Monday, January 09, 2006

Blogging may be a bit light the next few days (thank you to my visitors over the last week, and words of encouragement I have recieved from many of you) -- but, I gotta help my wife pay the bills.

I will be traveling, and at a client's offices....

But, it made me think of something. I spent many years following the Grateful Dead around the country. Basically, anytime they played for a 10 year period within 500 miles of me, it was a pretty good bet, that I'd be there - driving, listening to Maxell Tapes on the road, but REALLY ENJOYING THE JOURNEY.

I know I loved seeing the Dead, and the music, and the scene, the adventure, (and yes the party) -- but looking back years later I came to realize what kept me going back so often....

"The journey is the prize..."

It wasnt so much of being at the show, it was the JOURNEY of getting there, whether Raleigh, Alpine Valley WI, Virginia, Arizona, Indiana -- or anywhere -- it was the TRIP.

So, fast forward--- many years later I have a client 300 miles away. I could fly if I wanted, but I choose to drive. And, now instead of listening to Maxell tapes, I listen to CD's and enjoy the journey in a more comfortable car than in 1985.

My journey has evolved from driving to see Jerry, to driving to see clients.

Is that maturity, evolution or life?

(in case your interested, the CD player will be BLASTING -- 4-23-77 Springfield Civic Center) - and if you have speakers and are interested, you can stream it here:

Mine is a Soundboard though.....(with a smile) -- this one is a strong AUD (audience)


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