Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A bump on the Noggin.

Super duper glad to hear that the, Rolling Stones European Tour - is resuming in Milan on July 11th.

The "riff master", Keith Richards recovered from his head injury, and subsequent surgery.....enough to get back on the road - and play big shows to big crowds all throughout Europe.

I'm seriously considering a trip, "across the pond" for a few days.......

I was concerned that the man who penned the words.....

"always took candy from strangers,
Never wanted to get me no trains,
Never wanted to be like papa,
Working for the boss, every night and day....
I need a love
To keep me, Happy.....
Baby, won't you keep me........ Happy?"

Might Fade away.
Glad to see he is back.

Milan., you might be due a visit.

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