Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Growing up.

The Rolling Stones are in town this Weds (18th) and Friday (20th) at Madison Square Garden.

I have tickets for both nights.

I cannot go to Weds nights show, as my travel schedule has me out of town.

You mean to tell me, that THE ROLLING STONES -- the greatest rock band of all time, (the Glimmer Twins) Mick and Keith -- will be missed by me?

No way.

It's happening, and for the life of me (here's the interesting part) --- it's not bothering me all that much.

That's right. Because (as I posted earlier) -- when your slamming busy, creative -- and on a roll -- EVEN THE ROLLING STONES can't get in your way.

A gift, for reading.

10-17-73 Rolling Stones in Brussels, Hot Soundboard -- contact me, and I'll have it sent off to you --...... Rock on.


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