Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lack Of PR.

Public Relations. This is one of the WEAKEST aspects of Israel's foreign policy.

Last week, Israel was accused of killing SEVEN innocent Palestinians. The claim was that Israel had shelled the beach, killing a family while having a picnic.

This was the STORY ON JUNE 10th.

This is the REAL STORY ON JUNE 13th.

Do you think the French, or the UN -- will have a statement about the "Palestinians use of land mines?"

Land mines, (laid by the Palestinians) in a effort to keep Israeli commando's OFF THE GAZA BEACH -- KILLED THE INNOCENT family.

Hamas laid the land mines.
Hamas called off their truce.
Hamas is sending rockets (Katyusha's) into Southern Israel

Hamas is a terrorist group of murderers
Hamas leads the country

Israel must EXHIBIT NO RESTRAINT against Hamas.
This is a START.

Time for the PR machine to start working...

Oh, I forgot -- "Public Relations" is NOT as important, as continously VILLYFYING Israel - and postioning the Jewish State -- as the aggressor.



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