Friday, June 22, 2007

Part Two - Thoughts of a Intern....

In my previous post, I explained how we have summer interns working at Lotame.
Recently, I asked them to do a summary on their learning experiences thus far. (4 weeks into their summer project with us.)
This post comes to us from Marshall Massey. Marshall is going into his senior year at Lafayette College, in Easton PA. I've been thoroughly impressed with Marshall's calm, cool, demeanor -- and I really enjoy his perspective on issues, as well as his sense of humor.

Below I bring you, thoughts from Marshall Massey, uncensored, unfiltered, raw -- and fantastic.......


At first I didn’t realize why Lotame was my choice for a summer internship. I had originally seen it as merely a way to make some money for the summer. However, I now know why.

As a 21 year old senior to be Lafayette College student, I find myself at the type of school I always imagined myself attending. A small liberal arts solely undergrad college with about 2300 total students; located in the city-town of Easton Pennsylvania. Knowing that comfort and familiarity would be important elements of existence for the four years of college, I envisioned a small campus comprised of buildings built with heterogeneous, yet alike architecture, along with trees (I’m not the city type). Lafayette is exactly that. Although many Lafayette students are comparable, I can confidently say that I have managed my Lafayette experience to be 100% unique.

In March of this year, as a 21 year old experience seeking intern to be, I found myself searching for that ideal summer. In my mind it consisted of a small working environment, that facilitated both comfort and familiarity, intelligent people whose interests were heterogeneous, yet they all contributed differently. It also had to be somewhere with trees (I’m not the city type). Lotame is exactly that. Although many intern seeking 21 year olds find themselves in the described setting, the Lotame experience is 100% unique.

Bass Drum Player for the pep band, Fraternity President, Government and Law minor, Economics and Business Major. Out of 2300 plus there is only one.

Maryland office, Summer internship, Business/Marketing structure, Lotame. Out of Millions there is only one (actually there are two of us).

In fourth grade I quit the percussion section; the drums were too heavy to carry home every day. At Lafayette there are 6 football games and 4 basketball games a year where the bass drum must be carried from the Williams Arts Center to Fisher football field or the Kirby Sports’ Center gym. I accept the transporting now (plus the drum to person ratio has drastically changed).

Growing up in New Jersey and going to college only an hour away can lead to a sheltered comfort. Elkridge Maryland is an additional three hours away from that comfort. I have accepted the extended drive now (plus the experience is worth it).

They all call me Marmo, Mr. President sounds too professional and too serious.
But, being president of the Rho chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon is serious. My term ends in November with the initiation of a new class and our chapter anniversary (152nd) left as the major milestones remaining for my presidency. Every DKE president has had to lead their chapters through events such as these. I only hope my legacy is strong when looked back upon.

Some call me MnM (initials), some call me Mr. President: working for Lotame is a lot of fun. I have a co-intern roommate named Dan; I have funny easy going co-workers. But, work also needs to be productive. My internship ends in August with many assignments still to do on the task list. I only hope that I can contribute constructively (and maybe continue to work for Lotame in the future).

Psychology has interested me, but not the labs. Anthropology was inspiring, but one class was enough. Government and Law has been intriguing, but only portions of it, hence the minor. Economics and Business seemed like it was the only option left. Luckily, something clicked within the walls of the William E. Simon (DKE c/o 1952) Center. I liked Econ.

Taking the LSATs and law school was the goal, but that faded. Accounting was next on the list, but that hit a dead end. Luckily, something clicked in Professor Ruebeck’s Marketing Science class. The Lotame experience thus far, has been so beneficial in maturing that interest.

I enjoy the classes I have taken. There are no guidelines for the Lafayette Economics and Business major, only that one must take five required classes and five electives. My focus is on marketing with classes that include Marketing Science, Marketing Research and Industrial Organization.

I have enjoyed working on projects at Lotame. There are very light guidelines for the Lotame intern experience. Working on everything from company presentations to the basics of product support and learning from Account Managers and Business Analysts, Lotame has given me the ability to learn so much. That specialized education will help me at Lafayette and with the rest of my life.

Why am I interning at Lotame? That’s why.

-Marshall Massey: Marmo, MnM, Mr. President.


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