Monday, July 31, 2006

A Cafe in Amsterdam......

Is where this post, it's flavor, and thoughts originate.

In the past 4 days, I have had the pleasure of seeing the Rolling Stones in the evening, in both Paris and Amsterdam.

The show in Paris was outstanding. I will post formal reviews of the concerts from France, and Holland later in the week.

This post is NOT about the Rolling Stones.

It's about Europe, my impressions, and my interpretations, of what I'm taking in.

First off, Europe is in trouble.

Big trouble.

I like to dig deep into problems, and their roots. Asking questions of people, engaging discussions. Polite discourse.

European Jewry is in danger. They are in danger for many reasons, but here are 2 reasons that strike me immediately, and need to be expounded on:

1) The anti-US Media is being forced fed to the masses. BBC is anti-semitic, bottom line. BBC is VERY pro Arab -- and anti Israel. (more in depth analysis on this in a later post) Al Jazeera is very popular here, with subtitles, and alot of exposure, BEYOND the Arab Masses. Anchors and reporters are openly hostile to President Bush, as well as the State of Israel.

2) European mentality: I truly believe that Europeans (huge generalization, but I'm finding it to be true) have a VERY hard time confronting evil. They are lacking at a basic human element to understand and comprehend utter evil. Instead, they try to appease it, look the other way, and WILL (wish) it away. Hitler came to power, and early on, he made it VERY apparent what his intentions were. Then, he started acting on those very sentiments that he clearly stated. By the mid 1930's he was marching through Europe, looking to conquer the entire continent. The Europeans REFUSED to confront him early on, and try to DEFINE EVIL - and name it - and FIGHT IT. Instead they were eaten by the Nazi's --- and the rest is history. The could have crushed him early in his career before he got powerful. They did not.

It's the same scenario all over again.

But, instead of Nazi's (that Europe faces) -- it's Islamic Fanatisism, that Europe is UNABLE to grasp is evil, and therefore cannot come to grips with, 'what it must do.'

Yet, once again Europe is truly down playing, and worst of all - COZYING UP TO THE GROUPS THAT THREATEN IT THE MOST. (Islamic Terrorism)

The Media is VILLYFYING Israel, by the minute. Reports from Lebanon. Interviews from Arab diplomats and journalists. All with one focus.

De-legitimizing the right of Israel to exist. The 'underlying message' is clear. If Israel were not located in the Mid-East there would be peace.'

This propoganda on display throughout Europe is reminiscent of the 1930's, and chapters well documented of early attacks on Jews on this continent.

I predict that Europe is in trouble.

And, instead of facing down their enemy - they are resorting to what comes easy, natural -- and has been part of their cultural DNA.

Blame the Jews and Israel for the problems.

I see it, hear it and sense it - throughout the cafe's, trains, taxi's and TV. I have talked to a GREAT many people, and taken in all forms of opinions in the last 4 days.......

I want to be wrong, but I fear I am correct in my assesment on the plight, and immediate future for Europe's Jews.

The cancer here is widespread. The cancer of anti-semitism is rampant, and spreading....

The diagnosis is BIG PROBLEMS, and fear.
The prognosis is to be aware, and potentially look to relocate.

Which is why, yesterday in talking to a Jewish family at the Van Gogh museum, when I pointedly asked them if they considered moving out of Holland due to safety concerns of their children, and if so where would they go....?

They replied, 'Israel.' Without hesitation.

Which is why, much like the young family with 2 children that escaped from some European countries -- in the late 1930's with the Holocaust imminent -- BUT WERE TURNED AWAY FROM ENTERING MANY COUNTRIES......AND WERE SENT BACK TO THEIR DEATHS....

Israel did not exist. There was nowhere to go for that family looking to escape the Nazi war machine marching their Europe. Targeting Jews, and spreading death to people because of their religion....

Anne Frank puts a face on all of this. She died at Bergen Belsen 2 weeks before US forces liberated the death camp. There was no Jewish State foe the Frank family of Germany or Holland, to escape to.

Which is why the State of Israel is so important.

Never forget.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

This picture that I shot, is worth MORE than one thousand words.
It represents so much of, LIFE.

Enjoy it. (click on pic for a larger look)

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Trivia Question for Armchair Quarterbacks....

Let's pretend for one second.

YOU, are the Prime Minister of Israel.

You just recieved a VERY SPECIFIC, and credible peice of information.

The information states the following:

"We have a 95% probablity (very reliable source) that Sheik Nasrallah (Head of Hezbullah) is with his top commanders in downtown Beirut. They are in a building, planning attack, and operations from the 2nd floor. In the basement of the building are the two captured Israeli soldiers.(Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev) They are being held in a cage, chained, and are surrounded by tens of terrorists. The building is surrounded, and is well fortified. There is little chance of a ground operation that would be operational because of the location of the structure, as well as in the manner it is being protected by Hezbullah.

The building is THE IRANIAN EMBASSY."


What what you do? Remember, a attack on the embassy would trigger a ALL OUT WAR with Iran and Syria. (and most probably the UN, since they are pro-Arab)

Is this reality, or is it fiction?

Would terrorists who cower behind women and children, take refuge in "their sponsor, Iran's diplomatic mission?"

You bet.

I'm interested (in the comments below, you can post anonymously) what YOU would do?
My New Term for the ENEMY......


(COMBINATION of Hizzbullah, and Al-Qaeda)

I am starting to get a bit upset, that people DO NOT understand or comprehend, or can't digest, that the very same mentality, as well as script writers, are the people who attacked us on 9-11-01.

They are the same. Their intentions are the same. The battlegrounds may change, and the front-lines may be altered, but it is all the, SAME ENEMY.

"The war with Israel does not depend on ceasefires ... . It is a Jihad for the sake of God and will last until (our) religion prevails ... From Spain to Iraq," Al-Zawahri said. "We will attack everywhere." Spain was controlled by Arab Muslims until they were driven from the country at the turn of the 16th century."

In a taped message broadcast by al-Jazeera television, Ayman al-Zawahri, second in command to Osama bin Laden, said al-Qaeda now saw "all the world as a battlefield open in front of us." The Egyptian-born physician said the Hizbullah and Palestinian fighting against Israel would not be ended with "ceasefires or agreements."

Story HERE.

Anyone who does not acknowledge that this is the "early stages" of a World War, declared on the rest of civilized humanity, by a bunch of barbaric religious burying their head in the, "proverbial sand."

How can it not be more clear?

Hiz-Qaeda started this war.

Israel is the front line.

Where do you stand? Do you see it?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Kinks Describe .......

Very well, how I have been feelin'.

It's from 1970, and with all that is going on around us, we need a bit of a music to bring us back.......

This song helps bring me back.

See if it does the same for you. Click on the arrow below, turn up your volume a bit, and enjoy.......this is worth it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Part 2 on Musical Journey's .....

In my previous post, I wrote about "On The Road"...and how my love of the Grateful Dead, has made me very aware, and passionate about traveling far and wide, to see
good music.

Part of the allure of the Grateful Dead was (is) the music. Part of their magic was the simple fact, you could go to a different city, see the sights, smell the smells, and experience a unique flavor.

Night after night, 3 tours a year.....Spring, Summer, Fall...

It provided a "jolt" to life.

Since 1995, (the death of Jerry Garcia) I still, as I age, try to plan a once a year journey to see live music.

The last few years, it has been to see a guitar player named, Steve Kimock. The mountains of Colorado for a few days in the summertime, (with the Steve Kimock Band) satisfy my desire to dance in the rocky mountain air - to good tunes, and great karma. I go for typically 2 concerts, sometimes 3......and do a bit of travelin' if required between venues.

By myself. Alone.

A quest yearly, a search, for GOOD ENERGY. (That only great live bands can provide)

I am lucky enough to be married to a fantastic wife, who understands this critical need in my life, and encourages the journey.

She understands how much music means to me...and how ingrained it is in who I am.

Which leads me to my musical journey for 2006. Happening now.

If you are new to this blog, let me tell you -- in my life there are a few bands that I hold in a different, and unique class, above the rest of music -- the "cream of the crop"... are the Grateful Dead, and The Rolling Stones.

I have written my review, on one of the many Stones concerts I attended months ago, and insight on the Stones, HERE.

2 months ago, one of my favorite musicians FELL, and bumped his head. He was hurt, and required surgery to repair, bleeding of the brain.

Keith Richards was injured....

My mind raced. First off, in case you are unaware -- he is a "unparalled genius" of guitar. Simply put, he has created amazing riffs, melodies, as well as, songs that will, FAR OUTLIVE ALL OF US. His artistic work is incredible. Keith Richards has talent that is more than special......

I felt a stinging feeling upon hearing the news of Keith's head injury. Selfishly, I wondered, "was I was ever going to be able to see him play live again?"

Was this the end of the Rolling Stones?

A band that has been a FORCE, in both Rock n' Roll, as well as touring, for nearly 45 years.

45 years!!!!!?????? Simply incredible.

The day Jerry Garcia died, I had a empty feeling of despair, and loneliness. I was NEVER able to verbalize personally to Jerry, how he affected me in the, "most positive of ways in my life, and his impact on my being....."

Similarly, I was never able to properly express myself to Keith Richards, about the enjoyment he has provided me for my entire existence on this planet.

Well, now I have.

And suffice to say, I will be going to Paris, France. Then, a short plane ride to Amsterdam, Holland.

(I will be blogging from Paris and Amsterdam, and posting pictures from both places, people and images, as well as the concerts on this blog, starting Thursday)

To see Keith Richards, and his band - The Rolling Stones.

As soon as they announced he was going back on tour, and recovered from his head wound, I booked it.

I managed to secure great seats, (in Europe they do not use rows on the floor, they call them "pitches". My seats are in Pitch A)

My one major problem, and it has been on my mind, and will be blogged about in the VERY NEAR FUTURE on this the following:

"France's treatment of Israel and Jews have been horrible. Yet, I am venturing to the EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF ANTI-SEMITISM."


For Music. Specifically, The Rolling Stones.

I have never been to France. Probably will never go back in my lifetime. (Although I have been to Europe many times)

The only thing in my life that could get me to go to France, was the Rolling Stones.

I compromised a fundamental belief that I have had my entire adult life. Namely, boycotting France. Ever since, Francois Mitterand would not allow President Reagan and our armed forces, ACCESS TO THEIR AIRSPACE, in order to bomb Khaddafy -- I became aware of French intentions.

Bottom line, The French are anti-American, and certainly anti-Israel.

What could get me to France, before I die?

Only one thing.

The journey for good music.

Keith Richards.

I will go to France. Hold my nose......but, I will go.

And the journey is, BECAUSE OF MUSIC.

I only ask, GIMME SHELTER......from my guilt, out of going to France, the country that represents so much of what I detest.

Pleasure over Principals, is not a motto that I choose in everyday life, especially as we all get simply won't get us far in our path through the years....

But, I will make an exception for a exceptional talent, named Keith Richards...

(click on the arrow below, turn up the volume)

Monday, July 24, 2006

"The Journey is the Prize..."(part one)

Maybe it is the fact that I love the Grateful Dead.
Maybe, it is the fact that I have been able to see so much of our great country, because of music -- and specifically, The Grateful Dead.

My journey starts this week. As it gets warmer, like a migrating bird, I find myself in quest to, HIT THE ROAD.......

Usually, it's springtime when my bones itch to drive far, or get psyched about a "mail order" ....but, as I get older, the timing of my journeys evolution, have switched to summertime.

Click on the arrow below for a little treat called, "On The Road Again" -- "Direwolf.." (from Tom Snyder's late show, 1981)

I find myself going, On The Road Again for music, so it makes this song quite appropriate. (part two of this post which is upcoming, will be about the specific tour that I'm jumping on, starting Tuesday.....hint: It's in Europe currently....)

Click on the arrow below, turn up the volume, and smile.

Weekend in Canada....

This past weekend, we went to Nova Scotia…….by ship.

We took a boat out of the West Side of New York City, and straight up the coast, to Eastern Canada.

It was a fun journey.

Below are some photos that I shot, (click on image to enlarge) – they are people, places, and scenes that I found memorable.

More to follow…


Chillin' in the Park.....
Street Performer, in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.....

NYC Helicopter Crew doing a practice run....
This picture could have been many of our ancestors, 100 years ago. (But, our Aunts and Uncles - and Grandparents had different clothes, and CERTAINLY different Haircolor....but, you "get the picture."
Lady Liberty....her beauty and stature, in between people at the rail.
West side of Manhattan...
Portrait of HATE....City by City.
(click on the image to enlarge)

Hat tip: Live from an Israeli Bunker.
United Nations Help....

I am a HUGE believer, that most of (99%) of history, will provide a probable roadmap for the future.

Details may change, but overall similar themes, and issues remain the same....generation over generation.

Aggression is standard.

Evil is to be expected.

How and When -- to confront the EVIL, BAD and poisonous groups who threaten you -- THAT IS THE KEY ELEMENT TO HISTORY, AND LEARNING THE TRUE VALUE OF THE PAST....

6 years ago, Hizbullah committed a act. It is critical that you see, WHY THE UNITED NATIONS - does not, and will not EVER, protect, or provide safety for the State of Israel.

The piece is HERE. It provides details about kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, and the UN's whitewash, and cover up of the events.....FROM 6 YEARS AGO. Israel did very little in response......and the United Nations DID NOTHING.

Did Historical Events, and ISRAEL'S "putting off the fight for another day...prove to be costly?"

I say YES.

Which is why, Israel must be relentless. And, send a strong deterrent message.

I'm of the belief that all of Lebanon should be dark. Like the, "DARK AGES." Live by candlelight.



Hat tip: Atlas.

A Realization from Afar.......

Where I am, the only source of information is CNN.

No internet. No Newspapers.

Just one news channel, CNN.

My learning from having only one source of info?

Israel needs to be giving LESS data, less information, and far fewer interviews.


Because it is senseless.

It provides insight and options to Israel's enemies.

Troop movements, brigades placements, and maps of battles are not necessary data points........for the average consumer. But, they are critically important for Hizbullah.

CNN is giving too much data, to Israel's enemy.....that's the bottom line.

Let Hizbullah give some data on where their missles are placed and stored, before another Israeli Colonel grants and interview to Anderson Ccoper.

Prime Minister Olmert, lock down the media from the Israeli side.

This is war.

A war of survival.

CNN, and its ilk - DO NOT have the best interests of Israel at heart.

Survival and defeating terror first. Allowing CNN unfettered access is a distant 99th, in order of importance.


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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Warning, Diplomacy Ahead....

Big warning.


Israel is about to be boxed in.

You know why?

The man on the RIGHT of the picture below, is a crook. He has done nothing to stop Hamas and Hizbullah -- DESPITE UN RESOLUTIONS regarding both GAZA, and South Lebanon.

UN Peacekeepers can do nothing,(and have done zero, but perhaps they have provided cover for Hizbullah?) to assist in making Israel safer. The track record of the UN as an "arbiter of disputes" when it comes to the Jewish state is pretty clear.

No phony false cease fire....

What will "make the family in Haifa, safe from the threat of terror, Katuyshas, missles, and living under constant siege?"

Only the IDF can.

Israel needs time to finish their air campaign, and THEN hammer through ground forces. Diplomatic cover is NOT going to happen....

Israel has to swallow a tough pill in the coming days.

The "tough pill" is telling the man on the right,, to go F* off.

Video from a friend.....

The drummer is my friend.

His name is ELI. He is nine months old.

This is 40 seconds of the BEST VIDEO by a 9 month old.

Click arrow below....and turn up the volume

2 rallies -- back to back days.

Notice a subtle or "branding" difference?

Can you guess which one (rally) supports Israel?

***Click on image to ENLARGE****

Which one supports Hizbullah?


A picture is worth a thousand words.......

List of Bloggers from Israel....

A list of bloggers "live blogging" the war.

The website has a comprehensive rundown of bloggers, as well as up to date news sources from Israel.

The site is HERE.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Putting off the Inevitable....A Thought

I have advocated a particular plan for years, when it comes to terrorism, terror groups, as well as - "countries aiding and abetting, crimes against innocent people." My recommendations have been:

*Taking land from which terrorism is launched.

*Destroying land from where terrorism is planned and supported.

(notice, I did not say "ALL THE LAND")

Today, I see a lead story from a website I have frequented for years.....

From Debka.

Israeli leaflets call on South Lebanese Wednesday night, July 19, to evacuate territory south of Litani River

July 19, 2006, 9:57 PM (GMT+02:00)

This dramatic call will affect some 300,000 inhabitants, some of whom have already headed north in response to previous Israeli calls to withdraw from harm’s way in Hizballah-controlled regions.

It is not clear how this mass migration can be effected when many of the roads and bridges were bombed out by Israeli jets.

Wednesday, July 19, when the Lebanon war entered its second week, plunged Israel in combat on four warfronts.

Here is the bottom line:

Drop leaflets asking everyone to leave.
24 hours later destroy the entire area where terrorists live, (or were given refuge) -- and reduce it, (the land) to no man's land, make it uninhabitable.


This accomplishes a few objectives.

1 - It sends a strong signal to terrorists.
2 - It sends a stronger signal to those, who allow terrorists to operate, in the areas, countries or localities... Eventually the residents will say --when the example has been carried out elsewhere --"GET OUT, YOU (terror groups) will get NO HELP from our population."
3 - Shame
4 - Force
5 - Deterrence

This requires Arabs terrorist, their supporters, and their people to comprehend --- ONE ASPECT OF, "THE NEW REALTIES OF THEIR LIFE."

"We don't want to kill you, but we will make your life so miserable --- and, the price we will exact will be so high, that it is NOT in your best interest to even comtemplate hurting us."

It will work.

It has worked.

If anyone wishes to place their faith, in the rest of the world, to defend Israel's safety..speak now.

Ken Mehlman: (partial text from the RJC - Republican Jewish Coalition/ July18th, 2006)

"Israel is the only nation prevented from joining any of the UN’s regional groups … and therefore prevented from having a seat on the countless commissions, committees, and councils that make up a huge part of the UN.

And the same United Nations that’s so quick to condemn Israel is often silent when Israeli lives are shed.

Where were the United Nations, the E.U. and other organizations when 1,000 rockets flew from Gaza into Israel?

Where were they when suicide bombers murdered men, women and children, and Israeli soldiers were taken captive?

Is there any better example of the need for United Nations reform than their outrageous double standard when it comes to the Middle East?"

What are the lessons here?

Simply put, Israel cannot afford to repeat mistakes of the past.

Ken Mehlman continues:

"The lesson of the past generation is that these attacks kept coming and got worse because they worked.

Too often, free nations looked the other way … and responded to the attacks with lawsuits or international protests … and made political concessions to the terrorists.

Yasser Arafat won a Nobel Prize and numerous invitations to the last White House, even as he encouraged a terrorist war on women and children…

What changed on September 11 was not that terrorists trying to carry out a jihad against America and the world.

It was that on September 12, under the leadership of President George W. Bush, we finally made war on these terrorists in return.

Israel is an ally in this war and President Bush will continue to stand with Israel as they fight our common enemy."

It seems time to create deterrence.

And, now the big question, "What to do about Iran and Syria?"

Follow my solution above.

Pick a target. (Example: South Damascus, or one of it's largest suburbs)

Announce plan to reduce entire area to rubble.


1 - Soldiers returned alive in 72 hours
2 - Hizbullah ceases rockets attacks

If it is NOT done, WAR with Syria and Iran commences.

And, is that NOT THE ENDGAME for these terrorist anyway?

Are we not just putting, "off the inevitable?"


Should Israel sit back, and wait for another Holocaust? (Wait, until Iran acquires nuclear weapons and can delivery those weapons, to Tel Aviv?)

My answer is a resounding NO.

As I've said before, recapturing deterrence, comes at a HIGH PRICE.

Here are the two questions to ponder

1) What is the price to re-acquire deterrence?
2) Should Israel put this on HOLD, while it slowly allows it's citizenry to suffer, and place faith in the hope that, TERRORIST WILL NOT ATTACK THEIR TINY COUNTRY? It becomes a question of timing, more than anything else.

Diplomacy with terrorists is a joke.

We already know this, history has proven it.

Implement DETERRENCE plan above.

The title of this blog is, "You ain't gonna learn what you don't want to know."

If you have read this far, on THIS POST that I have written above....I'm quite sure that my idea is potentially a thought that, you did not "want to know" - or possibly, were hoping to put off to another day, or another news cycle in our lives.

Sorry. The time is NOW.
Far Away Eyes, Part Two.

So yesterday, I wrote about how music is important to me.

Music provides a escape.

The artform, of GREAT lyrics, coupled with fabulous accompanying mysic -- is AS GOOD TO ME AS ANY PIECE OF ART, anywhere.

I have had a "love - hate affair" with the music I am featuring tonight. (my second night of trying this concept of posting tunes)

I love their music. They are amongst the most talented, as well as the most underated band of their era......


You've heard the name (The Kinks) -- now sit back, turn up your volume -- and click TWICE, (on the arrow below.) Pay special attention to the lyrics, they are not good, but GREAT.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm Mad At Israel.....

Let me start out by saying, (if you are a new reader or stumbled upon this blog) I love Israel.

I'm a ZIONIST, and have always believed in a strong, vibrant Israel.

Israel will win this war. But, it will pay a heavy price in the process.

Israel since 1948, has held a advantage -- over the entire ARAB NATION.

The advantage was not based on real estate. It was not solely on desire.

They held an advantage over their enemies, because it meant their very SURVIVAL.

Israeli's understood this. They dealt punishing blows on the battlefield, and humiliated Arab leaders strategically. Gamel Abdel Nasser comes to mind, He was the LEADER of Egypt, and a HEAD of the ARAB NATION.

Israel embarassed him, by taking his fiery rhetoric, ("wiping Israel off the map" -- "we will kill all Jews, and march into Jerusalem victorious..") And, marching the IDF straight to the SUEZ Canal.

Does this sound familiar?

In 1955, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser began to import arms from the Soviet Bloc to build his arsenal for the confrontation with Israel. In the short-term, however, he employed a new tactic to prosecute Egypt's war with Israel. He announced it on August 31, 1955:

Egypt has decided to dispatch her heroes, the disciples of Pharaoh and the sons of Islam and they will cleanse the land of Palestine....There will be no peace on Israel's border because we demand vengeance, and vengeance is Israel's death.

The escalation continued with the Egyptian blockade of the Straits of Tiran, and Nasser's nationalization of the Suez Canal in July 1956. On October 14, Nasser made clear his intent:

I am not solely fighting against Israel itself. My task is to deliver the Arab world from destruction through Israel's intrigue, which has its roots abroad. Our hatred is very strong. There is no sense in talking about peace with Israel. There is not even the smallest place for negotiations.

People like Nasser were defeated SOUNDLY. He was SHAMED.

This was deterrence. The Arabs understood this. They hated Ariel Sharon. But, they respected and, FEARED HIM.

Daniel Pipes, says that 2 critical aspects led to the current crisis...


Israeli's DREAMED and wished, that the ARABS had changed their tune, and "disengagement" - and a "peace process" - would replace their (Israel's) need for deterrence.

From Daniel Pipes -- For 45 years, 1948-93, Israel's strategic vision, tactical brilliance, technological innovation, and logistical cleverness won it a deterrence capability. A deep understanding of the country's predicament, complemented by money, will power, and dedication, enabled the Israeli state systematically to burnish its reputation for toughness.

The leadership focused on the enemy's mind and mood, adopting policies designed to degrade his morale, with the goal of inducing a sense of defeat, a realization that the Jewish state is permanent and cannot be undone. As a result, whoever attacked the State of Israel paid for that mistake with captured terrorists, dead soldiers, stalled economies, and toppled regimes.

By 1993, this record of success imbued Israelis with a sense of overconfidence. They concluded they had won, and ignored the inconvenient fact that Palestinian Arabs and other enemies had not given up their goal of eliminating Israel. Two emotions long held in check, fatigue and hubris, came flooding out. Deciding that they had had enough of war and could end the war on their own terms, Israelis experimented with such exotica as "the peace process" and "disengagement."

Currently, Israel is trying to re-establish it's deterrence capability.

But, I'm mad.

Why was NO ONE REALLY PAYING ATTENTION? And still, will diplomacy work with liars and murderers?

Why was Israel continually in a position to, TRY TO APPEASE TERRORISTS?



How about ANY ARAB country?

Did Lebanon end their state of war with Israel?

Did a Syrian Leader ever visit, or send a delegation to "talk peace?"

Did Iran ever allow the 25,000 Iranian Jews an opportunity to migrate?

NOTHING. NO OVERTURES OR OFFERING HAS EVER COME FROM A ARAB GOVERNEMENT. (outside of 2 governments tha tare paid BILLIONS of dollars in US AID, to have a false/cold peace)

Yet -- it will continue.

When this news cycle dies down (and it will) -- Israel will be off the cable news, newspapers, and blogs.

Israel will STILL BE CONFRONTED WITH, hostile enemies, at her borders. This will not is a fact.

And, you know what?

You will still hear these words:
1) Peace Process
2) Disengagement
3) Unilateral Withdrawal
4) Land concession


I want you to ask ANYONE....


If you hear, "defensible borders" -- just imagine Hizbullah launching rockets, from the West Bank.

That's the future NEWS CYCLE. Rocket's and Katushyas coming in from Nablus, Ramallah -- and Samaria.

I'm mad at Israel, and I can be. You see, I LOVE the fact that my country (United States) stands for freedom, democracy, and GOOD IN THE WORLD. Israel means something to me, because as a JEW, it represents more than religion. It signifies a connection to the past...a connection of safety, and strength, no matter what befalls - JEWS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Yet, Israel chose to, "LOSE IT"S RATIONAL ABILITY" to learn precisely why, it has survived - and flourish - in every concievable way. Israel lost its connection to the forgot WHY.

I hope Israel, has not forgotten, survival and deterrence.

I'm mad at Israel. But, if you love someone enough (and care) - do you not have a duty to share your feelings in good times and bad?

Am Yisrael Chai...."Long Live Israel."

I may be mad. Israel will still win against out against Arab evil.

Let's just not continue to repeat mistakes of the past......


I'm mad, but I still.......LOVE ISRAEL.

One of my most visited websites......

Over the past couple years has been a site called, Imshin.

She is a mother of two, blogging from Tel Aviv.

She was my introduction to the "user generated media world", where citizens around the world, can create content....and BE READ.

Imshin was a inspiration for me. I've emailed her many times.

She is a fabulous writer.

Imshin is HERE, pay her a visit, and READ her insights from Tel Aviv.....
Diary of a F-16 Israeli Pilot.


click here for the story.....

Monday, July 17, 2006

July 17th NYC Rally for Israel (part 2)

When you get outdone, you have to admit it.

I admit it.


Her pictures, as well as her commentary are better than mine.

When talent is on display.....(like the AtlasShrugs website) you share it.

Great job, Atlas. Hats off and a bow from me, to you.
Rally to Support Israel. July 17, 2006
42nd Street and 1st Ave
Pictures taken by me. (it was hot.)

Click on any picture to enlarge.

*** I will write about people I met, and talked with coming shortly.... it was very, very interesting...

The irony of this picture HIT ME. Here we are, years later -- the "peace process" long gone, --- and Yitzhak was there.....interpret for yourself. I did.
Hillary gave a speech supporting Israel.....I'm still not impressed.
A crowded 42nd street...
The HERO, Elie Wiesel speaks to the large crowd

Senator Frank Lautenberg, NJ
A GREAT MAN, ambassador Gillerman.
Video of what it's like in Haifa....

Watch this video.

Then think of how AMERICA would react if entire cities on OUR BORDERS, had to react to THIS.

Missles coming from Cuba into Miami?

Missles coming from Canada into Buffalo?

Then, put yourself with children in your arms -- behind this lense.

(click on arrow below to begin, turn up volume)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stress Level, and My - "Far Away Eyes..."

I am convinced that many people who are aware of, "news and current events" - have an added amount of negative energy, and enormous stress over the past few weeks, and days.

Lisa (my wife) and I experienced Israel. We had a VERY unfortunate journey, and one that has shaped a LARGE portion of my life. I wrote about it HERE. We survived a suicide bombing.

I was 15 feet away from the suicide bombers, HATE and MURDER. I am here typing, and LIVING, for a reason.

Many of us KNEW, and told anyone who would listen -- that ultimately this was the desire of the enemy. No land, no concessions, no turning away from EVIL.....would bring tranquility, or calm, to a people who desired nothing but to, LIVE -- and prosper.

Infact, it WAS THE OPPOSITE. To bloodthirsty, religious murderers, it (concessions) signified WEAKNESS, rather than strength.

I told my wife this evening, after dinner, that it is difficult for me to process, and communicate my inner feelings as well as raw emotions, on Israel,(and what she is currently going through) and the safety, of her BOLD citizens. The conflict and WAR is making me have.......


I'm here physically, but I'm FAR AWAY mentally.

Maybe, I'm in the Golan, walking through the Grapevines, of the YARDEN WINERY.

Or, possibly in Metula (northern border of Israel, bordering Lebanon) -- taking pictures of soldiers patrolling the hostile fence, with Hizbullah blaring music on the other side.

Maybe in Tel Aviv, on the beach -- drinking a cold beer.

Maybe it's strolling BEN YEHUDA street, in Jerusalem. (a pedestrian mall with shops and cafe's)

Whatever it is -- I'm THERE....

I'm going to try to make an effort to add a "daily dose" of music, to this blog. Part distraction, a dose of enjoyment -- with a splash of confusion.

It's part of who I am.

"When you get confused listen to the music play."


Others, will get a HOOT.

I encourage you to sit back, turn up your volume -- and listen. (link at bottom of this post)

I'm confused, distraught, and in anguish -- about the cost of foolishness from, THIS Particular DAY to the present.

This WAR has brought out YEARS of inner pain. Years of, "WHY?"

And, music has been a "source of inspiration for me" -- and for many of you, this will be a, NEW MUSICAL EXPERIENCE.

This is a MELLOW SONG, (almost considered country) by a band called --- The Rolling Stones. (this cut is from 1978)

It was SOOO good infact, this version, made the studio album.

Click on the picture (and arrow below) -- and smile.


A few GREAT resources for information and Opinion.

I'm sick of CNN. I'm ill from the NYTimes. The BBC is makes me puke.

If you want to really see WHY their is so much anti-Israel bias, all you need to do is, READ THIS FROM THE BBC, and hold your nose.

What I wanted to do was provide a few sites/blogs that I visit daily....

I encourage you to BOOKMARK - (mark as Favorite) these sites. They are RICH with information, and they will keep you informed.

Meryl Yourish - (click here)

Pam from Atlas (click here)

Boker Tov (click here)

Little Green Footballs

Jerusalem Online (News)


WestBank Blog

Brutally Honest

YNET - news

That is a quick rundown of some of my "daily reads.."

I encourage you to read the blogs and news sites above, as well as forward these links to friends and family.

Questions and Points....

A great resource (website) that answers the following MYTHS - put forth, and they need to be understood, and answered.

1) Myth - "Israel's response is disproportionate."

2) Myth - "Lebanon bears no responsibility for the actions of Hezbollah."

3) Myth - "Hezbollah is an indigenous Lebanese 'resistance' organization."

4) Myth - "Outside actors such as Iran are not fuelling the crisis."

5) Myth - "Israel continues to occupy Lebanese land, specifically the Shebaa Farms area."

6) Myth - "Arab prisoners held in Israeli jails were kidnapped from Lebanese soil and should be released."

It's called - Israel under Fire.(click here)
A Blogger from Haifa....

A Blogger from Haifa, Israel. He has good commentary - and updates from the Front Line.

Isn't it amazing how the internet has changed our "consumption of conflict" (as well as daily life?)

How many of us, are now getting information from websites and blogs?

His blog is HERE.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Recommended Reading.

Excellent piece.

It has the both the insight, and elements of the Lebanese "point of view"....

Throw in a dash of deterrence, and you get....

The Strategic Outlook - (click here)
A 6 minute BREAK.....and a smile.....

Courtesy of some of my HERO's.

Civilian Casualties are the fault of.....


You will NOT READ THIS in "traditional media" -- outside of Israel..

The question I have is....

"Are you shocked?"

Let the NY Times, and the BBC, as well as CNN -- do a story about how Hizbullah, hides their missles - in villages, homes, and hospitals.

Dont hold your BREATH waiting for this important piece of information to be readily avaliable -- but read THIS.
Iran Threatens Israel Again....

The threats seem to be getting more and more serious.

Tehran threatens. It seems that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s statement that “If Israel attacks Syrian it will get a crushing blow” was not said for nothing. Iranian sources told the Qatar-based newspaper al-Watan that “If Israel dares to attack Syria it will face a front from Tehran all the way to Gaza.”

Additionally they said: “There is a clear decision by the leadership and the people of Iran to protect Syria and face any threat it will be facing.”

The sources also said that Ahmadinejad told Assad during a phone conversation that “the Zionist-American threat on Damascus has reached a dangerous level, and there is no choice but to respond with a strong message so the aggressors will reconsider whether to launch a preventive attack against Syria.”


Hat tip and courtesy of: YOURISH
Syria...Step up to meet the IDF.

72 Hours is the rumor circulating....(I'm sure this will be clarified further in the media)

Syria has 72 hours to do the following 2 things:

* Release the Israeli soldiers being held hostage
* Secure the border and reign in Hizbullah

Read ultimatum HERE. from Israel to Syria.


(update: another Lebanese blogger calls it like it is: HERE. "Undersiege thanks to Nasrallah.")
Good Post from Lebanon.....

I have been actively watching and reading Lebanese Bloggers.

This blog, along with the comments below (back and forth between Arabs and Israelis is VERY interesting)

Click here for the GREAT post from Lebanon....

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Great writer, and a GREAT site.

I'm a fan of Atlas.

She is DEAD on, in regards to Condi Rice, and Iran. (click here)

Rock on Atlas. She is now linked on my blogroll.
I'd give the Southern people of Lebanon 48 hours to move north.....
After this today.

An Israeli warship suffered heavy damage after being hit by a Hizballah unmanned aerial vehicle.
A Hizbullah strike on an IDF warship off the Lebanese coast damaged the ship severely, The IDF confirmed to The Jerusalem Post late Friday.

Earlier reports disagreed regarding the extent of the damage, with the IDF initially reporting that the ship was largely unharmed.

According to security officials, the ship was struck by an unmanned aerial vehicle packed with explosives, a new tactic for Hizbullah.
A few "phrases" to make your EARS ring.

I've written about a few terms you are likely to read and hear, over the next few days, months, and most unfortunately, years......

Let's start with:

1) "Cycle of Violence" -- there is no cycle, its been coming from ONE side, Arab. Israel was attacked on 2 fronts in 2 terror organizations on its borders. The only CYCLE, is the one that the perpetrators inflicted on Israel. When you hear this term on CNN, from diplomats, or from anybody -- realize what they are really saying. They want Israel to halt its measures of HITTING back, and creating a reality of a "price to be paid for terror to the Arabs." The cycle of violence is HERE, and to the person uttering these words, on TV, in the press, or in your life -- anywhere, I say the following.. the following is directed to the speaker of the term, "cycle of violence."

"Where were you when rockets were raining down over Israel for the past 6 months from Gaza? Please show me your words, regarding "cycle of violence?" Where were you, when Gilad was kidnapped 3 weeks ago? Do you have quotes on the very day he was kidnapped -- on the "cycle of violence?" Or, is it only after Israel RESPONDS?

I know the answer, and so do you. They said ZERO. It was only after Israel hit Gaza and Lebanon with force that this term was used.

2) "Disproportionate use of force" - this term is typically reserved for the UN/Arab, and EU diplomats targeting Israel, and chastising the country for using ANY military means to defend the country. This is a good phrase, and quite catchy. You see, it implies a kind of "even" playing field - and it smacks of equality in the Mid-East. Culturally, Economically, and Militarily -- there is NO EVEN PLAYING FIELD....Israel is the country that has a higher GDP (economics), better education system (culturally), and stronger technology (military). The Arabs do not possess, (nor should they) -- anything that is fair, OR EVEN HANDED - when it comes to defending Israel. Israel is a tiny country of democracy, and Judeo-Christian values. It has sought to live peacefully amongst a religion that is moving FULL STEAM towards their stated goal -- THE DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL.
Israel needs to display the disproportionate use of force to, REGAIN their posture of deterrence. Unfortunately, for many of us (moderates) -- we were worried that deterrence was lost in the quest for the "peace process." Land concession, and false agreements with TERRORIST have emboldened and made courageous enemies of Israel. It is time for the Disproportionate USE OF MILITARY FORCE to be used by Israel on people, property, and infrastructure on its neighbors. This is most unfortunate, but it will set a precedent of "what will happen" if a country like Lebanon allows a terror group,to run free inside it's borders. Deterrence is a strong concept, it is what keeps balance and stability amongst adversaries. Iran, is about to feel the wrath of deterrence.
Russians invading Chechnya -- was the use of force, disproportionate?
You bet it was - and thats how you, WIN A WAR.

From Meryl Yourish --
"We should probably start numbering Kofi’s statements. “Concerned,” “Alarmed,” “Deeply Alarmed,” and “Downright Unhappy.”"

Uhhhh, sorry Kofi.

3) "Peace Process" -- This is a joke, and NEVER EXISTED....(it did for Israel, and the left wing of the country) -- but giving back land to the Arabs, in the hopes that they would not NEVER attack again, and create harmony with Israel? No. Peace is made with enemies, I understand this concept -- but NOT with terrorists who are liars, and most of all, HONOR NO AGREEMENTS, OR TREATIES WITH NON-MUSLIMS. They will sign any document, make any promise, in order, TO FURTHER THEIR JIHAD AGAINST NON-BELIEVERS...(non-Muslims).

The Peace Process has made Israel's enemies stronger, brought more violence to the doorstep (both north and south border) -- and has done ZERO to make Arabs allow Israel to live quietly. Infact, it has had the opposite effect for bloodthirsty terrorists, bent on murdering Jews, and destroying Israel.

4) "Exercise Restraint" -- 110% of the time, this terms is reserved for Israel, or the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). LET ME BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS PROPOSTEROUS STATEMENT TO ALL PEACE LOVING, HEAD IN THE GROUND, DREAMERS.

"Restraint, is precisely what got Israel into this WAR.

Over the last few years, Israel has NOT struck back at terror bases in Lebanon. (although Israel knew full well, that missles were being imported from Iran directly over to it's northern border)....Israel, has not struck militarily - with tremendous force --- at the expense of the Palestinians, (even though they had every right to) -- and, hammered their entire people, and decimated their infrastructures. Did you know, that in 24 hours Israel could destroy every building, in all of GAZA?

They do not, and have not. They have exercised RESTRAINT. You know why? -- BECAUSE THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL ARE A CIVIL, MORAL PEOPLE. (too much so in my opinion) Israel has YET to display even 1% of its might and power, against terrorists groups. Now is the time.

Restraint has been deadly -- and restraint on Israel's part has caused the terror groups and Iran to be emboldened in the pursuit of war with Israel.

My friend R, who is Israeli - and has served in the IDF, sent me email, and here is a quote from him..

"I believe Israel will pay a high price to get its DETERRENT power back. Israel has no other choice in my opinion."

The concept of restraint, is what has led Israel to the current situation.
Restraint is NOT part of war. Restraint against terrorists WHO BLEND IN AMONGST CIVILIANS, WEAR NO UNIFORM, AND VIOLATE ALL RULES OF WARFARE --- put entire populations at risk.

This is what Israel is faced with.

Iran is a the LEADER OF SPREADING ISLAM. It is now the leader of the AXIS powers. (read:enemy) Iran is taking the lead of Arab nations to start World War 3.

Israel knows what this means.

It means that DETERRENCE has many faces. Here is one, that no Judeo-Christian person should ignore.

"The State of Israel is now the FRONT LINE in this WAR. The objective of this war for Islam and Iran, is to destroy Israel - and then focus on other targets - the US and Europe. Israel, knows it can not let IRAN acquire nuclear weaponry.....because if they do, Iran will surely use them in a future situation like this. If you believe in peace, DO NOT TURN YOUR HEAD AWAY FROM EVIL. Do NOT pretend it does not exist. Do not look the other way in your quest for harmony. Iranian interpretation of Islam has led the world to the brink of war -- and to be clear, its not Arabs vs. Jews.

It's Militant, TERROR Islam and Muslims, vs the Rest of the world. (Judeo-Christian, Buddhist,Hundu)

Where do you stand?

Realism, which is -- the side of ending the conflict through, force and deterrence?

Dreams of a false Peace -- which bring more, and invite more violence from terrorist? Do you stand with the UN, regarding - Cycle of Violence? (against Israel) -- Restraint? (against Israel) -- Disproportionate use of force? (against Israel) -- all in a effort to put off for another day/week/month/year -- when the enemies of Israel, have better weapons to destroy Israel?

I stand on the side of peace. Making peace with Terrorism comes one way. Through their destruction, their suffering, and their punishment.....


G-D Bless the IDF.

Friday Morning Pictures.....

In the front yard of my house. (click on the image to enlarge)
These pictures are dedicated to the leader of Hizbullah, Sheik Nasrallah.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Major Escalation.....Response Needed from the IDF.

The first Hizbullah Missle fired from Lebanon, hit one of Israel's major cities this evening...

There are three major population centers: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa.

Haifa was hit, and this missle being fired into Israel sends a strong signal to Israel, and the world......THIS IS NOT A BATTLE, ITS A WAR.

There should be NO mistaking the signal....sent by Iran, (through Hizbullah) with that launch into Haifa..

This effectively places the northern 1/3 of the State of Israel, within range of these missles.

Now is the time to teach these animals, and fanatics and lesson. It's time to recover the deterrence factor that these young Muslims have yet to live through....

Israel must be BRUTAL, and inflict SHAME on entire populations, and countries that allow terrorist to live, and operate inside of their borders.
"In the North, Hizbullah's rocket arsenal, army and terrorist training camps in southern Lebanon should be destroyed to the maximum extent possible, within the constraint of Israel's desire not to reoccupy Lebanese territory over an extended period. We can also expect, given Olmert's remarks, that the IDF will strike targets of importance to the Lebanese, and perhaps the Syrian governments.

It is Israel's responsibility to defend itself by destroying the capabilities of its attackers and imposing sufficient costs at all levels of responsibility. The government must also, however, call on the international community to reinforce, rather than undermine, the deterrent effect of such actions. "

Hizbullah should be the 1st to suffer....along with I'm afraid the entire Lebanese population. It's unfortunate, but by providing a safe haven to this group (similar to Afganhistan housing Al-Qaeda) they have placed their country at risk of destruction.

Not one person in Lebanon should be sleeping tonight......not one.


First Hizballah rockets land in Haifa, one of Israel’s three main cities and chemicals industrial center

July 13, 2006, 8:36 PM (GMT+02:00)

Hizballah has just denied sending the two rockets which hit a street in the Stella Maris suburb near an Israeli military base after dark Thursday. No immediate word on injuries. Residents of Haifa and its environs ordered to shelter in protected areas, placing more than 700,000 Israeli civilians in shelters.

More than 100 rockets landed on northern Israel in a single day, 90 Israelis were injured, one woman killed in her home in the coastal resort of Nahariya which was battered by Katyusha fire through the day. After dusk, several more people were injured when another volley hit residential streets. Residents are fleeing south with children. Safed took another round of rockets after dark and more casualties. One fatality reported, the second of the day. After nightfall, Hatzor Haglilit, Amiad and Korazim came under attack.

Earlier, Hizballah threatened to attack Haifa if the Israeli air force strikes Beirut.
The Cost of Appeasement, In a Dangerous Neighborhood....

You give in, in order to satisfy a desire to feel accepted, and welcome.

You say, "let's try to give back land, because surely if we do .... our haters will LOVE US, and they will leave us alone."

"If we give back land, we will make our borders MORE defensible."

On 2 fronts, Israel is fighting a war.

In the South, Hamastan. The Palestinans have used the territory given back to them, to launch rockets.....kidnap Israeli soldiers, and overall display a complete hostile attitude towards Israel. Hamas uses the media and the UN to "cry crocodile tears" in a attempt to win the LEFTIES of the world, over to their side.

And, the UN stands idly by - commenting and voting on, "Israeli aggression, and civilian casualties, caused by Israel -- these are atrocities on the Palestinian population, all fault lies with the Zionists...."

Not even close.

And now, in the north we have a WAR.

I have been to the border where Lebanon, and Israel share a common fence.

Directly over on the Lebanese side, sits 7000 Katuysha Rockets -- armed and ready to launch. Placed their by Hizbullah, but with the BACKING AND DIRECTION of IRAN.

The world has looked the other way. The UN HAS AVOIDED this issue for years. Condemning only one side: Israel. Did you see a Emergency Security Counsel meeting when Terrorist infiltrated northern Israel, killed Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two troops? Don't hold your breath......

You see, the VERY LAND that Israel is forced to be in, (Southern Lebanon) was A BUFFER ZONE THAT ISRAEL RELINQUISHED TO THE LEBANESE, IN THE HOPES OF A PEACEFUL NEIGHBOR. It was a concession, and a sign of good-will to give back precious real-estate, WITHOUT a peace agreement.


Hizbullah is the IRG, in plainclothes. (Iranian Revolutonary Guard)

Here is the President of Iran - speaking last night.

"The Zionists and their protectors are the most detested people in all of humanity, and the hatred is increasing every day," the president was quoted as saying by Iranian state television.

"The worse their crimes, the quicker they will fall," added Ahmadinejad, who has already called for the Jewish state to be "wiped off the map" and relocated as far away as Alaska."

Israel has 2 war fronts, both on land they relinquished, to Islamic Terror Organizations bent on Israel's destruction.

There is no compromise.

I have more news for you.

World War Three has begun. It's powderkeg was ignited, and now, cannot be extinguished.

Like 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 -- Israel is now FIGHTING for its right to survive and exist....albiet, in a tough neighborhood.

The Media outlets will play endless clips of Arab civilians been harmed, maimed and injured...but, as your watching - remember this:


Israel must strike back...and strike back HARD.

Atlas writes:
"Years from now, the kidnapping of Corporal Gilad Shalit will be regarded like the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Against the backdrop of Kassam rocket fire on Israelis living within range of the Gaza Strip, it was the fate of Corporal Shalit that triggered the Israeli return to Gaza, which in turn brought the Hezbollah forces into the game."

Iran has played it's hand. Olmert should call Iran's bluff. And do it now, and NOT put off for another day - what many of us KNOW IS LOOMING.

Israel cannot get bogged down on 2 fronts - AND CONFRONT IRAN. It needs to absolutely send the message to the world that the 2 conflicts, its currently involved in -- will be over in 48 hours. And then, begin mile by mile destruction of BOTH GAZA and LEBANON until all the soldiers are returned to Israel. Create mayhem and utter destruction of the lives of both populations......

ZERO TOLERANCE. Deterrence is needed by Israel with it's neighbors.

World War Three has ignited....with Iran and Syria, leading the Arab World - to war against the West.

Israel, is the first country to be put to the TEST in World War Three...

Showing how quickly - these events happen, and how attempting to avoid war, actually INVITES FURTHER PROBLEMS:

Germany took Austria in 1938, and no one lifted a finger.
Germany took Czechoslovakia, shortly thereafter. Alot of chest pounding, but still no action taken to help a soveriegn nation.
THE WORLD STOOD BY, AND TRIED TO SIGN AGREEMENTS, making offers and concessions to Hitler - to avoid a confrontation.....Neville Chamberlain, said, "Peace in our time." (Munich Agreement)
Hitler Wins Time Magazine,"Man of the Year 1939" (for his worthless signature on a false piece of paper called the Munich Agreement)
Germany invaded Poland in 1939.

World War Two had begun. But, the World put its faith in a TERRORIST, Adolph Hitler.

The cycle is ON AGAIN, with Islam leading the charge against the world.

We have had many years to see where this is all headed -- with the Muslim World on a Jihad against the rest of us....

Right now, Israel represents all the "non-muslims" in the world.

Get it?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Art and Science of FOLLOWUP.

One of the aspects of life that continues to amaze me, is HOW people (both sales and non-sales) follow up with each of us.

Let me define what "follow up" means.

It means, TAKING THE EXTRA STEP, BEYOND NORMAL COMMUNICATION, to acknowledge -- to check in, say thank you, or generally just, CARE.

Follow up takes effort.

It is an art form.

Car Dealers, send you a form letter in the mail, after they have serviced your car. They want to find out if you are satisfied with their service departments work.

Real Estate agents, (good one's) send a basket or some small token to THANK YOU, for selling or buying a house through them.

Dentists, send you a follow up card to REMIND YOU to come in for a 6 month checkup.

Couples send you a thank you note, to acknowledge a gift that you gave them for their wedding.

These are all different reasons to follow up.

But, in some large or small way -- following up, in your own style - is a form of Advertising.

You Advertising and Brand one thing.......YOURSELF.

When you (or your company) follow's up correctly - you BRAND yourself - and position yourself uniquely.


Some of the best follow up techniques I have seen, have the following similarities.

* they are timely
* they are personal
* they are sincere
* they require effort
* they are followed WITH ADDITIONAL FOLLOW UP.

Following Up is the ART of communication. It is the beginning step in a long process to differentiate WHO YOU ARE.

I will share something with you. I recently completed (what I think to be) a strong business plan, for a company that I co-founded.

Under the "Sales and Marketing" piece of the plan (and budget) I left a line item, and specific ways that I plan on having my staff, and myself follow up with prospects.

More than the actual DOLLAR VALUE itself, it SEPERATES ME, and my vision from other plans that potential investors look at.

One of the recipients of my idea commented:

"Andy, I've seen many Business Plans over the years, but no one has gone to such great efforts to detail out in a business plan, the FOLLOW UP budget, and technique with prospects...."

You see, I use follow up to show I'm unique, and somewhat different, than your average person trying to start up a company.

Three things you probably have at your desk -- and all three are part of Version #1 of followup....for good and average people.

1) phone
2) email
3) personalized stationary (not company letterhead)

What is your NUMBER 4?

Number 4, is what will, DIFFERENTIATE YOU, IN LIFE.

Think about it, and if you feel comfortable, share some of your BEST FOLLOWUP stories in the comments section below.

Number 4 is KEY -- and one of the attributes that take people from, GOOD TO GREAT in their respective field.

(PS> Thanks to my readers who commented in the previous post -- on "Showering" -- there is some great insights and opinions -- check it out if you have not.)

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Lowest Common Showerhead.

I work out at a local gym.

After I exercise (or what can be called exercise, but most would laugh at my lack of physical interaction with any machines...) I take a shower.

Most people do, they get off the workout floor, go into the gym, (maybe grab a steam) - and then they jump in the shower.

At my gym there are 8 showers stalls.

Each one has it's own curtain, with it's own showerhead.

Out of the 8 showers, ONE SHOWER is better than the rest.

Why is it better?

Because the showerhead is 10x better than the other 7 showers. The other 7 basically, are average in terms of strength of water , they have limited pressure, and you reluctantly use the remaining 7 ---if you have to settle....and cannot get the #1 BEST SHOWER.

1 out of 8 is a GREAT shower. Always aim for that top performing shower, when you go to my gym.

Sometimes, I find myself stalling, waiting to see if the timing is just right, to get in, as the guy is getting out. (it's always occupied, because it's the best)


I call it, "waiting and hoping for the excellent shower..."

It's unspoken. However, I have told the manager -- and I will quote his response to me, "we know about it, and we will be working on it."

I found out today what, "working on it means" from a gym manager perspective.

Instead of fixing the other 7 showers, and bringing them up to par with the best shower --- and making all the showers WORK AS WELL AS THE BEST, or #1 shower.....someone decided to......


Some "showerhead engineer" made the decision to not fix the shower, but lower the standards for showers at the gym.

I'm alarmed.

How could they? How could someone make a decision to not upgrade, but bring down the BEST, to make them even, across the board...and stop the overuse of the STELLAR SHOWER?

Why not fix it?

Because it's too costly. It cost more to fix 7 showers, than it does to, "make them all even, and upgrade the lowest performing showers to, match the BEST..."

Parallels to life.

I feel as though we do this in our lives. We tolerate it, and encourage it.

In our school systems, are we focused on the, best and brightest? Or, is the smartest kid in the classroom, FORCED TO LEARN at the same pace as the kid who is not grasping the material?

Is the "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" - policy of our education world, at the EXPENSE OF, and does it hurt the, BEST KID in the class?

I felt the sting of "averageness" today - and I hated it...

There are more parallels to this.....I name education, as but one example.

Tonight I'm exhausted, and can't really "nail" any examples -- but, I'm sure some of my readers can....

Feel free to use the comments below and post anonymously if you have something to add.

The Shower Head hit me hard. Not sure why.

But, the complete drive home....I kept thinking of Little League baseball -- and winning and losing, understanding the difference at 6 years old.

It was a great lesson in life -- whether as a little kid, with a bunch of six year olds - we won or our classmates. We celebrated victory,(with a Slurpee from 7-11) and understood defeat. It taught us how to STRIVE FOR VICTORY, but be a good loser.

Today, amongst six year olds in our town -- EVERYONE WINS. There is no loser .... they are all told (the kids) at the end of the game, "its a tie."

Are we all (metaphorically) allowing ourselves, to become the, 7 showerheads?

Showerheads and Life.....thoughts?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tell Assad, "Free Gilad!" Rally Monday July 10, 2006 NYC
The order to Hamas to kidnap IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit came from Damascus.
The order to Hamas to free him must come from there, too.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad plays a critical role in this hostage crisis, since Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal operates in Syria under his protection. Join the Ad Hoc Coalition for Justice in front of the Syrian Mission to the United Nations to send a message to Bashar al-Assad and Palestinian leaders. Demand the immediate and unconditional release of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, and an end to Syrian support for the terrorists of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah.

Monday, July 10th, 2006
In front of the Syrian Mission to the U.N.
820 Second Avenue between 43rd & 44th Streets

12:00 noon / Rain or Shine
Subways: 4, 5, 6, 7 to Grand Central Station

Sunday Morning....World Cup Day - Little Italy NYC.
I captured a few tourists taking pictures.....just in that kind of mood.
Go Italy.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Go Italy, Saturday Night in Little Italy NYC.

Strangers - walking....caught by my lense. A great night, prior to a big game vs. France.

A Saturday in July, NYC.

Tourists on every corner.
Broadway Shows PACKED.
Random shots of street corners, people and strangers, in the greatest city in the world. (click on images to enlarge)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Talented People....

I have been very lucky in my career.

I've been blessed, and had the good fortune to work alongside some VERY passionate, smart, caring, and most of all --- sincere people. I write about that fact--- it is included in my profile to the right of this's a big part of who I am.

Jeremy Helfand is one of those people I refer to.

Jeremy Helfand, helped grow from it's humble beginnings, to a powerhouse on the internet today.

United Online got an All-Star in hiring Jeremy.....

The announcement of Jeremy Helfand's hiring is HERE.

Watch United Online......I did not know much about them before -- but WE ALL WILL NOW, with a player like Jeremy aboard.
After Gilad Shalit -- and nearly a year after the Gaza withdrawal....

It's VERY CLEAR, that Israel leaving land, (Gaza) without CONCESSIONS from the Palestinians, (or in the very least a worthless piece of paper, signaling an agreement) was a big mistake on the part of the Israeli government.

The Prime Minister visited the town today that has been recieving the Kassam Missles, Sderot.

Jersusalem Post Today:
Caroline Glick, THE JERUSALEM POST Jul. 6, 2006

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s secret visit to Sderot Tuesday morning was met with snorts of disgusted laughter. When the prime minister of Israel treats a visit to a city in Israel as a military secret on the order of an American presidential visit to Baghdad, the message he sends is clear: Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza last summer was a national security disaster - and he knows it.

Olmert said he hid his plan to visit Sderot because he didn’t want to give the Palestinian Authority a special reason to launch rockets against the city. That statement, like the government’s decision to retake the destroyed communities of Dugit, Elei Sinai and Nisanit in a bid to halt the Palestinian rocket offensive, is a clear admission that the IDF is incapable of defending southern Israel from outside the Gaza Strip.
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This bothers me greatly.

LAND FOR PEACE is a joke.

And, if Israel withdraws from ANY land in the West Bank, (in the future) these missles that are raining down on Sderot today, will soon be crashing into Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem tommorow.

Then what?

The UN will condemn Israel for going into "Hamastan" to go after terrorists?

In this quote from Debka, substitute Tel Aviv for Sderot....
Second volley of three missiles against Sderot Friday sets fire and sends three people into shock

July 7, 2006, 10:49 PM (GMT+02:00)

Up to Friday mid-afternoon, 17 Palestinian missiles struck Israeli locations – despite Israeli anti-missile campaign in Gaza Strip. Netivot was hit first for the first time. In Sderot, three people were earlier hospitalized with shrapnel wounds from 6 explosions.

A comment on JPost -- on how to get Gilad Shalit back...Texas this.
Don McIntyre offers this suggestion in a comment at JPost:

Ya'll have to use "cornbread" common sense in this little scrapes. Put a huge bomb in the Dome of the Rock...seize the land it sets on & seize Jacob's Well. Then tell the Palestinians to keep the kid, it was a fair trade. That soldier will be back home in less than an hour. Trust me...Texas logic is harsh but it works.

Maybe we need some Texas Logic?

Less concessions to terror and murder.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Chuck Berry a Legend Captured on Film.

Great Music, and a must have DVD for any music lover...and any person who loves the history of music.

Let me recommend a DVD for you.

Chuck Berry's "Hail Hail Rock N' Roll."

It's a movie filled with emotion, talent and great music.

After viewing this movie, I realized that Chuck Berry is clearly the, "father of rock n'roll.."

After seeing this, let me be clear about the following -- "Elvis Presly WAS NOT the originator, nor is he the face, nor should he be considered the FATHER of Rock n' Roll."

Elvis had it easier, (in comparision to Chuck)-- as he was white.....and accepted, and most of all-- wanted by the music industry---looking for the "white, bad boy, face of rock n roll -- Elvis was that pretty face, that was needed....good looking and WHITE." Elvis Presly was a talented pretty face.


Chuck Berry was black, and he was destined, and pigeonholed by a term coined -- (for black musicians) "Rhythm and Blues.."

Chuck Berry transcended R&B and Rock N'Roll -- he became the master, and owner of BOTH.

He is the man. This DVD shows why.

He is also an egotistical, angry, and selfish person.

This DVD captures it all. It's about a celebration, around his 60th birthday in 1986.

Keith Richard's was the producer of the concert to celebrate his birthday. The DVD captures the events leading up to the show, with rehearsal and footage, regarding Chucks reaction to his fellow bandmates, interacting -- and playing Chuck's music.

Eric Clapton, Linda Rondstadt, Robert Cray....all came to play - and pay homage to Chuck Berry.

He treated them all badly. But, the music is INSANELY good. The movie really hammers home that Chuck Berry, (although a great musician) is a deeply troubled man, with a haunted past --- and a anger simmering inside of him, that he unleashes on Keith Richards, and his fellow artists....

The insight of this movie allow the music to be more passionate (as he sings, "Maybelline" - or "Johnny B. Goode.")

It allows the lyrics that he sings to have more, meaning than ever.....

And the insight into Chuck Berry makes his geeeetar, HUM even sweeter.

If you like great music, human fraility, and you want to learn about an aspect of rock n' roll....then --
Get this DVD, you will be happy you did.

The DVD is here.
Islam and "The Collision Course..."

Today, in the LA Times, Alan Kaufman penned a fantastic piece called, "Hamas Can't Let Israel Go."

A highlight from the piece....

"There is something psychologically profound about Hamas abducting to Gaza and holding hostage an Israeli soldier, 19-year-old Cpl. Gilad Shalit. You would think that the very last thing the Palestinians would want to import to Gaza is precisely the emblem of their former occupation: a soldier.

And yet, on a psychological plane, this seemingly senseless political act may be symbolically important. Perhaps without the soldier in their midst, the Palestinians in and of themselves feel no existential purpose. Perhaps they have no way to establish their own sense of destiny without the perpetual agony of conflict with Israel….

Each rocket, each murder, is a painful tap on Israel's shoulder from a frustrated former marriage partner who cannot let go and is threatening homicide….

Unfortunately, Israel cannot take out a restraining order against Hamas….

It has become abundantly clear since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, and the advent of the Hamas government, that not even disengagement is enough.

Hamas, like a jilted homicidal lover, will not rest until Israel is destroyed"


Well written and I agree with his opinion.

Islam is at war with the rest of the world....and GROUND ZERO seems to be Israel...and land relinquished in a "Land for Peace" deal.

There is simply no such thing as "land for peace" it is a formula that has proven not to be a solution, but more of a problem.

Simply put, one side gives up land --- and the other side gives war. (and uses the land which was given back in hopes for peace --- to launch the war, and use the land to get closer to launch weapons..)

To me it has more to do with how Muslims treat other religions, than it does with much else.

Israel did not choose it's neighbors. However, it can choose it's partners to deal with.

And, right now the only way to deal with these ISLAMIC MURDERERS AND TERRORISTS IS TO KILL THEM.

I pray that Gilad Shalit is safe. But, if Islam's treatment of hostages from the past are any indication (Daniel Pearl, Nachson Waxman) --- then, Gilad I fear is being treated very poorly.

Israel, please do not let up, continue the offensive and crush, and most of all BRING SHAME to HAMAS....

Do not listen to the shrill cries of the United Nations hypocrites.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

F-16's over YOUR house.....

Might change your "train of thought as well."

It appears that Israel's northern neighbor, has had a

CHANGE OF HEART. (click here.)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sesame Street in Egypt....

Watch the faces, and innocence of these children.

We cannot understand a religion advocating the killing of people?

I can't.

1) Hate and Kill Jews.

2 weeks ago, on Egyptian TV.


2) Hate and kill infidels, and aspire to “martyrdom” and jihad. You won’t believe how crazy this one gets:

Click HERE.

Imagine the young children, growing up with this as their "teachers..."

July 4, 2006 Images.....
New Hampshire in Style (thanks to my brother Danny, and Joy - for their hospitality)