Friday, January 27, 2006

Israel and the PA Elections....

In a weird way, most of us knew we had this coming. Hamas winning the elections, and a majority control in Palestinian life. A terror organization running the government of the PA.

We had it coming.

Lisa (my gorgeous, loving wife) and I were involved in a suicide bombing on Sept 4, 1997. We were vacationing in Israel, spent time in the North in the Galilee, Tel Aviv, and our first day in the city of Jerusalem.

We were eating falafel in a restaraunt on Ben Yehuda Street....the heart of Jerusalem, and a pedestrian mall. Shops, Retailers, stands, McDonalds, and all the standards you would find in a mall....(but outdoor)

It was nearly 3 ' clock -- and the school children were just arriving with their backpacks in tow, to hang out on a sunny day, eat,sitting on the chairs, benches, and chatting....and just as 12-13 year old kids do...."chilling" - it was about 75 degrees.

We walked past them all, and into the restaraunt... I took special notice of all the smiles, giggling, and the familiarity of being back home...

Once we got in BANG-- the loudest noise I have ever heard....

The roof fell on us.

Darkness *

Silence *

Then another BANG --- the 2nd loudest noise I have ever heard -- (it was 15 feet away at the front of the establishment)

Silence *

From "The Bombing" a movie about the suicide bombers of that day........

" On September 4, 1997, three Palestinian youths blew themselves up on Ben Yehuda street in crowded central Jerusalem. Among the victims were three 14 year - old Israeli girls - Sivann Zarka, Yael Botwin and Smadar Elhanan. The suicide bombers, Tawfiq Yassine, Bashar Sawalha and Youssef Shouli, were young Palestinians from the same Israeli-occupied West Bank village - ranging in age from 22 to 25 years old. "

I heard moaning, it was Lisa - with the most frightening look I have ever witnesses - "is there more coming?"

We waited, I huddled on top of her, and the restaraunts roof was fallen top of us, roof particles, roofing, electrical wires -- ALL ON TOP OF US.

Slowly after 30 seconds--- but it felt like 10 years...we got up. There was alot of smoke.


Glass, books, food, wood, and then.......all the children, we had passed on our way in.

Lying Dead. Mangled.

Their bookbags were still on their backs, and some of the clothes had literally melted (been fused into their skin) -- it was surreal.

We were in shock.

We helped a few people, but in a matter of minutes we were out of there. Shocked scared, blood splattered on us, dirty -- and most of us in shock, and not knowing where to turn.

But, I took pictures. (a bizarre moment, but I had my camera on my shoulder - as many of us do on vacation -- I took a roll of carange--why? I dont know, but I did...)

I have only shown possibly 10 people these shots. Body parts, dead kids, and destruction.

I looked at them today, because I watched the PR guy for Hamas on the TV, at the victory rally for the victors.

This is Hamas. This is the new face of the PA.

We had it coming.

( I plan on writing more extensively on this subject down the road, and will get into more detail, it is part of my plan for this blog as I have outlined what I want to eventually "get into" -- there is a TON more detail, but the HAMAS election victory stirred something up in me that is really beyond words... )

We had it coming.


Anonymous Murray said...

Hi Andy,

I was touched by your story.

I am deeply opposed to the killing of civilians by anyone.

Please have a look at to see what it's like for the palestinians.

If we dont understand why suicide bombers do what they do we will never know how to stop them.

10:22 PM  
Blogger modifiedcontent said...

"If we dont understand why suicide bombers do what they do we will never know how to stop them."

Murray, you hypocrite! muslims/arabs started their war against Jews (and all "infidels" for that matter) long before there even was a state of Israel. They claim the entire region for islam - and ultimately the entire world.

Why turn this around and point the finger to Israel as the "root cause" for the violence? Are you really that dumb or just a sick and twisted hypocrite? Get a clue.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Tony M said...

"that dumb, or just a sick and twisted hypocrite" rich with irony.

If we don't seek to understand would the alternative be some convenient form of ethnic cleansing, or just low level smouldering hatred.

Very productive.

10:54 PM  
Blogger k said...

I don’t know about anyone else, but watching the film The War Within has given me a new perspective on terrorism against the United States, especially from a possible terrorist’s point of view. Whether the subject in the film is forced into it through brutal imprisonment or through conscience decisions the film gives a point of view rarely seen in the United States.

1:47 PM  

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