Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Surroundings and Accountability:

I am pleasantly in a place, where I get to hear many new business concepts and ideas.

Sometimes, when you are in a a large company, in a job, you forget that there is a whole world around you - becasue you are so consumed with your responsibilites -- and you lose sight of the industry around you. (and the web moves fast)

It's good and it's bad.

It's good, because the company is paying you to MAKE THE COMPANY perform.....perform better for it's clients, its shareholders, and the employees.

It's bad, because you LOSE THE VISION of what is going on in your industry. (and the web moves fast)

This hurts, but this week I saw a story on MSNBC, about a father who works for FORD MOTOR in Detriot, and his 3 boys do as well in factories around the country. It was a sad story. This was a "auto" family if there ever was one, this family made sacrifices to work for FORD, (they were asked to relocate, take furloughs) but in the end, they believed in the future of the company.

Ford announced this week, that it is in the process of laying off 35,000 workers, now this entire family--- (father and his 3 boys) are out of work.

Had they taken a closer look at the industry, maybe realized what was going on around them - they might have created a PLAN B -- and planned to leave, for life after FORD, or gotten out of the industry altogether, and into something more lucrative.....

They did not.

They were focused on their task, installing windshields, and supervising brake applications. Takng little notice that the US auto industry is slowly dying, and that their company is grossly mismanaged, as well as not meeting expectations. (they may have known, but they had confidence it would turn around, but why?)

Working in a job on the internet, is it OK to make the same kind of mistake as the AUTO workers did? (working for a company or a industry segment online, that is doomed or underperforming?)

I dont have the answer, but interested in the feedback.


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