Saturday, June 24, 2006

Anyone who uses......

A few of my "Favorite Terms" worth 2 minutes of my time, (and maybe your's) to read a compelling piece....

Words like:

* optimization
* aggregate data
* QC and Process Improvement
* Politics
* The use and power of data.

Would you think a sports owner would write these words about the organization that his team plays in? (The NBA)

It's Mark Cuban.....and he is DEAD-ON.

You see, people who have worked for the NBA (in the past) or with the league in some capacity, all say the same thing (about working for the NBA).....THAT THE NBA CAN'T EVOLVE, OR EMBRACE CHANGE BECAUSE OF POLITICS -- and anyone who dares challenge the "cushy" status quo, (with new ideas) is fired, or run out of the organization.

Mark, is the only one that can say it - because he BOUGHT into it, he does not work, FOR THE NBA. Mark, does not owe his career, or success to the National Basketball Association.

You can call him a crybaby, rich guy, whatever you want....

In my book, he is solid, as well as smart - and he consistently challenges the STATUS QUO.

From Mark's keyboard.....(Click here)


Blogger Rob said...

One problem with the word optimization - it's one of the most miss-used words in internet advertising

7:36 AM  

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