Thursday, January 12, 2006

Overload. Stress. Multi-tasking. I need it. I love it.

Some folks say they want to relax..."I've worked long enough, I need to step back take some time off, and reassess what I want to do..."

I can respect that.

But, I never did it in my life.

A colleague told me today, that I did not let grass grow under my feet after I decided to leave a great company, I jumped immediately into the fire, the very next day....(maybe a little haphazardly) but nonetheless, I dove back into the position I feel like I have come to love.


You see, some people think improvisation, and being professionally "hyper" have little to nothing in common.

Not to me.

They are perfectly related. In my world, it is the EXCITEMENT of not knowing destiny, (whether it be not knowing your commission as a salesperson, your tips as a waiter, your income as a business owner -- your precise message to a client, your demeanor to a friend......)
it is what makes me tick -- the improv aspect of every interaction.

As I get older, I have come to realize -- that the places I have been most successful professionally, have been the jobs that have allowed me to "go out on a limb" because it was neccessity, (early on in a startup) -- or, because they (the company) valued it, and they had enough comformists, and I was the rebel to drive change.

The funny thing is there are SO MANY COMPANIES THAT HAVE TOO FEW OF THE DYNAMIC, IMPROVISATIONAL CHARACTERS, that there is precious little talent and human capital that is willing to, sell a new idea, try out of the box pricing, be creative.

Once you squash that, and people are forced to operate in a box - and mold themselves into the next guy -- you lose ideas, change and ultimately PASSION.

Passion is what fuels sales. Sales is what fuels passion. If you are reading this, and you need to be more successful in ANYTHING you do - be more passionate, caring -- and emotional. Show your "colors" -- more - take chances, gamble, dont be fearful of losing.

Be yourself, be a little unprepared, and watch your skills that you did not even know you had come to the forefront.

That's true improvisation.


Blogger Andy's Fan said...

Passion and energy are fine. Especially when balanced with a healthy dose of serenity and thoughtfulness (can you say "introspection"?) Without that balance, we lose sight of what really matters most in life.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Nate's Mom said...

I couldn't agree more with this. As I have gotten older and gained a bit more confidence, I actually thrive on being a bit more unprepared to see what things that weren't planned could happen. Part of it is also that I have become too busy to have time to overplan, and wonderful things have happened as a result.

9:38 PM  

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