Saturday, January 07, 2006

Valueclick valuation -- and online advertising.....

This has been on my brain for a few weeks, and coming from a company that is in the internet advertising business, you get to know the companies and "value", from a competitor, and customer perspective all too well.

I found the Valueclick (VCLK) valuation fascinating for a variety of reason, but 2 which stand out are:

1) The web, and internet advertising is for real, a great return can be had as a employee, as well as a shareholder -- and this validates why I went into the advertising business online. (with

** and the exact opposite

2) Are we in the middle of a "hyped" internet time?(another bubble) Are we buying and paying for TOO much future value in the stocks and companies that we invest in? (specifically technology and internet related companies, and is the cycle BACK again that we experienced with the "bursting of the bubble in 2000?")

I do not know the answer - but Valueclick surpassed the $ 2 billion market cap number on Friday.

Here is the profile link :

This is either a YIKES or a YIPPEE, and frankly, I'm not sure which.


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