Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Major Kudos are in Order.....

Today, CBS announced that they have acquired Wallstrip. (GigaOm piece here)

I'm thrilled for Howard, Adam, Jeff - and Lindsay.

The concept of the Wallstrip show, is the creative genius of Howard Lindzon, who came up with the idea of putting out a daily video (of stocks at all time highs) and, allowing consumers to watch it anywhere, or on any site, they desire.

The production, editing, and "packaging" was Adam and Jeff's responsibility, who busted their humps every day to put out a quality product. It is so evident, so much so that - each day Wallstrip became part of my morning, with coffee, reading my feeds, and launching my day....

Lindsay Campbell really does a fantastic job of bringing forth her wonderful personality, energy, and "improvisational skill" on camera. (she has been in the last 2 Sopranos episodes) It has been a treat to watch this amazing actress, feature her talent on a daily basis.......

I met Howard Lindzon late last year after being introduced to him through a mutual friend, Fred Wilson. Howard told me about his concept for Wallstrip, and after meeting him - and speaking on the phone numerous times -- I knew his passion, and love of the "unknown" would drive his success.

I invested, and was asked to be an advisor to Wallstrip, as well as a board member, along with Roger Ehrenberg.

Getting to know Roger Ehrenberg has been nothing short of amazing. He is smart, articulate, and a "well-planned" executive. His company, and his execution skills, are a pleasure to watch evolve from afar. Roger is the COO of Monitor110. I know his company will be enormously successful, because he is so intelligent.

I've told Howard numerous times that I believe Wallstrip, and specifically his idea for building a online video, IN THE WAY HE WENT ABOUT IT.....made him a pioneer, and more than a pioneer -- qualified him as a ARCHITECT. (as I explain it.)

Howard took a unique approach to business, and it paid off. One of the reasons CBS purchased Wallstrip, is because of the following.......(putting aside his creative genuis)

"In the six months since it launched, the Wallstrip team secured
syndication for its daily content through properties such as YouTube, Veoh, iTunes, Yahoo! Podcasts, Google Finance, Yahoo! Finance, The Street, CBS Radio
Affiliates, iTunes, AOL Uncut. Through these and other distribution
outlets Wallstrip has built a sizable online audience"

Imagine how our content creators, like CBS -- are moving towards allowing their productions to be consumed, and viewed anywhere? Think about it, CBS historically produced TV programs, and forced consumers to VIEW IT ON THEIR STATIONS...

No more....as you can imagine -- the media world has evolved, and CBS gets it.

CBS understands that "content and media" are no longer a asset to be viewed on THEIR PROPERTIES, but rather -- WHERE AND WHEN CONSUMER WANT IT.

They validate it (CBS) with their acquistion of Wallstrip.

I'm sure I forgot to thank someone along the way - so my apologies.

Let me end here, and thank Howard Lindzon for allowing me to invest in his company, and watch his greatness, DAILY. (through Wallstrip.)

I want to thank Jeff Marks, Adam Eland and Lindsay Campbell for putting out a quality production every day -- and making Wallstrip, VISIONARY.

Lastly, I'm thrilled to tell you that Howard Lindzon is a trusted advisor to Lotame, and I'm hoping to reciprocate in some small way the success he has had.......

Today's production is funny, self effacing, and just plain "Wallstrippy." (you can watch it below)

Kudos to my friends who built value, while creating quality.


Blogger Howard said...

wow - tookind. Fun ride for sure - Long Lotamerachelmax

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Roger said...

Andy, you are a major dude. It was great getting to know you and work with you. I'm sure we'll do it again. Here is my post on the event http://www.informationarbitrage.com/2007/05/ah_wallstrip_i_.html. Best, Roger

10:46 AM  

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