Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pearl Harbor Post.....

This is my 2nd trip to this memorial.
We spent four hours at the museum this morning.

Pearl Harbor, and the ships that lie beneath her surface are incredible testaments to, "listening to enemies."

The Japanese continously spoke of, "destroying America...and wiping the US off the map..."

The US unfortuantely, HAD TO BE ATTACKED on Dec 7, 1941 to enter the war......

The cost was enormous, over 2000 lives lost, on the 1st Sunday of Dec 1941.

Should we have been more pro-active in NOT ignoring the looming Japanese threat.

Fast forward 65 years.

Imagine a country building nuclear weapons.

This country has supported terror activities (sponsored) throughout the world.

This country has pledged, "to wipe a specific country off the map..."

This country has a history of STRONG anti Western, and specifically anti US sentiments and actions, by its leaders, and rulers.


I don't want my grandchildren to visit a memorial 65 years from now.....THAT CAN POSSIBLY BE AVOIDED.....(One 9-11 type Memorial is quite enough)......

Listen and React.

Don't ignore threats.

Pearl Harbor evokes strong emotions. I highly recommend a visit here. The Visitor Center is much improved since my last trip in 1983.....

7:55 am Sunday, Dec 7th 1941....

As our guide said, "there is a price to be paid for peace......"

I fear that the longer we wait to CONFRONT our enemies, the higher the price will be.

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