Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Wheel of Evolution.....

Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia penned a few lines in one of their songs called, "The Wheel."

"The wheel is turning and you can't slow down,
you can't let go and you can't hold on,
you can't go back and you can't stand still,
if the thunder don't get ya then the lightning will."

My friend, Roger Ehrenberg has written a piece, that reminds me of the above quote.

Roger eloquently lays bare, the fundamental problem facing "Mainstream Media." (Or, as he calls it in his piece, MSM)

I fundamentally agree with 99% of what Roger has written, but the primary area of focus for me is -- ADVERTISERS.

Advertisers and Brands often DRIVE change. Consumers do as well, but the implict trust a major brand must undertake when approving or executing against a media plan, is of primary concern to me.

How to make a Brand Manager comfortable outside of the MAINSTREAM, safe, secure environment that MSM offers?

Major marketing budgets (dollars) are flowin' away from MSM, and towards a more "shared, communal" arena. Roger explains how value creation plays a part in this:

"The creation of original content, that
Is mixed and presented with other relevant content, which
Excites, interests and stimulates users, and
Provides them the ability to share, comment and collaborate about the aggregated content, be it the content itself or comments about the content, which
Can be tagged and labeled for future use."

Is it happening quickly?


Spending on search engine marketing (as a percentage of total online dollars) is beginning to level off. Display advertising (banners, video, rich media) are showing growth of, 17% quarter over quarter - this signals a fundamental shift in the way Advertisers want to REACH their target consumers.

They (large brands) are infact, starting to see the payoff in communicating inside of Media 2.0.

We believe that effective, and relevant data collection, on both users interaction in a community, coupled with a strong and compelling reason as to, WHY A MAJOR BRAND WOULD WIN BY PLAYING OUTSIDE OF MSM is key.

That is the void that Lotame fills.

"Who can deny? Who can deny?
it's not just a change in style
One step done and another begun
in I wonder how many miles?

Spent a little time on the mountain
Spent a little time on the hill
Things went down we don't understand
but I think in time we will"

* New Speedway Boogie, Garcia/Hunter.

Roger, good on ya brother -- for a GREAT POST, coupled with insightful recommendations.

Rock on.