Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sleepless Evenings....

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in Sunday's cabinet meeting that "these are difficult days for Israel, but we won't give in to terror."

"We can't accept that our communities in the south are living in perpetual fear; I've given orders that no one sleep tonight in Gaza, either," the prime minister declared.

"Giving into terror today means more blackmail in the future," Olmert continued.

No kidding.

Israel needs to get back its deterrence capability.

Today, Hamas and all the terror infrastructure (in Gaza and Lebanon) are gearing up for a fight with the IDF.

Hamas has recruited a team of suicide bombers to use against the Israeli forces.

From Debka...

Taking advantage of the time gained by the hold-up in Israel’s advance into Gaza and Egypt’s mediation bid, Hamas used last week to recruit the seven armed Fatah suicide squads in the Gaza Strip and build a new alliance called “The National General Command of Asifa Palestine.”

The new grouping passed two resolutions.

1. Its members no longer recognize Mahmoud Abbas’s authority.

2. A concerted effort by all the allied factions will be mounted to fight Israeli forces if they deepen their incursion of the Gaza Strip.

Saturday night, July 1, the NGCAP announced its principle weapon would be suicide fighters. Israel military sources believe Fatah will have no difficulty in rounding up large numbers of recruits for a mass suicide assault.


Israel is giving these groups time to organize. This is ludicrous.

Time to make them pay. Drink dirty water, no sleep in Gaza for the entire population -- and a complete lockdown of all areas.


Israel MUST send a message to the people of the world (and Gaza) --- that when you align yourselves with a group bent on our destruction ---- we will respond HARSHLY, and that the lives of your people will be, VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

Take out their leaders, and send a few missles into the Hamas Headquarters in Damascus, to let Syria know HOW serious the State of Israel is....

Gilad Shalit, I am quite sure has had some sleepless nights, and the people of Gaza - and hopefully soon Damascus, should as well.


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