Monday, June 26, 2006

I hope HE MEANS IT.....

Ehud Olmert, the prime minister of Israel, said there would be "no negotiations, no bargaining, no agreements".

He warned the kidnappers and the political leaders who ordered the operation: "Let it be clear. We will reach everyone, no matter where they are and they know it. There will not be immunity for anyone."

Unfortunately, I fear he does not mean what he says. (that Hamas Terrorists will pay a price)

The same party (in Israel, Kadima) that believes in giving terrorists LAND, in the hopes it will "placate" and ease them, and bring them into a twisted, losing option.

Olmert endorsed the land giveback. Olmert has put plans on the table to give a large portion of Samaria/West Bank to HAMAS.

And, he supports the 20X LARGER giveback, of the West Bank -- than he did of GAZA....(and is Southern Israel any safer?) to the SAME GROUP of terrorists..that hold Gilad Shalit.

You kidding?

Giving valuable land and GIFTS to a risky, foolish proposition - that ensures further loss.

The viewpoint of dealing with terrorists, whether it be land, money, hostages, or a "voice.." is a world view I oppose.

"That world view involves a denial of a basic, fundamental truth: When you empower terrorists, terrorists are empowered. "


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