Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Late Night TV- Great Content.

Last night I watched Howard Stern on Demand.

I could not sleep, and -- I pay about $9.95 a month for the "On Demand" service.

It's was AWESOME. Compelling, and Fantastic TV.

Specifically, the episode is a re-cap of Robin Quivers party (from the 1st weekend of May)....but the best part of this episode was the in depth talk about Artie Lange, and his breakup with his 4 yr girlfriend, Dana.

This was compelling TV - MADE ON THE RADIO.

Let me start out by saying, that I've been a Howard fan since the WNBC days...so, its been more than 20 years that I've been listening nearly daily- to a artist - his craft - and his gift...

Of course, I got Sirius. I also bought the stock....(big mistake)

But, when he was on the E Channel, I could not watch it. It was on at 11:30pm, and for me, it WAS NOT the highlight, nor WHY I listen.

Something about the 1/2 hour on the E channel proved to be unwatchable. I NEVER watched E, nor Howard's show. It seemed like a "small" attempt to capture greatness in 30 minutes - with commercials. It cheapened his talent. I also felt like the content was NOT the best FOR MY TASTE. I listen to Howard for the INTERACTIONS of the players and staff, and his people, just BEING THEMSEVES.

The E Channel reminded me of what Jerry Garcia said about recording a album in a studio, vs playing live... ..."Recording in a studio is like building a ship in a bottle. Playing live is like rowing a boat in the open water." -- Jerry Garcia ...

The E Show in comparision was a Studio album, the Radio show is the equivalent of performing live..(using the Garcia quote above)

But, "Howard On Demand" is different, and much better in its presentation, editing, and content.

Last night, Artie Lange talking about his life, in the most personal, and intimate of ways -- was compelling and interesting TV. It was Artie being Artie. no laughs, no jokes....

Artie was BEING HIMSELF - warts and all, telling millions of people his deepest insecurities, issues, and challenges.


This episode is from the 6am timeslot. My favorite.

Howard is a master of getting his staff, and his guests to feel comfortable, I truly think that this is his magic.

It's under "Daily Shows" = May 8th, titled "Robins Party."

Great TV, made for Radio, that you stumble into at 1am when you can't sleep, because your mind is buzzing.....with ideas, issues, and challenges.

Thanks Howard and Artie.



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