Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The changing face of Music.

"Music distribution" is a key phrase, and one that consumers need to pay attention to.

Back in the old days, (pre-internet) --in my youth, I'd saunter over to TWO GUYS, Crazy Eddie, or Sam Goody to pick up a record, cassette or even a CD in later years.

Basically that was the model of getting music into the hands of consumers.

Lots have changed, technology, buying habits, the music itself -- but what has not evolved and kept up with the changing landscape is the way we PURCHASE, and the music companies ability to GET IT TO THE CONSUMER.

I refuse to buy from Best Buy. I will NEVER purchase a CD from them. Why? I dont like their tactics of dealing with artists. I will NEVER buy music from Walmart. Same reason.

I loved supporting the little business owner. Where I grew up this guy, (old hippy) had a store called "The Record Setter" -- he was so great, and charming to the buyers -- he turned me on to my first Miles Davis, Coltrane -- and he also got me hooked on The Ramones.

That would NEVER happen at Walmart or Best Buy. (and it affects the music itself)

Radio and limited distribution channels are solely determining what is being played -- and what is getting out there.

The lack of "Distribution of content" sources is sinking the music industry.

ITunes, and a few others control marketshare. But who controls getting it out there for listening to the public -- to FIGURE out if they want to purchase?

2 main companies, ClearChannel and Infinity. These 2 groups control the lions share of FM broadcast - (as well as AM)

With 2 companies pushing content, and limited distribution alternatives -- we have a recipe for MASSIVE change in the music industry.

Ford just announced layoffs of 35,000 workers -- the automotive industry was SLOW to change the last 20 years, and we are witnessing it again in the music business. (same scenario)

In some garage there is a kid, and this kid is developing a ingenious way to distribute music, and get it into the hands of consumers. The kid will be the next , Steve Jobs...

Until then, here is a site of a company and a guy, Dave - who has done a fantastic job of trying to figure out the system, get content - and distribute it. I support him, and my hats off to a entrepreneur, for seeing a need, identifying the need - and executing.

Check out his site, listen to the radio, and see if you see what I'm referring to.

Here is the link: digitalsoundboard.net

Good job Mr, Dave.....(and I'm a customer)



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