Thursday, July 06, 2006

Chuck Berry a Legend Captured on Film.

Great Music, and a must have DVD for any music lover...and any person who loves the history of music.

Let me recommend a DVD for you.

Chuck Berry's "Hail Hail Rock N' Roll."

It's a movie filled with emotion, talent and great music.

After viewing this movie, I realized that Chuck Berry is clearly the, "father of rock n'roll.."

After seeing this, let me be clear about the following -- "Elvis Presly WAS NOT the originator, nor is he the face, nor should he be considered the FATHER of Rock n' Roll."

Elvis had it easier, (in comparision to Chuck)-- as he was white.....and accepted, and most of all-- wanted by the music industry---looking for the "white, bad boy, face of rock n roll -- Elvis was that pretty face, that was needed....good looking and WHITE." Elvis Presly was a talented pretty face.


Chuck Berry was black, and he was destined, and pigeonholed by a term coined -- (for black musicians) "Rhythm and Blues.."

Chuck Berry transcended R&B and Rock N'Roll -- he became the master, and owner of BOTH.

He is the man. This DVD shows why.

He is also an egotistical, angry, and selfish person.

This DVD captures it all. It's about a celebration, around his 60th birthday in 1986.

Keith Richard's was the producer of the concert to celebrate his birthday. The DVD captures the events leading up to the show, with rehearsal and footage, regarding Chucks reaction to his fellow bandmates, interacting -- and playing Chuck's music.

Eric Clapton, Linda Rondstadt, Robert Cray....all came to play - and pay homage to Chuck Berry.

He treated them all badly. But, the music is INSANELY good. The movie really hammers home that Chuck Berry, (although a great musician) is a deeply troubled man, with a haunted past --- and a anger simmering inside of him, that he unleashes on Keith Richards, and his fellow artists....

The insight of this movie allow the music to be more passionate (as he sings, "Maybelline" - or "Johnny B. Goode.")

It allows the lyrics that he sings to have more, meaning than ever.....

And the insight into Chuck Berry makes his geeeetar, HUM even sweeter.

If you like great music, human fraility, and you want to learn about an aspect of rock n' roll....then --
Get this DVD, you will be happy you did.

The DVD is here.


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