Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nostalgia, and Troubling Winds a Blowin'.....

July 5th 2007.

The last few days, and more specifically YEARS....I have been very troubled and perplexed by events transpiring against the United States, and by extension, concerned about peoples and countries, who share our values.

Our values (as a country) are not perfect, but they are cleary BETTER and more pleasant than nearly any ARAB state.

A major issue for me is laid out succinctly by Pamela, of the website Atlasshrugs.

Pamela writes about the Doctors in the UK, who were invloved in the plotting, strategy and execution of the recent bombings, in London and Glasgow.

I encourage you to read her take (and links) to what she sees as, MORE THAN simply a bunch of physicians who were fantatics.....

The article is HERE. (click here to read).


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