Thursday, March 29, 2007

Press Day at Lotame....

Today was Lotame day for the cameras...

Here is a picture of me being interviewed, which I thought I'd share.

The topic is, "how is Lotame impacting Media 2.0?"

"Nobody puts baby in the corner....."

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Underhyped Media.....

When Rupert Murdoch's News Corp made the decision to purchase MySpace, many thought he overpaid at the time for website with little revenue.

At the time of the purchase, estimates were that MySpace was generating $30 Million Dollars per year in gross revenue.

Today, MySpace (according to Barron's) is generating $30 Million PER MONTH.

"Greenfield writes that MySpace is now generating “in excess of $30 million” a month in revenue, with about $24 million in domestic revenue and $6 million internationally. He adds that monthly revenues should more than double over the next 12 months, and “at very high incremental revenue margins.” So in 12 months, he’s saying, MySpace should be doing more than $60 million a month in revenue, for an annual run rate in the neighborhood of $750 million a year. Not too shabby."

Hats of to the folks at MySpace, for a few very important reasons:

* continued growth of consumers using MySpace
* growing sales through innovative packaging to both performance advertisers, as well as branded marketers.
* 20% of revenues coming from INTERNATIONAL media channels ($6 MM)
* the forward thinking purchase of an optimization company (SDC) to handle the "blocking and tackling" of inventory optimization
* understanding and setting proper expectations with advertisers (specifically, that they are buying Media 2.0 -- this is NOT Google keyword placement, therefore, agencies should NOT compare MySpace's media with other is unique, different -- and should be measured differently)

MySpace has excelled, with both consumers and advertisers.

I'm thrilled for our industry, and what it means for the future of MEDIA 2.0.

Other MEDIA 2.0 sites, that have alot of traffic, have loyal consumers, and are thinking about monetization should know that MySpace has paved the way -- and properly laid the strategy for revenue success.

It should not be ignored.....

What should Media 2.0 properties do to build their businesses?

*focus on monetization
*uncover segements of value to advertisers - and look at advanced, easy to use technology
*sell better performance metrics
*differentiation of media (build USP's)
*selling media to marketers, in the manner that users consume it
*looking at media 2.0 and pulling out unique data points
*focus and lift from INTERNATIONAL users and inventory

Bottom line here, is that the market is advancing quickly -- and it is our believe that Media 2.0 is UNDERHYPED.

Our core belief at Lotame is 2 fold:

1) The CPM's that media 2.0 properties are charging, are WAY too low for the POTENTIAL value that they can provide to advertisers

2) Advertisers need an alternative to buying Media 2.0.

We understand the challenges that destination sites face....

The OVERHYPE, does not exist in User Generated Content, or Web 2.0 Media for one simple reason......

It's just starting to take off, and with enhanced segmentation as well as continued differentiation --- you will see that the sites (like MySpace) where, CONSUMERS SPEND MOST OF THEIR TIME -- AND INTERACT THE MOST WITH MEDIA -- becomes the primary driver for advertisers -- and HUGE VALUE for Publishers.

Hats off to the folks at Myspace for their continued domination....

Media 2.0 is undervalued, if the proper tools are applied.

Rock on.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Finding An Old Gem....

Last year, Keith Richards (around this time) fell, and hit his head. He was pretty seriously injured - and required immediate surgery.

His injury bummed me out pretty bad, and like many, I followed his progress closely.

I vowed that as soon as, The Stones resumed touring I would go, no matter where it was. I told my wife, "Wherever, whenever, they play their next show - I will be front row, watching one of my last remaining musical hero's, (Keith Richards) unleash his talent on my psyche...."

The shows were announced, and they were scheduled for -- Paris & Amsterdam in August of last summer - 2006.

My trip was fantastic. Traveling solo through France and Amsterdam is a experience, and was a soul piercing piece of history. (I'm a history enthusiast, so just walking on the cobblestones and taking in the "zeitgeist" for me was surreal)- I'm planning a post of many of my pictures, which I have yet to do.

If you like Guitar, and you like The Stones - then you will dig this cut. It's Ron Wood solo band (with Keith Richards) prior to his joining the Stones. The show is from 1974. His voice is not going to win any awards, but the raw, unparalled soul, and energy, coming from these 2 guys, more than 33 years ago - is worth a listen for any fan of rock n' roll. This will give you an idea of why Keith asked his buddy "Woodie", to join the Greatest Rock n' Roll band of all time.

"Am I Grooving You?"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Momentum as a GUIDE.

Momentum drives an idea, from a brain to reality.

Passion lifts momentum.
Momentum is lifted by passion.

At Lotame, we recently crossed some pretty large milestones in our development, and I'm totally excited, thrilled, and engaged.

But, I can't sleep.

I stay up at night, focused on tomorrow -- focused on "how".....focused on making sure our roadmap, stays in line with our clients needs. Noodling on improvement.

At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

After I finally fall asleep at around 3:50am, one of the following points awaken me, and guide me, to my morning coffee:

* is our vision and plan working out well, and benefiting our customers?
* is working with us easy?
* is understanding HOW and WHY we help drive our clients business to new heights, understood?
* can I perform better?
* are we hiring the right people?
* can I provide better leadership and guidance?

I hope the answer is YES to all of the above questions....but as I've learned - paranoia sometimes fuels energy - and allows us to redouble our efforts to prove a mission.......

As a sales guy, I'm 100% confident what we are building and executing on, is NEEDED, for Social Destination sites, with a keen eye on, monetization. We have heard countless times, that our company positioning, our concept - and our technology, are ahead of the rest of the market.

Soon, we will translate this into real DATA, for public consumption.

I'm tired, but I've never in my life, been so energized.

The Momentum train has stopped to pick up our folks at LOTAME, and our company has jumped aboard for the ride......

Rock on.
Feb. 15, 1987 - Garcia and Santana.

Jerry Garcia and Carlos Santana, with Babatunde Olatunji.
Mickey Hart and Bobby Vega.

This is "Fire on the Mountain" - and one of the most "energetic" Garcia videos you will ever witness. It's from the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

(the video and the sound are about one second off, but it is priceless nonetheless)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

West LA Fadeaway.....

I walked into MSG, one of many nights that the boys held court....

Jerry says, "Mick Taylor."

I say, whooooah. But, it was not until many years later that the full impact of Mick Taylor, and his contributions to The Rolling Stones would become evident to me.
I now own all of Mick Taylor's solo stuff.....and it's GREAT.
Here is Mick Taylor 19 years ago, with the Grateful Dead, on 9-24-88.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Insightful Post....Outside IN.

When I come across a post that allows me to look at a problem I'm trying to solve, with a different twist.....well, I like to share it.

"Outside-In Services."

"Maybe we should start to call these things "Outside In Services" -- those services that begin their conception of value creation from outside the confines of what is traditionally considered areas where value, control and distribution lie. Services which create new ways of looking at data and people and content, using the actors (or customers, or users) involved with the data and content as the focal point, and not necessarily the distributor or publisher or even service provider. Such actors have generally been considered, at least by publishers, as passive recipients. Audiences, if you will. Similarly, value has traditionally been considered to lie with the content or services delivered to those actors."

Thanks to Andrew Weissman.

Rock on.
Kudos to Clearspring....

Our friends over at Clearspring, just announced their round of funding, and a hearty congratulations is in order.

These guys, (led by Chris Marentis) have the built an excellent product, and with continued hard work, a little luck, and a few great partners/clients.....they will change the WEB 2.0, widget world for video content.

I love this quote:

"We're talking to anyone who needs to monetize content," he says. "We're saying, 'Let us help you let people steal you.'"

Monday, March 05, 2007

ZERO 6-10-06

A great band.
If you like HORNS...(Martin Fierro) -- a great guitar player (Steve Kimock) and good all around music, then sit back and watch.

This will light you up. It's been stoking my musical fire for years.....
Click on the video, and TURN IT WAY UP.....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Lotame Office......

Pictures that I have taken, line the walls of the office....everything from nature, to social art hangs proudly.

One of our developer workstations, where magic happens daily..........

The "Lotamizers" - Stacy, Jessica, and Jake - looking at data, in the format we have become accustom to.......DIFFERENTLY.