Monday, January 23, 2006

New Technology, and Change in Media Consumption

Anyone that has Sirius Satellite Radio, and is a fan of Howard Stern, may have recently noticed a change in their "radio" consumption.

I did.

And, taking a random poll of 4 people (who also have Sirius, even though this is statiscally insignificant) I found that my finding, and MY behavior was not alone.....

Since Howard has come on the air, Channel 100, I have NOT taken Sirius off the radio, when I'm in the comes on when I get in, and 100% of the time when the radio is on, Howard 100, or 101 is on. (Sirius and Howard, have designed compelling programming 24 hours a day)

( I have listened to my CD's in longer trips - but as far as radio stations, this had been the trend, neither AM nor FM have been heard in my auto)

My media consumption has changed, along with technology, and certainly because of CONTENT that I really like, and enjoy.

The interesting thing about this finding was, until I randomly polled others, I thought I was alone...

This is a trend, and much like portals fight for our eyeballs online (and time spent on their site) - with the arrival of Howard to a new medium -- he is changing MY MEDIA CONSUMPTION more than the technology.

I had Sirius for a year, and listened sporadically, but NEVER FOR 2 weeks straight.

So content wins, and the content RADICALLY ALTERS media consumption across new mediums.


Blogger Brian said...

Check out the Bloomberg newspaper cover story over this past weekend. They evaluate the financials of XM and have rated them as a better long term investment. This is based on the distribution deals and the maturity of the distribution deals they have with GM, Honda, Acura, and Toyota. Also based on them having nearly double the subscribers than that of Sirius. However, Sirius is under contract with Ford, BMW, and a few others...the problem is those auto-makers havn't put Sirius into widespread production as optional or standard equipment on their vehicles. I do agree with you that on a marketing front Sirius has a stronger play and wall street's short-sightedness and misunderstanding of an industry is no surprise. You can have all the distribution in the world but with no content you are nowhere. I know of several people who have XM enabled cars who have a Sirius radio sitting on their dashboard.

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