Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Women Are Smarter....

1989. A great summer. I attended this below (Buffalo, 7/4/89) show with some great friends.
One of my friends who drove with me to Foxboro, Buffalo - then back to Giants Stadium for The Who -- then on to Alpine Valley, WI - was Lenny Massa.

"We had a fraternity brother named Lenny Massa. He was killed at our college on Sept 29, 1989 - in a shooting at a party we had thrown, when a local from the town, got drunk, and brought a gun into one of our gatherings. (he was on parole, and had just been released from a multi year sentence, for I believe, assault with a deadly weapon, and he was out early).......He murdered Lenny.All these years later, I cannot help but think what he would be doing now.This guy (Lenny) had so much passion and energy for LIFE. He played bass in a band called "Social Convention." He came to DEAD shows with us, and drove from CT to Greensboro NC for one show -- and drove straight back after the show. (we all stayed for 3 nights) -- but he came for one, and then at 11:30pm got in his soft top blue Jeep, and drove back to Connecticut."

I remember during this song, looking over at Lenny with his crazy hat on, dancin' up a storm to this tune - -written by Harry Belafonte......

Turn up your speakers -- sit back, and enjoy......."Woman Are Smarter...." (July 4th, 1989)

Miss ya Lenny!


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