Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day...

We will be heading at 11am with the kids to the center of our town, to lay a wreath at the "Fallen Soldiers"...

We do this every year with our kids. My daughters ask alot of questions....and this year, in a very informal fashion -- I asked a local politico (JP) - if I could be the "unofficial town photographer" ....

That's my job today.

It amazes me that people tend to forget just WHY we have this Monday at the end of May, as a day off.

Anyway, after the wreath laying ceremony....and all weekend, we have been bouncing between swimming pools, barbeques, and even squeezed in a "rookie day" at the summer camp my kids will be attending.

In the background to all of this, the music that has been playing in the car, at home, and with me to friend's houses, (and due to Bob Lefsetz, and Fred Wilson) -- I picked up the CD by Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris, titled -- "All the Road Running."


I have always liked Mark Knopfler. I must admit though I saw him live many years ago, and came away less than impressed. I just did not seem like his heart was in it for the whole show. I felt like he was going through the motions. It felt cold and passionless.

But, this album has ENERGY, and great "behind the music" guitar weaving that he is known for.

He is in the class of 4 or 5 guitarist for me -- that can let the music "come to them" -- use silence as a weapon, and just TRANSCEND any tune they really focus on. The talent is in their soul. This CD brings out his talent, and I love it.

This album (CD) has my highest -- 5 star rating.

If you want to take a listen -- here is a page that has 3 of the songs streaming, and one of the best songs -- (that I've been hummin' all weekend) is the 2nd tune on the right -- "This is Us".

The page to listen is HERE.

Sit back -- and let the music hit you. I will be at a friends pool this afternoon, and he has a GREAT stereo system by the pool. I nominated myself master DJ.

Guess what CD will be in the rotation?

This ONE.

A prayer to all our fallen hero's that have given us so much.....



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