Monday, July 24, 2006

"The Journey is the Prize..."(part one)

Maybe it is the fact that I love the Grateful Dead.
Maybe, it is the fact that I have been able to see so much of our great country, because of music -- and specifically, The Grateful Dead.

My journey starts this week. As it gets warmer, like a migrating bird, I find myself in quest to, HIT THE ROAD.......

Usually, it's springtime when my bones itch to drive far, or get psyched about a "mail order" ....but, as I get older, the timing of my journeys evolution, have switched to summertime.

Click on the arrow below for a little treat called, "On The Road Again" -- "Direwolf.." (from Tom Snyder's late show, 1981)

I find myself going, On The Road Again for music, so it makes this song quite appropriate. (part two of this post which is upcoming, will be about the specific tour that I'm jumping on, starting Tuesday.....hint: It's in Europe currently....)

Click on the arrow below, turn up the volume, and smile.


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