Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Part 2 on Musical Journey's .....

In my previous post, I wrote about "On The Road"...and how my love of the Grateful Dead, has made me very aware, and passionate about traveling far and wide, to see
good music.

Part of the allure of the Grateful Dead was (is) the music. Part of their magic was the simple fact, you could go to a different city, see the sights, smell the smells, and experience a unique flavor.

Night after night, 3 tours a year.....Spring, Summer, Fall...

It provided a "jolt" to life.

Since 1995, (the death of Jerry Garcia) I still, as I age, try to plan a once a year journey to see live music.

The last few years, it has been to see a guitar player named, Steve Kimock. The mountains of Colorado for a few days in the summertime, (with the Steve Kimock Band) satisfy my desire to dance in the rocky mountain air - to good tunes, and great karma. I go for typically 2 concerts, sometimes 3......and do a bit of travelin' if required between venues.

By myself. Alone.

A quest yearly, a search, for GOOD ENERGY. (That only great live bands can provide)

I am lucky enough to be married to a fantastic wife, who understands this critical need in my life, and encourages the journey.

She understands how much music means to me...and how ingrained it is in who I am.

Which leads me to my musical journey for 2006. Happening now.

If you are new to this blog, let me tell you -- in my life there are a few bands that I hold in a different, and unique class, above the rest of music -- the "cream of the crop"... are the Grateful Dead, and The Rolling Stones.

I have written my review, on one of the many Stones concerts I attended months ago, and insight on the Stones, HERE.

2 months ago, one of my favorite musicians FELL, and bumped his head. He was hurt, and required surgery to repair, bleeding of the brain.

Keith Richards was injured....

My mind raced. First off, in case you are unaware -- he is a "unparalled genius" of guitar. Simply put, he has created amazing riffs, melodies, as well as, songs that will, FAR OUTLIVE ALL OF US. His artistic work is incredible. Keith Richards has talent that is more than special......

I felt a stinging feeling upon hearing the news of Keith's head injury. Selfishly, I wondered, "was I was ever going to be able to see him play live again?"

Was this the end of the Rolling Stones?

A band that has been a FORCE, in both Rock n' Roll, as well as touring, for nearly 45 years.

45 years!!!!!?????? Simply incredible.

The day Jerry Garcia died, I had a empty feeling of despair, and loneliness. I was NEVER able to verbalize personally to Jerry, how he affected me in the, "most positive of ways in my life, and his impact on my being....."

Similarly, I was never able to properly express myself to Keith Richards, about the enjoyment he has provided me for my entire existence on this planet.

Well, now I have.

And suffice to say, I will be going to Paris, France. Then, a short plane ride to Amsterdam, Holland.

(I will be blogging from Paris and Amsterdam, and posting pictures from both places, people and images, as well as the concerts on this blog, starting Thursday)

To see Keith Richards, and his band - The Rolling Stones.

As soon as they announced he was going back on tour, and recovered from his head wound, I booked it.

I managed to secure great seats, (in Europe they do not use rows on the floor, they call them "pitches". My seats are in Pitch A)

My one major problem, and it has been on my mind, and will be blogged about in the VERY NEAR FUTURE on this blog.....is the following:

"France's treatment of Israel and Jews have been horrible. Yet, I am venturing to the EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF ANTI-SEMITISM."


For Music. Specifically, The Rolling Stones.

I have never been to France. Probably will never go back in my lifetime. (Although I have been to Europe many times)

The only thing in my life that could get me to go to France, was the Rolling Stones.

I compromised a fundamental belief that I have had my entire adult life. Namely, boycotting France. Ever since, Francois Mitterand would not allow President Reagan and our armed forces, ACCESS TO THEIR AIRSPACE, in order to bomb Khaddafy -- I became aware of French intentions.

Bottom line, The French are anti-American, and certainly anti-Israel.

What could get me to France, before I die?

Only one thing.

The journey for good music.

Keith Richards.

I will go to France. Hold my nose......but, I will go.

And the journey is, BECAUSE OF MUSIC.

I only ask, GIMME SHELTER......from my guilt, out of going to France, the country that represents so much of what I detest.

Pleasure over Principals, is not a motto that I choose in everyday life, especially as we all get older....it simply won't get us far in our path through the years....

But, I will make an exception for a exceptional talent, named Keith Richards...

(click on the arrow below, turn up the volume)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy enjoy the trip and the sights but more importantly the MUSIC! Do NOT discuss politics with the french it will just take the experience down from where it should be... which is a GREAT TIME to remember and cherish!!

12:26 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

You are 100% correct. Good insight and comments....

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy great post and enjoy the trip - while the French stance on politics isn't ideal - there is much about the country to enjoy, especially during the summertime.

- Matt

1:20 PM  

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