Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stress Level, and My - "Far Away Eyes..."

I am convinced that many people who are aware of, "news and current events" - have an added amount of negative energy, and enormous stress over the past few weeks, and days.

Lisa (my wife) and I experienced Israel. We had a VERY unfortunate journey, and one that has shaped a LARGE portion of my life. I wrote about it HERE. We survived a suicide bombing.

I was 15 feet away from the suicide bombers, HATE and MURDER. I am here typing, and LIVING, for a reason.

Many of us KNEW, and told anyone who would listen -- that ultimately this was the desire of the enemy. No land, no concessions, no turning away from EVIL.....would bring tranquility, or calm, to a people who desired nothing but to, LIVE -- and prosper.

Infact, it WAS THE OPPOSITE. To bloodthirsty, religious murderers, it (concessions) signified WEAKNESS, rather than strength.

I told my wife this evening, after dinner, that it is difficult for me to process, and communicate my inner feelings as well as raw emotions, on Israel,(and what she is currently going through) and the safety, of her BOLD citizens. The conflict and WAR is making me have.......


I'm here physically, but I'm FAR AWAY mentally.

Maybe, I'm in the Golan, walking through the Grapevines, of the YARDEN WINERY.

Or, possibly in Metula (northern border of Israel, bordering Lebanon) -- taking pictures of soldiers patrolling the hostile fence, with Hizbullah blaring music on the other side.

Maybe in Tel Aviv, on the beach -- drinking a cold beer.

Maybe it's strolling BEN YEHUDA street, in Jerusalem. (a pedestrian mall with shops and cafe's)

Whatever it is -- I'm THERE....

I'm going to try to make an effort to add a "daily dose" of music, to this blog. Part distraction, a dose of enjoyment -- with a splash of confusion.

It's part of who I am.

"When you get confused listen to the music play."


Others, will get a HOOT.

I encourage you to sit back, turn up your volume -- and listen. (link at bottom of this post)

I'm confused, distraught, and in anguish -- about the cost of foolishness from, THIS Particular DAY to the present.

This WAR has brought out YEARS of inner pain. Years of, "WHY?"

And, music has been a "source of inspiration for me" -- and for many of you, this will be a, NEW MUSICAL EXPERIENCE.

This is a MELLOW SONG, (almost considered country) by a band called --- The Rolling Stones. (this cut is from 1978)

It was SOOO good infact, this version, made the studio album.

Click on the picture (and arrow below) -- and smile.




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