Sunday, July 16, 2006

A few GREAT resources for information and Opinion.

I'm sick of CNN. I'm ill from the NYTimes. The BBC is makes me puke.

If you want to really see WHY their is so much anti-Israel bias, all you need to do is, READ THIS FROM THE BBC, and hold your nose.

What I wanted to do was provide a few sites/blogs that I visit daily....

I encourage you to BOOKMARK - (mark as Favorite) these sites. They are RICH with information, and they will keep you informed.

Meryl Yourish - (click here)

Pam from Atlas (click here)

Boker Tov (click here)

Little Green Footballs

Jerusalem Online (News)


WestBank Blog

Brutally Honest

YNET - news

That is a quick rundown of some of my "daily reads.."

I encourage you to read the blogs and news sites above, as well as forward these links to friends and family.



Blogger Gavriel said...

Wow, thanks for the more-than-kind words, and of course for the link (and for reading me). The effect of the web and blogging on how we deal with this conflict as opposed to those in the past is just stunning to me (how people can find what they want to know and don't have to wait for a pre-ordered information diet to be shoved down their throats). I also liked your descriptions of where you wanted to be in Israel (on the beach with a beer, etc.), kind of made me want to get out of the office myself. I live here and I don't do those things enough. Thanks for a little inspiration.

2:51 AM  

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