Monday, February 05, 2007

Throwing Terms Around……

3 terms that are being used, overused, and simply abused, are the following:

Social Media
Web 2.0
User Generated Content

Although I have built a company focused driving value for the website owners, of the above “terms” – I have come to realize that not everyone completely understands what is evolving (from a media perspective) around them - as they use and interact with the web.

Enter Professor Michael Wesch.

Dr. Wesch has made a video that does a excellent job of explaining what the above 3 terms MEAN – and how it is being implemented, and evolving in today’s internet world.

If you have any interest in understanding what Social Media, Web 2.0, or User Generated Content – means to you, and how it affects your, interaction with the media you use, then
I recommend you do the following.

Turn up the sound – and watch the video below. Great job Dr. W.


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