Thursday, July 13, 2006

Major Escalation.....Response Needed from the IDF.

The first Hizbullah Missle fired from Lebanon, hit one of Israel's major cities this evening...

There are three major population centers: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa.

Haifa was hit, and this missle being fired into Israel sends a strong signal to Israel, and the world......THIS IS NOT A BATTLE, ITS A WAR.

There should be NO mistaking the signal....sent by Iran, (through Hizbullah) with that launch into Haifa..

This effectively places the northern 1/3 of the State of Israel, within range of these missles.

Now is the time to teach these animals, and fanatics and lesson. It's time to recover the deterrence factor that these young Muslims have yet to live through....

Israel must be BRUTAL, and inflict SHAME on entire populations, and countries that allow terrorist to live, and operate inside of their borders.
"In the North, Hizbullah's rocket arsenal, army and terrorist training camps in southern Lebanon should be destroyed to the maximum extent possible, within the constraint of Israel's desire not to reoccupy Lebanese territory over an extended period. We can also expect, given Olmert's remarks, that the IDF will strike targets of importance to the Lebanese, and perhaps the Syrian governments.

It is Israel's responsibility to defend itself by destroying the capabilities of its attackers and imposing sufficient costs at all levels of responsibility. The government must also, however, call on the international community to reinforce, rather than undermine, the deterrent effect of such actions. "

Hizbullah should be the 1st to suffer....along with I'm afraid the entire Lebanese population. It's unfortunate, but by providing a safe haven to this group (similar to Afganhistan housing Al-Qaeda) they have placed their country at risk of destruction.

Not one person in Lebanon should be sleeping tonight......not one.


First Hizballah rockets land in Haifa, one of Israel’s three main cities and chemicals industrial center

July 13, 2006, 8:36 PM (GMT+02:00)

Hizballah has just denied sending the two rockets which hit a street in the Stella Maris suburb near an Israeli military base after dark Thursday. No immediate word on injuries. Residents of Haifa and its environs ordered to shelter in protected areas, placing more than 700,000 Israeli civilians in shelters.

More than 100 rockets landed on northern Israel in a single day, 90 Israelis were injured, one woman killed in her home in the coastal resort of Nahariya which was battered by Katyusha fire through the day. After dusk, several more people were injured when another volley hit residential streets. Residents are fleeing south with children. Safed took another round of rockets after dark and more casualties. One fatality reported, the second of the day. After nightfall, Hatzor Haglilit, Amiad and Korazim came under attack.

Earlier, Hizballah threatened to attack Haifa if the Israeli air force strikes Beirut.


Anonymous BB said...

No two ways about it - we are at war with Iran. No target should be safe, no leader of Hezbollah, Hamas or any other group should sleep soundly. The unilateral pull out from Southern Lebanon and Gaza has exposed their true intentions (no peace), leaves them without patrons (European countries) and gives Israel the moral legitimacy to hit back without restraint. Israel must do so. Imagine Mexico shelling San Antonio. Or Canada shelling Buffalo. Would we really use "restraint" in responding, or would our response be "in proportion" to the instigated attack? Of course not. Hit them and hit them hard.

6:08 PM  

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