Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Slice of the Pie.

Today, the Web represents roughly 8% of all advertising dollars spent in the US. This means that 8% of companies advertising budgets, are directed to online media.

That's a big chunk of dollars, and I'm psyched that the growth of online media continues, and WILL CONTINUE.

Do YOU stand to benefit from this trend upward, in online advertising growth?

Some folks say, "I don't want to buy internet stocks, they are TOO RISKY."

I've got some news for you.

Some are NOT as risky as you might think.

HERE IS A 5 YR Chart for Yahoo's stock, (symbol YHOO)

My point is, the DOT COM rush, valuations and HYPE, are in the past. The HYPE and craziness marking the internet's arrival, are in our collective, "rear view mirror."

We have reality in online expectations, and growth.

Reality says that the 8% of Web advertising today, will GROW QUICKLY, and realistically.

showing online interaction, and "time spent" consuming media, vs TV, print, magazines.

My point is simple.

Data, technology, and the fact that people are using the web MORE than any other a recipe for success.

If you do not own Yahoo stock in your portfolio, the question is why?

Look at the 5yr chart that I've linked to above.

If you see the study, and YOU ARE one of the people who's behavior has been altered over the past 10 years by the Web....

Then, you are a case study in, "is their value in buying internet stocks, like Yahoo?"

Yahoo, and other big online brands "slice of the pie" is big, and getting bigger.

Do you stand to benefit?


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