Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Classic Cuban.....

I've been a HUGE fan of Mark Cuban, since he built a internet company in 1994 - and in 5 years sold it for $6 Billion Dollars.

Any human being, that figures out a way to earn SIX billion dollars, in Five years is a genius in my book.

His ownership of the Dallas Mavericks, who are currently in the NBA Finals --- is almost as entertaining as the game itself. (they are facing the Miami Heat)

You see, Mark Cuban is a fellow blogger.

His site is HERE.

He last post, titled "CURSING" is great....

It is (his writing) dripping with emotion, substance and energy -- he feels as though Game 5 was STOLEN from his team.

Here is the opponent's local newspaper, Miami Herald's perspective.

Mark Cuban is my hero. He has taken his money, and focused his energy on 2 business lines that occupy his time and resources.

1 - sports
2 - entertainment

He is NOT working, because he loves what he does.

As of this writing, Dallas is down 3 games to 2.

The will win 2 in a row at home, to win the NBA Championship.

I say this, because I'm confident that Mark Cuban , (the motivator) knows precisely what buttons to push to get his team, "over the hump."

Six Billion in 5 YEARS?
The NBA championship is a few days away......from the Dallas Mavericks.


Blogger Doodles said...

I havn't followed the Mavs or Cuban... but from seeing him the past week... my vision is of a very arrogant, abnoxious, immature individual. He lost and can't take it with pride because there is money involved for him. I have followed the Heat quite a bit and I beleive they deserve the win. Every sport has some controversy. The players for the Heat say it all... and they def deserve a championship...would love to see alonzo mourning that night who has been through alot... i would not want to see the abnoxious Cuban win... his attitude is not deserving of it...

5:05 PM  

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