Friday, January 06, 2006

My friend, Steve Alessi - who I had the priviledge to work with for six years at, has created 10 crucial rules, that are important.

Why are these rules important?

First off, they are true - in almost EVERY situation.

They transcend sales, and go into life in general. All ten do not apply to all situations, but, I have found them very valuable to me - in a variety of scenarios.

Here they are, and when Steve writes his book, I'll plug it, cause he is smart - and these rules will be the "footprint" that he left on my life. I can say, I'm a better person for knowing Steve - and I thank him for these 10 guidelines, but more than that - he abides by them pretty well. (except when he drinks Jack Daniels, than all bets are off)

The 10 Alessi rules of LIFE.

It’s all about the ego.
Under-promise and Over-deliver.
Set proper customer expectations.
Perception IS Reality.
Don’t be a tele-marketer (2ears and 1 mouth).
Help create a vision.
Do your homework.
“Know your edge and use it”
Sell your personal strengths.
Create a sense of URGENCY!


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i love those rules- does steve have a blog i can follow?

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