Monday, January 23, 2006 wins a judgement against NexTag, and specifically their "infringement" of creative copyright?

That means banners, that look alike? Creative Copy?

This could have a chilling effect for lead generation online in general, although I'm not sure how to interperet.

I mean, if a copy uses similar tactics to do lead stuff with like, "Win a Free IPOD?" or, "Bill Me Later, but send me Free copies now.." Can that be considered similiar, can companies patent their creatives as well as methods of closing a consumer to signup?

Here is the piece -

I just felt a chill go through some "in-house" dot com legal offices.....

Here is the next memo: (hypothetical)

From: Legal
To : Everyone
Date: Today

Before you run a campaign, Legal must approve all creatives that were done in house.
No exceptions.


Mr. or Mrs. General Counsel.


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