Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Ingredients for Success in Early Stage Company Building......

Lotame is growing.
Employees, Technology, Processes, Clients, and the speed at which our entire business is evolving is simply incredible.

Looking back on my career, I've come to realize how fortunate I've been to work for some incredibly talented entreprenuers......I'm thankful to them for the lessons they have taught me.

I'm attempting to use some of those learnings, and apply them in our business.

Recently, I stumbled across Darren Herman, who happens to be a excellent resource, and someone who writes about entreprenuership, and issues that are critically important to me.

His post on "What Makes Early Stage Investment Opportunities Attractive to Investors" , reads like a bible for anyone who is focused, and driven by creating a powerful business.

Darren's 4 Rules - (that will hang on the wall of my new office)are:

*Prove to the world that you can develop a product or service

*Test the early product/service in the marketplace and receive feedback

*Help boost your valuation (if and when you take money from an investor or sell the company)

*Generate excitement from potential business development partners

Read the rest of his piece HERE-- if you want his recipe for success in creating value for clients and investors.

Good job Darren.


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