Saturday, January 21, 2006

Architects vs. Builders

Architects are visionaries, people who create, conceptualize - and lay out a plan, design, or masterpiece of the future, for others to follow and embrace.

Builders act on the plan and concepts of Architects.

Architects (good ones) are rare. They are so rare, that we have valued them very highly from a compensation standpoint, and in the capitalist system, the free market allows these people to flourish, and stand apart from the rest.

A great Builder, is also very highly valued, and is worth alot. The operational, and strategy skills needed to manage a company, be a project manager, lay out a tactical plan for others to follow, and act on efficiently -- ALL AROUND THE MASTER PLAN OF THE ARCHITECT, is as important and necessary as the original architects vision itself.

Generally architects,(of ideas) do not make good builders. You will find that they DO NOT want to be in the operational day to day, and when they do have to "get their hands dirty" -- they bump elbows with really efficient builders.

Where am I going with this?

Last night I saw the Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden. They are in their 43rd year of existence, and their 41st year of playing in the US.

Music is a important element in my life. It feeds my soul, and the Stones for a VAST majority of my life have provided me with unspeakable joy, comfort, and dare I say -- "bliss."

Few bands have done this -- there are probably about 4, and they hold a special place in my journey through life.

Last night, I had limited expectations about the result of going to the show. I went to 4 Stones shows in Sept, and was "so - so" in my review. It wasn't great but, it wasn't bad -- it was just plain good.

Everyone can have a off night, but after seeing 4 "average nights" of the Stones, I came away with the feeling that possibly the time has come .... and maybe I should accept the age factor in seeing live acts...and expect less.

Mick Jagger always gives his all, and I like him...but I dont go to see the Stones for Mick. Infact, at a Stones show, my eyes 90% of the time are on 3 people. Keith Richards, (guitar) Ronnie Wood (guitar), Charlie Watts (drummer). I am in the vast minority here, because Mick is the ultimate frontman, running, , singing songs, high impact, changing wardrobes --- just drawing in the crowd and feeding off its energy for every tune.

I go for the guitar, I go for the MAIN architect.

The architect in this corporation, the guy who created the vision, the guy who made the "riffs" -- conceptualized the MUSIC, (not anything else) -- just made good ol' music is, Keith.

But, its also very important to note, for many years -- he was the architect, and NOT the builder. Meaning, although he wrote, and opened all songs with his chords, and riffs (that he created) -- ultimately, and for a variety of reasons it was his builders, Brian Jones, Mick Taylor -- and for the past 30 years, Ron Wood who were the "builders" in the Stones, not to mention the rest of the band.

Going to see them for the past 20 or so years, it was always a treat to see a legend, and watch a architect, and how the music he created, has evolved, but interestingly enough, it was the builders who frequently carried the day, (or the show).

Not anymore.

This was the best Stones show I saw EVER.

You know why?

The archtitect came back (for one night) to be the builder. Early on Mick made reference to Mark Messier's retirement, and how much love he has for NYC and playing here -- saying, "SSShhh dont tell the rest of the world, but this is our favorite place to play..."

Last night Keith played like it was his last time playing at MSG.

The architect took EVERY solo, there was NOT ONE Ronnie Wood "moment" when he typically stands out and shreds, on Tunes like "Sympathy for the Devil" or "Gimme Shelter" were always reasons for Ronnie the builder to stand out and shine....and I have always loved it.

But, I loved it EVEN MORE - when for the first time, the architect all night said, "This is my show tonight fellas, let me have a go at it..."

And, boy did he.

Builders are vital, builders are 99% of the world. But, when you are lucky enough to be around an architect in your trip through life, (in any fashion, job, family, relationships, hobbies, passion) -- and you catch the MOMENT when the "architect" shows the builders his vision, passion and energy -- by actually DOING what he created --- and doing it better for a brief period than anyone could ever have imagined--- (in this case 40 years ago) -- you get to catch a "rainbow" in the palm of your hand.

Savior those moments, they dont come around often enough.

For some odd reason, (and I pray, as I always do when I watch them walk off stage) that last night was not the last time I would see these builders on stage, along with this architect. I've felt that before -- but that rainbow moment happened last night....was it a signal, a sign?

Whatever it was, the architect hit me hard last night, and I can't thank him enough.


Setlist here: 1-20-06 MSG,

1 Jumping Jack Flash 2 IORR 3 Lets Spend the Night Together 4 ONNYA 5 Sway 6 As Tears Go By 7 Rain Fall Down 8 Ain't to proud to Beg 9 Gimme Shelter 10 Tumbling Dice 11 Intro's.. 12 This Place Is Empty 13 Happy 14 Miss You 15 Start Me Up 16 Get Off Of My Cloud 17 HTW 18 Sympathy 19 Paint It Black 20 Brown Sugar 21 YCAGWYA 22 Satisfaction


Blogger Jackson said...

Great analogy. I always thought of Keith as the Engine, the Motor, with Charlie as the Transmission, and Mick as the Steering Wheel.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always said -
You will never find something if you don't even know you are looking for it.

as a physician i live by this principle. I try to open my mind to learn as much as i can about standard western medicine and complimentary medicine. By knowing as much as i can, when i examine someone, at least i will be looking for more things, thereby not missing something that i never thought to look for to begin with.

Your comments on The Stones has really opened my eyes. I will now be able to look for things and at people differently.

Can't wait to see Billy Joel.


10:01 PM  
Anonymous Andy C said...

As an aside, I was talking to a friend who is an estimator and he's always full of good jokes on how many architects spec things that can't be built in this reality.

You're right when you say we raise up good architects. For every one that is amazing how many wanna-be's are there.

Scary enough when you look at some of the architected disarray in business today; one can see that we raise a lot more up than good architects in that sense.

Good thoughts.. -a

10:32 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:03 AM  
Blogger Matthew said...

Andy, your are the architect and builder of a great piece! I love business learning and the Stones so, for me, you hit all chords.

To further the architect/builder discussion, I bet you'll enjoy checking out this web page which de-constructs Gimme Shelter.



8:07 AM  
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