Saturday, February 10, 2007

During the Reagan Presidency.....

I was lucky enough to see The Police live in concert,(Shea Stadium) with some high school friends. It was the summer of commercial free music in NY -- WAPP.

They put on a great show, and I truly believe that coming out of the "punk era" of the late 1970's -- the Police had owned the transition period of the late 70's into the early 80's.

I never got into Sting's solo work. I never purchased one of his CD's -- and the music he made on his own, just did not move me in the way that The Police did.

In later years, Sting opened up for the Grateful Dead on a summer tour, (I believe 92' but I might be off) -- it was the summer of openers for the Dead, with Steve Miller and Sting. He was good, and I actually got into stadiums early to see him play...he had good energy.

Fast forward to 2007.

I NEVER EVER WATCH an awards TV program. I have never watched the Oscars, never sat through the Grammy's -- and I'm into music, BIG TIME.

The shows dont matter to me. They are a bunch of over-hyped, ego driven, industry executives telling us what good music is.

But tomorrow night (Sunday Feb 11th) I will be tuned in to the Grammy's -- and the DVR will be programmed, to catch THE POLICE open the Grammy's.

I'm psyched to see THEM PLAY. I pray they don't do a medley introspective. I will see them when they come around this summer to NY -- but, please no stadiums -- make it a arena tour. Shea Stadium was TOO BIG for a 3 man band.

This is actually a HUGE opportunity for the music industry in general.
Live TV audience, a major 70's and 80's act -- I hope they play their hearts out.

As we see Van Halen, Genesis coming back to tour (and make wads of cash) -- and I've heard rumblings of Led Zeppelin reuniting -- it is more than simple expectations, and a thirst for creativity, from a big swath of music consumers...


The Police had it at one time.

Do they still have the magic?

"Walked out this morning
Don't believe what I saw
A hundred billion bottles
Washed up on the shore
Seems I'm not alone at being alone
A hundred billion casatways
Looking for a home"

Those numerous bottles for me is the lack of quality in music.

I want to believe that THE POLICE still have the "Magic in a Bottle."

"Turn on the radio
The static hurts my ears
Tell me where would I go
I ain't been out in years
Turn on the stereo
It's played for years and years
An Otis Redding song
It's all I own"

The Police tomorrow night carry a HUGE WEIGHT on their shoulders.

The weight of expectations -- and the yearning of a music business that needs some GOOD BUZZ, and positive energy.

Rock on.

PS. Saw a unreal show last night -- Kimock, Porter, Worrell and Kimock (John) 2/9/07
Here is the setlist which was a mind blowing combination of funk, a deep pocket of drumming from a 15 yr old (Steve son John) -- mixed in with amazing Kimock guitar. The show can be found at Dave's site -- - I highly recommend it.

Set 1:
Red Hot Mama
You're The One
Many Rivers To Cross
She Said

Set 2:
Cissy Got The Blues
Merle's Boogie
Whiter Shade Of Pale
Take A Chance ->
Just Kissed My Baby ->
Funkify Your Life


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not impressed with the grammy show performance... roxanne.. that is what they kick it off the back together again tour with? SNL did a parody on that song with sting... I saw him in LA years ago, solo and he asked the audience if anyone wanted to hear any old Police songs, I guy yells out "Roxanne" and Sting replys with "Fuck You".

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