Thursday, January 19, 2006

Long days, exhaustion, the feeling of accomplishment.

You lay your head on the pillow, and you feel good after really spending a day "nailing something."

In my world, "nailing something" means making people, prospects, and clients understand and GET THE MESSAGE, I'm trying to convey.

As a salesperson, (on the web) you sometimes have days, and pitches - where you clearly understand early on in the meeting, that this group WILL NOT get it. It's not that they dont have the capability, or the capacity -- its just that they plain don't care one iota.

When it comes to internet advertising, and direct marketing principals, it generally requires larger brands (clients) to "roll up their sleeves" and get a little dirty, rub their heads, get a headache -- but make the leap to -- TRY AND GET IT. Those that do, are generally the ones that win online, and are driving the huge results for their organizations.

The ones that don't get it, are usually NOT the folks to be spending too much time on.

Early on (1999), I think by default - I was a "missionary" for web advertising. I had to literally educate people on the value of being on the web. It's not quite that way anymore -- but I can tell you this.

I spend little effort, and expend little energy, trying to convince marketers, or leader that they need to get on the web, and have a strong presence. They either get it or they don't.

The ones that do, get my love, energy, attention and focus.

The ones that don't, well I'm not a missionary anymore -- the web is here to stay, and I'll direct 110% of my energy and resources, towards people ready to get in a car, and put the horse and buggy in the garage.

My portfolio thankfully is filled, as I can best describe--- with "GET IT" people, and organizations.

It is the first time in my life, that I can say that.

And, I sleep better.


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