Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm Mad At Israel.....

Let me start out by saying, (if you are a new reader or stumbled upon this blog) I love Israel.

I'm a ZIONIST, and have always believed in a strong, vibrant Israel.

Israel will win this war. But, it will pay a heavy price in the process.

Israel since 1948, has held a advantage -- over the entire ARAB NATION.

The advantage was not based on real estate. It was not solely on desire.

They held an advantage over their enemies, because it meant their very SURVIVAL.

Israeli's understood this. They dealt punishing blows on the battlefield, and humiliated Arab leaders strategically. Gamel Abdel Nasser comes to mind, He was the LEADER of Egypt, and a HEAD of the ARAB NATION.

Israel embarassed him, by taking his fiery rhetoric, ("wiping Israel off the map" -- "we will kill all Jews, and march into Jerusalem victorious..") And, marching the IDF straight to the SUEZ Canal.

Does this sound familiar?

In 1955, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser began to import arms from the Soviet Bloc to build his arsenal for the confrontation with Israel. In the short-term, however, he employed a new tactic to prosecute Egypt's war with Israel. He announced it on August 31, 1955:

Egypt has decided to dispatch her heroes, the disciples of Pharaoh and the sons of Islam and they will cleanse the land of Palestine....There will be no peace on Israel's border because we demand vengeance, and vengeance is Israel's death.

The escalation continued with the Egyptian blockade of the Straits of Tiran, and Nasser's nationalization of the Suez Canal in July 1956. On October 14, Nasser made clear his intent:

I am not solely fighting against Israel itself. My task is to deliver the Arab world from destruction through Israel's intrigue, which has its roots abroad. Our hatred is very strong. There is no sense in talking about peace with Israel. There is not even the smallest place for negotiations.

People like Nasser were defeated SOUNDLY. He was SHAMED.

This was deterrence. The Arabs understood this. They hated Ariel Sharon. But, they respected and, FEARED HIM.

Daniel Pipes, says that 2 critical aspects led to the current crisis...


Israeli's DREAMED and wished, that the ARABS had changed their tune, and "disengagement" - and a "peace process" - would replace their (Israel's) need for deterrence.

From Daniel Pipes -- For 45 years, 1948-93, Israel's strategic vision, tactical brilliance, technological innovation, and logistical cleverness won it a deterrence capability. A deep understanding of the country's predicament, complemented by money, will power, and dedication, enabled the Israeli state systematically to burnish its reputation for toughness.

The leadership focused on the enemy's mind and mood, adopting policies designed to degrade his morale, with the goal of inducing a sense of defeat, a realization that the Jewish state is permanent and cannot be undone. As a result, whoever attacked the State of Israel paid for that mistake with captured terrorists, dead soldiers, stalled economies, and toppled regimes.

By 1993, this record of success imbued Israelis with a sense of overconfidence. They concluded they had won, and ignored the inconvenient fact that Palestinian Arabs and other enemies had not given up their goal of eliminating Israel. Two emotions long held in check, fatigue and hubris, came flooding out. Deciding that they had had enough of war and could end the war on their own terms, Israelis experimented with such exotica as "the peace process" and "disengagement."

Currently, Israel is trying to re-establish it's deterrence capability.

But, I'm mad.

Why was NO ONE REALLY PAYING ATTENTION? And still, will diplomacy work with liars and murderers?

Why was Israel continually in a position to, TRY TO APPEASE TERRORISTS?



How about ANY ARAB country?

Did Lebanon end their state of war with Israel?

Did a Syrian Leader ever visit, or send a delegation to "talk peace?"

Did Iran ever allow the 25,000 Iranian Jews an opportunity to migrate?

NOTHING. NO OVERTURES OR OFFERING HAS EVER COME FROM A ARAB GOVERNEMENT. (outside of 2 governments tha tare paid BILLIONS of dollars in US AID, to have a false/cold peace)

Yet -- it will continue.

When this news cycle dies down (and it will) -- Israel will be off the cable news, newspapers, and blogs.

Israel will STILL BE CONFRONTED WITH, hostile enemies, at her borders. This will not change...it is a fact.

And, you know what?

You will still hear these words:
1) Peace Process
2) Disengagement
3) Unilateral Withdrawal
4) Land concession


I want you to ask ANYONE....


If you hear, "defensible borders" -- just imagine Hizbullah launching rockets, from the West Bank.

That's the future NEWS CYCLE. Rocket's and Katushyas coming in from Nablus, Ramallah -- and Samaria.

I'm mad at Israel, and I can be. You see, I LOVE the fact that my country (United States) stands for freedom, democracy, and GOOD IN THE WORLD. Israel means something to me, because as a JEW, it represents more than religion. It signifies a connection to the past...a connection of safety, and strength, no matter what befalls - JEWS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Yet, Israel chose to, "LOSE IT"S RATIONAL ABILITY" to learn precisely why, it has survived - and flourish - in every concievable way. Israel lost its connection to the past....it forgot WHY.

I hope Israel, has not forgotten, survival and deterrence.

I'm mad at Israel. But, if you love someone enough (and care) - do you not have a duty to share your feelings in good times and bad?

Am Yisrael Chai...."Long Live Israel."

I may be mad. Israel will still win against out against Arab evil.

Let's just not continue to repeat mistakes of the past......


I'm mad, but I still.......LOVE ISRAEL.



Anonymous BB said...

Hold on my friend. There is a "peace," however cold, with Egypt and Jordan. Both countries are fighting takeover by Muslim fundamentalists. Israel is not fighting any recognized government right now, although they argue that because Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government, Israel is at war with Lebanon. True, but not true. Israel is only at war with a part of the government - that part that cannot control, or will not/cannot exert control, over Hezbollah. Syria also will be overrun with Muslim fundamentalists in the absence of the iron fist of Bashar. Israel is really at war with Iran - a country ruled by Muslim fundamentalists.

This fight is all about politics and the media. You know, I know, everyone knows that no one can defeat Israel in a conventional war, just as know one can defeat the US in a conventional war. The Muslim fundamentalists take their "victories" in small doses, like a guided missile hitting the Israeli warship off the coast and killing 4 Israelis.

So here is the point - Israel must be able to attack from the moral highground. The withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 and the withdrawal from Gaza finally gave the moral high ground back to Israel. It exposed the Palestinians and the Muslim fundamentalists for what they want and who they are. Obviously the French still don't get it, but everyone else (save perhaps the BBC and the Scandanavian countries) does. Israel now has the ability in a political sense to destroy all of Hezbollah's military capabilities. That is where I disagree with Daniel Pipes (but agree with almost everything else he says) - Israel needed to withdraw, unilaterally because there was no one to negotiate with, in order to regain that moral highground from which to attack. Think about it - Hezbollah has rockets that hit Haifa. Even with the buffer zone, they could still probably hit Haifa or another city within Israel proper. The buffer zone was really a mirage of safety.

Friedman at Stratfor had it right - the Israeli's plan is to degrade Hezbollah so that two things happen: first, their capability to hit deep into Israel is degraded for years, and second (perhaps but not likely) Hezbollah will be weakened to a point where the Lebanese government can take over. Not likely, but possible.

Israel lives in a rough neighborhood. There is no end game. Peace is a mirage. The best they can do is keep themselves safe for as long as possible until they need to go to war again. Right now, Israel is fortunate that they are not being attacked on all sides by Egypt, Jordan, Saddam-era Iraq and Syria. They are only being attacked by non-state actors. That is, at the end of the day, a good thing. Iran is the real problem. I get the sense that if Assad's control of Syria faltered, Israel would be in a far worse position because the Muslim fundamentalists would take over, backed by Iran.

At the end of the day - the idea is bomb Hezbollah positions, take out all of their current rocket capabilities, follow up with the ground troops to finish the job, and withdraw back to Israel proper. Not much else would be better.

10:37 PM  

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