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Why This Continues To Bother Me....???


Repeated mistakes, and mis-steps that cost lives, over long periods of time are at some point, unacceptable to digest, and fathom.

The toll on the human psyche, is to TURN OFF - and stop caring.
I feel as though I'm approaching that abyss. I feel as though the leaders of Israel, CARE MORE ABOUT TERRORIST'S DESIRES, AND MORE ABOUT WHAT WILL APPEASE THEM - AND LESS ABOUT THE SAFETY AND WELL-BEING OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS. Another writer agrees with me.....

Last evening, Palestinian Terrorists (not militants) attacked a Border Patrol Outpost, on the ISRAELI SIDE OF THE BORDER.

The attack details from the Jerusalem Post is HERE.

Any human being, who has a SHRED of humanity, or understanding of what motivates these people, (terrorists) - would NOT for one minute, consider dealing with them on any level.


They fire missles from dense urban centers, (and not in a open field) - hoping that Israel will fire back - and KILL INNOCENT PALESTINIANS. Alan Dershowitz explains it VERY well, and he is correct in his overview.

Now, a Israeli soldier has been kidnapped by Hamas.

In 1994, I followed a story literally - hour to hour for 5 days...

The Israeli soldiers name was Nachshon Waxman.

He was taken by HAMAS, and brutally tortured -- (I will not go into GREAT Detail) - but let's just say -- they pulled his teeth out with pliers, while questioning him.

He was murdered, but not before a painful, and horrific ending.

In yesterday's attack -- there was a Israeli soldier kidnapped.

"Cpl. Gilad Shalit sustained stomach and chest wounds, but was walking; Hamas calls on factions to protect his life and treat him well."

My prayers are with Gilad.

I cannot imagine what he (Gilad) is going through right now...the horror, the pain --the confrontation, and treatment by the WORST HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH -- Hamas terrorists.

But yet, Gilad represents the people of Israel.


This is what leads me to say:

"Defeat and kill terrorism. Stop playing diplomatic politics, and END terror -- by crushing people, and societies in which terrorism is allowed to flourish, and be represented. If the societies that harbor these people, DO NOT take responsibility for their own peoples actions (Palestinian Authority) - -then a neighbor being threatened (Israel) must take responsbility."

There is no peace.

There will be no peace, until there is a victor.

To date, terrorism in the middle-east yields BIG dividends.

The Palestinians have been given --- "Land, Acceptance, and a Chance" over the past 15 years, a gift from making promises they never had any intention to uphold...

BECAUSE OF FALSE PEACE, AND ACTUAL TERRORISM from the Palestinians --- they have found that this formula actually brings Israeli concessions....CONTINUALLY

Now, the time has come, to NOT blame the Palestinians for their actions (terrorism) -- but BLAME ISRAELI LEADERS, for not dealing with what is happening. They (Israel officials) are not dealing with the actions of their enemies -- but rather, they are contemplating -- GIVING MORE LAND TO THE TERRORISTS, FOR THEM TO LAUNCH MISSLES -- AND DO FURTHER HARM TO ISRAEL. (Maybe, giving more land will cause the Arab terrorists to sing kumbaya, drop their desires to kill Jews, and they will drop their manifesto of exhuming the mid-east of all non-Islamic people....and this dream will come true...)


Time to come to put a HARD stop on this ridiculous path for Israel - and focus efforts on one thing......

BRINGING SHAME AND EMBARASSMENT TO THE PEOPLE OF GAZA........through deep, and violent military action.

It works.

Ask Germany or Japan. Only a CRUSHING DEFEAT (by US forces in World War 2) -- can yield a future, and hope, for the Palestinian society.

My prayers go out to Gilad Shalit.....for he is now a metaphorical face for the STATE, and condition of Israel.


Blogger Andy said...

After I finished writing this painful piece, I forgot to mention someone who I respect alot - has written a piece for the Jerusalem Post -- called

"Learning the Hard Way."

it's here:

Worth a READ.

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Blogger Andy said...

Israel holds off immediate military action in Gaza for fear of harm to kidnapped Israeli soldier Corp. Gideon Shalit, 19, from Mitzpe Hilo, is safe

June 25, 2006, 11:15 PM (GMT+02:00)

This was decided by a special security cabinet consultation called by prime minister Ehud Olmert Sunday evening, June 25. The session dealt with the IDF response to the Hamas-led pre-dawn raid from Gaza inside Israel, in which two Israeli soldiers were killed, a third was kidnapped and 6 were injured.

DEBKAfile’s military sources say the cabinet’s options were narrowed by the slow reactions of the generals on the spot – Maj.-Gen Yoav Galant (Ariel Sharon’s former military secretary) and Brig. Aviv Cochavi - plus the chief of staff’s reluctance to act independently without deferring to his political masters. Had the IDF gone roaring after the terrorists and kidnappers - or even launched a blind pursuit without waiting for a decision from the policy-makers - Israel might have gained the initiative and been in a position to force the kidnapped soldier’s release by pinning the Palestinian terrorists to the wall.

Instead, an Israeli helicopter was lofted to shoot at empty ground and the defense minister Amir Peretz, upon learning that an Israeli naval Dabur missile-ship had opened fire, ordered the vessel to stand down in case of repercussions to the abducted soldier.

These responses were seen by the Palestinian terrorist groups which carried out the concerted attack early Sunday as a sign of weakness and lack of resolve.

Israel has left itself with two chancy options - an unpredictable bargaining process and hope that the missing soldier can be first located through its intelligence and electronic surveillance branches.

Israel’s military tardiness reduced the deterrent effect of the threat defense minister Amir Peretz issued earlier to Palestinian terrorists that they and their leaders would pay a painful price if harm came to Corp. Shalit.

This affair recalls the October 2000 kidnap by Hizballah of three Israeli soldiers, Adi Avitan, Benny Avraham and Omar Sawad, on Israel’s northern border. Then, too, prime minister Ehud Barak held back from expeditious action. Four years later, in the absence of any sign of life from the captured men, Israel was forced to pay dearly for their remains. Both Israeli premiers were loath to send troops back into evacuated territory – South Lebanon then, the Gaza Strip now.

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