Thursday, January 05, 2006

Today was a highly interesting day.
I had the pleasure of meeting a fanstatic, energetic and visionary client, (and his team) --

This media wizard (who will remain anonomous) is a titan in the publishing world - and he is so full of his passion..that it surrounds him, and he surrounds it.

It's truly amazing and inspirational to surround yourself with people who not only create the concept, but also LOVE what they have built and accomplished.

And, like a garden, they love to watch it grow, bear fruit, and spend nearly everyday of their professional life in their garden. They smell the fresh air, love watching their ideas morph in ways they could never have orginally imagined....and they are downright smart, and GREAT EXECUTORS of strategy.

I have made a commitment to myself in the past 3 months, to only professionally surround myself with people that have these business attributes.


Because it makes your professional life richer. You learn more, have more passion for what you do, and their is NOT enough time to make these people proud of you - and prove that you are worthy of them spending precious time WITH YOU.

I have found that I personally perform better when the "bar" is higher. I compare it to when I step on the basketball court to play in a game. It always seems that I play to the level of the person guarding me. If the guy covering me is a scorerer and playing tough defense, I'll do the same - and typically ring him up, and attack the basket. If he is laid back, playing no D, and not really into the game, then I find myself lax on the court, and not being aggressive. (I also dont get that good of a workout)

All of these things have parallels in the working world.

In business, I need to surround myself with folks that "play tough D, and can score" -- (but in the business sense..) it makes me stronger, and sharper.

Your days go faster. Your life becomes more enjoyable, when you make a commitment to yourself to only attempt to professionally get better and put the BEST on your staff, your team, or YOUR LIFE.

I recently have this awakening.

Who are the people in your life that MAKE YOU BETTER? Get closer to them, you aren't spending enough time with them. Trust me.


Blogger drj said...

Get a spell checker...And work on your D

4:10 PM  
Blogger David said...

what is the seceret of success
? they have a web site for that...

8:26 PM  

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