Tuesday, January 24, 2006

As January draws to a close, I have to admit - this month more than many others in my lifetime -- I have a most uneasy feeling as we move ahead in 2006.

I am not a "tea leaf" reader, nor am I a visionary when it comes to stuff that may transpire.

But, I like to think of myself as a novice of history, and more importantly a good "study" of conflicts worldwide.

My gut is telling me that much like August of 2001 - (the month preceding that dreadful day/month of Sept 2001) - that this January that we are leaving behind us, may be that same kind of month.

Why you ask?

One word -- one country IRAN.

Quietly, it has stepped back into our lives. I will NEVER forget certain things about my teenage years, and one of them was the HUGE impact that the Iranian Hostage crisis -- had on me.

It forced me, at a young age to write Hodding Carter, (working for Jimmy Carter) a long letter imploring him not to sell AWAC's planes to the Saudi's out of fear it would tip the scale of power too far in the Middleast.

The scales are not about to get tipped moving past January 2006, the scales are about to get demolished, and catastrophe will result for us all.

It may result in nuclear blackmail.

One of the key elements up to this past month, is that the countries that possess nuclear weapons (with the exception of North Korea) - had some sort of fear of mutually assured destruction.

The Iranians Mullah's don't.

They think this is their mission.

I have disagreed with our President on some issues, and frankly, this is the MAIN ISSUE for me in judging his Presidency.....and in generations to come.

Hopefully, January 2006, IS NOT the equivalent of August 2001 -- when all of our lives were affected/changed -- but this time, the consequences could be even more horrific.

I hope I'm wrong, but conflict and a showdown is looming on the horizon.


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