Saturday, June 10, 2006

Time To Make Terror Leaders Pay...

Hamas has had a free ride up to now, as it pertains to dealing with Israel - and suffering from any kind of retribution.

The past 6 months -- missles have been fired from the "Palestinian Territories" (Gaza) hitting targets in southern Israel...striking in a small town called, Sderot.

I'm confident that the United States, would NOT allow a barrage of missles to hit Texas --- from terrorists hypothetically based in Mexico.

Or, if Cuba was firing missles into Florida?


Now, Hamas has called off a so-called, "truce" -- that they have with (jokingly) themselves, while they try to build up their military - in preparation for another terror offensive.

Yesterday, Israel fired missles into Gaza, killing terrorists -- and mistakenly 7 civilians.

War is sad, and terrible.

The only way to victory in the MidEast, is to deal a crushing blow to terror - and defeat it.

Right now, its INCOMPREHENSIBLE to any sane person, that the State of Israel would consider any kind of "ceding of land" for a false peace....

Israel must continue it's offensive - and send a clear message to Hamas, and their supporters.

Here is what the message should be:
"Your life is about to get MUCH worse than it currently is. YOU (Palestinians) are choosing the path of war -- and we (Israel) will answer you calls for violence, by dealing with you in such a fashion, that you will have NO tranquility until you choose to live like human beings..."

The Mid-East is a tough neighborhood, and Israel needs to STOP worrying about world reaction, and start defending itself vigourously --- through the use of continued offensive capabilities -- BEFORE BIGGER WEAPONS are introduced by Hamas....(from Iran)

The window to deal with Hamas is now.

State of Israel, DEFEND yourself -- and CRUSH this RAGTAG group of Hamas terrorists.


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