY WORLD growing up. They were MY COMFORT ZONE.

Now, we need to have more family picnic's for our departed Aunt's and Uncles. It's the only place WE CAN SEE THEIR SPIRITS COME ALIVE. (in our children)

A family picnic and a funeral -- at the crossroads of this thing called, LIFE.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Time To Make Terror Leaders Pay...

Hamas has had a free ride up to now, as it pertains to dealing with Israel - and suffering from any kind of retribution.

The past 6 months -- missles have been fired from the "Palestinian Territories" (Gaza) hitting targets in southern Israel...striking in a small town called, Sderot.

I'm confident that the United States, would NOT allow a barrage of missles to hit Texas --- from terrorists hypothetically based in Mexico.

Or, if Cuba was firing missles into Florida?


Now, Hamas has called off a so-called, "truce" -- that they have with (jokingly) themselves, while they try to build up their military - in preparation for another terror offensive.

Yesterday, Israel fired missles into Gaza, killing terrorists -- and mistakenly 7 civilians.

War is sad, and terrible.

The only way to victory in the MidEast, is to deal a crushing blow to terror - and defeat it.

Right now, its INCOMPREHENSIBLE to any sane person, that the State of Israel would consider any kind of "ceding of land" for a false peace....

Israel must continue it's offensive - and send a clear message to Hamas, and their supporters.

Here is what the message should be:
"Your life is about to get MUCH worse than it currently is. YOU (Palestinians) are choosing the path of war -- and we (Israel) will answer you calls for violence, by dealing with you in such a fashion, that you will have NO tranquility until you choose to live like human beings..."

The Mid-East is a tough neighborhood, and Israel needs to STOP worrying about world reaction, and start defending itself vigourously --- through the use of continued offensive capabilities -- BEFORE BIGGER WEAPONS are introduced by Hamas....(from Iran)

The window to deal with Hamas is now.

State of Israel, DEFEND yourself -- and CRUSH this RAGTAG group of Hamas terrorists.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Very Impressive Stuff.

Richard and Michael Barnstein, friends of mine from Baltimore - have produced a video, for a band out of their hometown, called "Fools and Horses."

It is great.

I am impressed by their their style of work, but I'm also BLOWN AWAY by the music itself. The music is VERY VERY good.

They put the video up on YouTube, and I encourage you, to sample for yourself.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Slice of the Pie.

Today, the Web represents roughly 8% of all advertising dollars spent in the US. This means that 8% of companies advertising budgets, are directed to online media.

That's a big chunk of dollars, and I'm psyched that the growth of online media continues, and WILL CONTINUE.

Do YOU stand to benefit from this trend upward, in online advertising growth?

Some folks say, "I don't want to buy internet stocks, they are TOO RISKY."

I've got some news for you.

Some are NOT as risky as you might think.

HERE IS A 5 YR Chart for Yahoo's stock, (symbol YHOO)

My point is, the DOT COM rush, valuations and HYPE, are in the past. The HYPE and craziness marking the internet's arrival, are in our collective, "rear view mirror."

We have reality in online expectations, and growth.

Reality says that the 8% of Web advertising today, will GROW QUICKLY, and realistically.

showing online interaction, and "time spent" consuming media, vs TV, print, magazines.

My point is simple.

Data, technology, and the fact that people are using the web MORE than any other a recipe for success.

If you do not own Yahoo stock in your portfolio, the question is why?

Look at the 5yr chart that I've linked to above.

If you see the study, and YOU ARE one of the people who's behavior has been altered over the past 10 years by the Web....

Then, you are a case study in, "is their value in buying internet stocks, like Yahoo?"

Yahoo, and other big online brands "slice of the pie" is big, and getting bigger.

Do you stand to benefit?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A bump on the Noggin.

Super duper glad to hear that the, Rolling Stones European Tour - is resuming in Milan on July 11th.

The "riff master", Keith Richards recovered from his head injury, and subsequent surgery.....enough to get back on the road - and play big shows to big crowds all throughout Europe.

I'm seriously considering a trip, "across the pond" for a few days.......

I was concerned that the man who penned the words.....

"always took candy from strangers,
Never wanted to get me no trains,
Never wanted to be like papa,
Working for the boss, every night and day....
I need a love
To keep me, Happy.....
Baby, won't you keep me........ Happy?"

Might Fade away.
Glad to see he is back.

Milan., you might be due a visit.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Greatness at 10pm

I love baseball. Since I was a kid, its a sport that I excelled at, and to me its MORE than a sport.

Its deeply ingrained in who I am.

Its hard to explain, but the nuances of the game, the strategy, the beauty of the event is MORE than its collection of physical plays.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy basketball and football.

But, I love baseball.

Years ago, (when it first became avaliable) I ordered from our cable TV company, the Major League TV baseball package.....called "MLB Extra Innings."

Its is approximately 80 out of market games per week.

The MLB package for me, is a way to watch the 10pm games (EST) from the West Coast...(its 7pm PST)....

But, this helps me fall asleep, and its a replacement for WATCHING THE NEWS. The 10 pm news is a repeat of what I have already digested on the internet, during the day.

My news now, comes to me daily through news websites, and press aggregators......

So, the web has changed my "news gathering" behavior, and I've noticed how it has affected me.

I SLEEP a bit better, by not laying in bed and hearing a daily litany of negative news. I think (but I'm not positive) that the 10PM news MAY have, been contributing to a slight case of insomnia....

However, all of this had led me to a discovery.

2 words. Vin Scully.

Vin Scully is the broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

At 10 pm, he is now - my nightly voice, instead of some man and woman reading cue cards telling me about, "the kidnapping, child abuse or murder" story of the day.

Vin Scully is great.

He started his career with the, Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950, and moved West, "with Dem Bumbs" in 1958.

Let's put that in perspective. Think of his career. 56 years of calling baseball for the Dodgers.

56 years X 162 games per year (not including his national games, and post season). This equals - a ton of games called by Mr. Scully.


Here are some of the quotes that he has uttered, ON THE FLY.

"Sometimes it seems like he's (Bobby Bonilla) playing underwater."

"Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support, not illumination."

"The Dodgers are such a .500 team that if there was a way to split a three-game series, they'd find it." (1990)

"When he (Maury Wills) runs, its all downhill."

These classics and one liners come out nightly. I smile, laying in bed - watching TV.

VERY different than watching the 10pm news.

Listening to Vin Scully is magical. He is the GREATEST baseball announcer, my opinion.

He sits alone, (with no color man) and talks TO YOU. He paints such a clear picture, and tells his viewers, and listeners, HIS VIEWPOINT, in such a way that he makes baseball, more enjoyable.

I was NEVER a LA Dodger fan.

But, you know what?

Because Vin Scully is so good, I'm slowly turning into a Dodger follower....

I'm on a plane, on my way to LA.
They (Dodgers) play the METS tonight, at Dodger stadium.

I'm buying a Dodger cap.

Thanks to Vin Scully.

A final Vin classic that stuck with me, and you can appreciate if you take it out of a baseball context.

"Its a mere moment in a man's life between the All-Star Game, and an old timer's game.". (1980)

30,000 ft over the Heartland, journeying to LAX.
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The Begin Doctrine....

Most of us have heard of, "The Bush Doctrine."

I'm confident that this term will FAR OUTLIVE President Bush, much like FDR's "New Deal" policies - and Truman's policy of "containment." (communism)

25 years ago Menachem Begin - had what is termed the "Begin Document." (He was the Prime Minister of Israel)

This policy is worth a look, for the simple reason of seeing how Israel "may be", far ahead of the US, and the rest of the world when dealing with conflicts, threats -- and their resolution.


Does it stand the test of time?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

DVD Watching Tonight in Honor of Vince Welnick....

Here is a article about his DEATH.

Watching 6-14-91 RFK Stadium, Washington DC. FOR VINCE WELNICK.

Have not watched this DVD in years, and I'm focused on Vince. Sunday night with VINCE, and the boys.

I owe you Mr. Vince Welnick, for the 5 years of fun that you laid on me - and many hours of listening, and enjoying your fills - after the loss of Brent Mydland.

Mr. Welnick, you stepped up admirably - AND BROUGHT FABRIC, to the band after 1990.

I'm eternally, GRATEFUL.

VINCE, may the 4 winds blow you safely home.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

8 Sundays In the Fall......

8 Sunday's from Labor Day through Christmas, you can find me in ONE place.

The Giant's stadium parking lot.

It's not a "regular" parking lot. It's a special place.

We are NEW YORK JETS season ticket holders.

Typically, our day starts at 8:30-9:00 am when we arrive at 12C.
Our group has grown over the past 20 years, from probably a handful of people, to anywhere from 20-40.

Steady attendees.

Made some friends, share laughs, but, most of all it is a GREAT release from life.

My job is the MUSIC. If you attend our outing, you can expect to hear Grateful Dead show's ranging from 1968 to 1977. Steve Kimock, and The Rolling Stones.

That's about the extent of the "musical offering."

We have people that have migrated to our area to get MORE of the tasty music - coming from our hallowed ground at 12C.

"Hey man, I've been here for years, and just wanted to come over and thank you for playing these DEAD shows every Sunday. We park over there because of YOU."

Makes me feel good.

The food, the people, the vibe is all so great and wonderful. I can honestly tell you, it is the one place that reminds me of going to a, "relaxed atmosphere" - and dare I say - "Blissful few hours?"

All for a football game?

It's FAR MORE than a game. It's a chance 8 times a year, to spend time doing what I love to do. Spend time outside, with friends, eating good food, and listening to LOUD soundboards of my favorite band, The Grateful Dead.

However, yesterday a realization came to me.

One of the main reasons the past 11 years have been so great has been because ONE PLAYER on the NY Jets....has a tremendous heart.

Wayne Chrebet.

Wayne was the GO TO GUY on 3rd down for the past 11 seasons.

Wayne Chrebet retired from football yesterday.

Frequently, I would find myself focused on Wayne - watching this improbable - 5ft 10 180 pound walk on, out of Hofstra -- run his routes.

Watch him, get double teamed -- and still come up with the catch.

Wayne Chrebet helped make our Sunday's in the fall more enjoyable.

Wayne Chrebet has heart, soul, and determination.

I NEVER thought I'd write this, but here goes:

"Rich Kotite, thanks for seeing something no one else saw 11 years ago, from this young, overachiever -- who was small in size - BUT HUGE IN HEART."

Wayne Chrebet, thanks for making 8 Sunday's every fall, more fun, and enjoyable.

You will be missed.
Another my musical family.

Vince Welnick.

Vince Welnick, who joined the Grateful Dead, in 1990 - has died.