Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Insightful Post....Outside IN.

When I come across a post that allows me to look at a problem I'm trying to solve, with a different twist.....well, I like to share it.

"Outside-In Services."

"Maybe we should start to call these things "Outside In Services" -- those services that begin their conception of value creation from outside the confines of what is traditionally considered areas where value, control and distribution lie. Services which create new ways of looking at data and people and content, using the actors (or customers, or users) involved with the data and content as the focal point, and not necessarily the distributor or publisher or even service provider. Such actors have generally been considered, at least by publishers, as passive recipients. Audiences, if you will. Similarly, value has traditionally been considered to lie with the content or services delivered to those actors."

Thanks to Andrew Weissman.

Rock on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy...I've recently come across your blog and I just want to say thanks for being so candid and sharing some of your experiences/lessons learned. Your insights are both valuable and thought-provoking.

All the best,

Micah Davis

12:14 PM  

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