Monday, July 24, 2006

A Realization from Afar.......

Where I am, the only source of information is CNN.

No internet. No Newspapers.

Just one news channel, CNN.

My learning from having only one source of info?

Israel needs to be giving LESS data, less information, and far fewer interviews.


Because it is senseless.

It provides insight and options to Israel's enemies.

Troop movements, brigades placements, and maps of battles are not necessary data points........for the average consumer. But, they are critically important for Hizbullah.

CNN is giving too much data, to Israel's enemy.....that's the bottom line.

Let Hizbullah give some data on where their missles are placed and stored, before another Israeli Colonel grants and interview to Anderson Ccoper.

Prime Minister Olmert, lock down the media from the Israeli side.

This is war.

A war of survival.

CNN, and its ilk - DO NOT have the best interests of Israel at heart.

Survival and defeating terror first. Allowing CNN unfettered access is a distant 99th, in order of importance.


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