Monday, July 31, 2006

A Cafe in Amsterdam......

Is where this post, it's flavor, and thoughts originate.

In the past 4 days, I have had the pleasure of seeing the Rolling Stones in the evening, in both Paris and Amsterdam.

The show in Paris was outstanding. I will post formal reviews of the concerts from France, and Holland later in the week.

This post is NOT about the Rolling Stones.

It's about Europe, my impressions, and my interpretations, of what I'm taking in.

First off, Europe is in trouble.

Big trouble.

I like to dig deep into problems, and their roots. Asking questions of people, engaging discussions. Polite discourse.

European Jewry is in danger. They are in danger for many reasons, but here are 2 reasons that strike me immediately, and need to be expounded on:

1) The anti-US Media is being forced fed to the masses. BBC is anti-semitic, bottom line. BBC is VERY pro Arab -- and anti Israel. (more in depth analysis on this in a later post) Al Jazeera is very popular here, with subtitles, and alot of exposure, BEYOND the Arab Masses. Anchors and reporters are openly hostile to President Bush, as well as the State of Israel.

2) European mentality: I truly believe that Europeans (huge generalization, but I'm finding it to be true) have a VERY hard time confronting evil. They are lacking at a basic human element to understand and comprehend utter evil. Instead, they try to appease it, look the other way, and WILL (wish) it away. Hitler came to power, and early on, he made it VERY apparent what his intentions were. Then, he started acting on those very sentiments that he clearly stated. By the mid 1930's he was marching through Europe, looking to conquer the entire continent. The Europeans REFUSED to confront him early on, and try to DEFINE EVIL - and name it - and FIGHT IT. Instead they were eaten by the Nazi's --- and the rest is history. The could have crushed him early in his career before he got powerful. They did not.

It's the same scenario all over again.

But, instead of Nazi's (that Europe faces) -- it's Islamic Fanatisism, that Europe is UNABLE to grasp is evil, and therefore cannot come to grips with, 'what it must do.'

Yet, once again Europe is truly down playing, and worst of all - COZYING UP TO THE GROUPS THAT THREATEN IT THE MOST. (Islamic Terrorism)

The Media is VILLYFYING Israel, by the minute. Reports from Lebanon. Interviews from Arab diplomats and journalists. All with one focus.

De-legitimizing the right of Israel to exist. The 'underlying message' is clear. If Israel were not located in the Mid-East there would be peace.'

This propoganda on display throughout Europe is reminiscent of the 1930's, and chapters well documented of early attacks on Jews on this continent.

I predict that Europe is in trouble.

And, instead of facing down their enemy - they are resorting to what comes easy, natural -- and has been part of their cultural DNA.

Blame the Jews and Israel for the problems.

I see it, hear it and sense it - throughout the cafe's, trains, taxi's and TV. I have talked to a GREAT many people, and taken in all forms of opinions in the last 4 days.......

I want to be wrong, but I fear I am correct in my assesment on the plight, and immediate future for Europe's Jews.

The cancer here is widespread. The cancer of anti-semitism is rampant, and spreading....

The diagnosis is BIG PROBLEMS, and fear.
The prognosis is to be aware, and potentially look to relocate.

Which is why, yesterday in talking to a Jewish family at the Van Gogh museum, when I pointedly asked them if they considered moving out of Holland due to safety concerns of their children, and if so where would they go....?

They replied, 'Israel.' Without hesitation.

Which is why, much like the young family with 2 children that escaped from some European countries -- in the late 1930's with the Holocaust imminent -- BUT WERE TURNED AWAY FROM ENTERING MANY COUNTRIES......AND WERE SENT BACK TO THEIR DEATHS....

Israel did not exist. There was nowhere to go for that family looking to escape the Nazi war machine marching their Europe. Targeting Jews, and spreading death to people because of their religion....

Anne Frank puts a face on all of this. She died at Bergen Belsen 2 weeks before US forces liberated the death camp. There was no Jewish State foe the Frank family of Germany or Holland, to escape to.

Which is why the State of Israel is so important.

Never forget.


Blogger RyanD said...

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your blog - I've been following it for a couple of months, now.

I'm a 29 year old, living in Belgium. Born in South Africa, I've lived in the UK, too.

Yes, I believe that Israel is vilified in the media. Yes, I believe that Europe is cozy-ing up to Islamic fundamentalists in the name of political correctness. And when you speak of the struggle and experience of Israel, I believe what you write. I have to.

But what I don't believe is the overwhelming good intention of the USA. I do not believe that USA is a country that only believes in doing good in the world. USA - like any other country - looks after number one. USA is not an ultruistic country.

I don't believe that America is any better than Europe at 'doing good' - whatever that may mean. To think that America - and it is easy for me to say this of course, because I am not an American - is the saviour and liberator of the free world, is flawed. I would no more trust the leaders of the States than I would that of my own country.

And - again, easy for me to say because I am not an Israeli and perhaps do not understand the fulness of the situation (it's the reason I read your writings) - to think that Islam is evil... well, I don't know. I am not against Islam. I am against an Islam (or any religion, country or purpose) that supports its means by violence. That is evil.

Surely the quest is for peace, and not degrading another religion into the camp of "evil"?

Surely that won't get anyone anywhere?

Is there any common ground to be shared ? At all?

Surely common ground would be preferrable to the death of any human - whatever their religion or country of birth? Is the cost of compromise - whether Israeli or Islamic - not lower than the cost of even one human death?

Again, is there any common ground?

Please don't get me wrong. You have my support. But is it necessary to degrade another religion - indeed, another person - as evil?

Who is your brother? Who is your mother?

Best wishes,

p.s. if you ever make it over to Belgium, please feel free to drop me a line. The coffee is good here.

11:27 AM  

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