Thursday, July 20, 2006

Warning, Diplomacy Ahead....

Big warning.


Israel is about to be boxed in.

You know why?

The man on the RIGHT of the picture below, is a crook. He has done nothing to stop Hamas and Hizbullah -- DESPITE UN RESOLUTIONS regarding both GAZA, and South Lebanon.

UN Peacekeepers can do nothing,(and have done zero, but perhaps they have provided cover for Hizbullah?) to assist in making Israel safer. The track record of the UN as an "arbiter of disputes" when it comes to the Jewish state is pretty clear.

No phony false cease fire....

What will "make the family in Haifa, safe from the threat of terror, Katuyshas, missles, and living under constant siege?"

Only the IDF can.

Israel needs time to finish their air campaign, and THEN hammer through ground forces. Diplomatic cover is NOT going to happen....

Israel has to swallow a tough pill in the coming days.

The "tough pill" is telling the man on the right,, to go F* off.


Anonymous Luc said...

That photo is incredible. UN keeps the lessons from moral. Israel must win so that the terrorists lose.
Thanks Andy.

2:26 AM  
Blogger Jujigatami said...

Sign a virtual IDF Artillery shell:

To Nasrallah With Love

3:15 PM  

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