Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moonlight Mile....

A cool concept from our business, that I'm learning as we build......

A new employee who starts, comes in, learns a TINY BIT, (first 2 days onboard) about the new business concept, that he or she, is learning.

The new employee comes from another business online, and "broadly" understands, what you are trying to execute on, and build....

in the first 48 hours in their new position, along with some internal help ---- I came back from a flight to..........

A RADICAL WAY OF LOOKING AT -- and conquering a specific function that I've been (and our team) noodling on for months.

New blood and talent, equals -- value creation, as well as a unique perspective on our daily lives.

I'm so impressed and throughly jazzed by a person who has a "quick impact", on our business, and allows us to see something in a different light.......this is both incredibly valuable, and insightful. It energizes me, and words do not do justice to how excited I am.

Why do I write this?

Because we tend to, NOT celebrate it.

We tend to expect it.

I for one, am guilty of expecting results and creativity, daily. If I don't get it, I get bored easily. It's one of the reason I love listening to jazz, and improvisationsal artists, like Jerry Garcia, Steve Kimock, and Miles Davis. I need energy, passion -- and, the "edge of creation...."

I look at this as a father....it's all new to my kids, am I celebrating, their creativity enough?

Can I do better, as a Father in encouraging and expecting....... and CELEBRATING, creativity?

Can I do better, as a leader in my business of delivering the message that I want to reward a employee, who is creative, and makes ME SMARTER?

Yes to all.

"Inspiration, move me brightly."
Garcia/Hunter - Terrapin Station

Inspiration comes from someone who allows you to unlock your personal lense on a issue, on your product, and on your strategy.....(uncorking your bias)

My team unlocked some "kernels of creativity" today, that I'm not sure they grasp, how important it is to our company's future.

And, that is MY FAULT. It is my fault that they went home tonight, WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT A IMPORTANT BREAKTHROUGH TODAY WAS.

Because as I sit alone and type - I have the pangs of guilt that I did not celebrate or reward enough, the VERY CREATIVITY that has, moved me brightly.....

"Made a rag pile of my shiny clothes
Gonna warm my bones" -- Moonlight Mile, Jagger/Richards

My learning today was to be ready to get your shiny ideas, and ditch em -- be open to a new employees, FRESH LOOK at the business, and get ready to make a rag pile with some of your vision.....and give credit, QUICKLY.

And, warm your bones through continued, genuine celebration of CREATIVITY, and let people know that uniqueness, and a valued perspective, is what is often needed to move a business forward....

Celebration, rewards, and positive accolades are in order for some folks on my team.

I'm off to send a email to them now.

I've got some celebrating to do.......


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